Letter to the Senator From the Nurse Asking for Support - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-07-02

Dear Senator----------

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With concern, I write to you as a student in a Nurse Practitioner program at [name of university]and a human rights enthusiast regarding the abortion craze currently on going in this state and country. I formally appeal to you through this letter urging you to establish a legislation that will be strict on aimless and rampant abortions. In addition to that, marshal support from fellow senate leaders, human rights activists, and the key players to give this bill enough support for it to be fully enacted to a law so that there is stiff penalties and punishment for those who violate this law.

Interns and already licensed nurses are approached with young girls and mature women seeking advice and services on terminating the life already growing in them. Medical practitioners are trained only to treat and preserve life rather than terminate it. Across the country, there are 19 states with the toughest abortion laws hence making them have the least abortion cases and control over the menace. If a bill to tighten the grip on abortion is not established then there will be a dramatic increase in number of abortions carried out every day.

I am seeking your support because:

The number of young girls and women dying from unsafe abortion practices is alarming hence need for counter action to curtail this menace (Haddad & Nour, 2009)

There is a rise in number of quacks and abortion procedure facilities undertaking these unsafe practices for personal and material gain (Haddad & Nour, 2009)

Most of these victims cannot afford post abortion care emanating from the gamble of terminating life hence they impose it on the state (Boonstra, 2016)

During my internship, I was posted to Tennessee to work there, the rate of abortion providing facilities and the abortions taking place in a day was alarming. I tried to find out through other clinicians and some of the women who approached me some of their reasons to terminate it and the feedback was rather shocking since almost all of them had no legitimate reason to abort. There and then I knew that something needs to be done on the prevalence of these abortions. My quest for this matter to be resolved, is fuelled by my little experience while at internship and I would like the situation to change for the better hence my appeal to you. I believe youre able to effect this change.

Kindly aid in this cause to enact a legislation that will help control abortion. Making it a law with stiff penalties and harsh punishment to those who violate it will ensure that young girls and women do not abort aimlessly also ensuring reduction in the health issues brought about by safe and unsafe abortion practices. Eradication of quacks and unauthorized abortion procedure facilities as a way of reducing prevalence of abortions and averting funds allocated to post abortion care to other causes in the health sector. For queries on the matter and directives on the way forward contact me through [contact information]. With your help, I look forward to advocating for and championing for the reduction and controlled abortion practices.


[Name, Title]


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