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Each health program should be developed in partnership in order to establish a holistic approach that would define it. This involves collaborating with various organizational partners, engaging with the community and society where the program would be developed, identifying the individuals directly or indirectly affected by the program as well as the national health sector as the stakeholders. Breast cancer is one of the major diseases that affects most of the women and has become a national problem that needs to be addressed in many countries. This can be well tackled by identifying preventive measures as cancer is nor curable in some stages and is also difficult to detect. For this reason, preventive care programs are necessary. One of these protective measures that can be applied is the use of mammograms as a health promotion procedure. When organizations and community members are involved, there is the enhancement of the understanding the target population as well as fundamentally identify the most promising way to meet the targeted group needs. The proposed health programs can be provided to the health departments, non-governmental organizations, and community-based agencies. When these groups are involved, the designer of the program can develop a partnership, create an overall vision and establish priorities in taking action.

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Stakeholders Involvement in developing mission statement

A program would not be effective and would fail to yield a positive result if it does not involve the right stakeholder. When the program planner identifies with them, it is easy to identify the tools to use, the schedules to apply, boundaries to observe, values and norms target group and many more issues that would be important consider. In developing mission and vision, it starts with the identification of health problem by examining the strength the intended program has. The mission statement focus on the big picture with a more concrete and action-oriented goal. While the vision statement should inspire people to dream, the mission statement would inspire action, and for this reason, it is important to include stakeholders who would help in realizing that goal. For the programs on cancer screening, there should be a shared decision-making between all stakeholders.

The stakeholders to involve in developing the mission statement about mammogram would be doctors, the health sector department, the health center around where the program would be carried, the community and the women representative as the group at risk of breast cancer. The stakeholder presents the main issue on breast cancer among women, and then the mission statement is developed. In this health program, the mission statement would look at how breast cancer can be prevented through mammograms health promotion. This will outline how the mammograms are a new feature in improving health and what strategies can be used to fix the problem of breast cancer especially in people who do not have symptoms. Mission statements have to be concise, be outcome oriented and explain the fundamental result of the program.

Involving representatives stakeholders

When modifying and establishing a program that targets the public, it is important to include representatives so as to have a comprehensive inventory of target group needs which would provide valuable insights for the vulnerable participants and underserved population. In the mammographic screening, these would be women leaders or those who have been chosen by the groups to represent them. Especially for the grass-root level, women representatives would make sure that the health program has prioritized their input and they are instrumental in program mission statement development. Such statement When involved, they get a sense of ownership and empowerment. By having stakeholders, there is reorganization regarding involvement of the won at risk, involvement of specialist such as doctors, community assessments of the risk, priority setting in terms of the target group, informed selection and implementation of the intervention and the evaluation and reassessment of the action plan (Israel, Schulz, Parker & Becker, 2001).

Doctors as specialist stakeholders will help to promote changes in systems and policies which support cancer prevention and treatment. They will provide a traditional and nontraditional perspective that would make up a comprehensive approach to cancer control through mammography. The health sector department would help in putting in action the lead policy in place which would translate the efforts into action by evaluating evidence-based interventions and policies. And will improve health outcomes for cancer survivors through a unified survivorship agenda.

The health center which is at proximity would be as the point routine mammography screening on a regular base especially to women who are at the risk of getting breast cancer. The consensus among various experts is that women between the age of 55 and 70 years are at a higher risk. In all conditions and identification of screening for breast cancer, mammography remains the mainstay of screening as it has been found to detect cancers early before they are palpable (Viadro, Earp & Altpeter, 1997). The process involves digital and film mammography which are highly efficient in overall screening. Lately, digital techniques have been introduced to cover women who have not reached menopause, those who are dreadful about radiation exposure and those with dense breasts. However, the procedure is significantly more expensive than film techniques. To have an all-inclusive and comprehensive positive screening tests, other imaging techniques play may be used after diagnostic evaluations.

In establishing a program, it is important to assess the available data to identify the priority population targeted. In such case, there is the expressed, actual, perceived, and normative needs which should be addressed during the assessment because the community concerns may fail to show the empirical evidence. For this reason, the health center around the area and the health sector department would be consulted to provide the needed empirical data on reported cases of breast cancer among women. This data would be used to make an informed decision especially concerning women who are at high risk of breast cancer. The intended interest group for the program incorporates people who are at major risk such as the women to breast cancer, and this may be a large group. By using empirical evidence then individuals can be selected according to how they appear therefore influencing program assessment (Laverack & Labonte, 2000).

Collaborative efforts from all stakeholder give a chance to program organizers to unite all resources and personnel from differing associations, portions, or constituents to progress in the direction of a shared objective. Furthermore, stakeholders combine a mix of assets and expertise to create bigger abilities. A straightforward partnership is created in which the association sets the same program for a faster and less demanding endeavor.

To facilitate women involvement as a stakeholder and the target group, various activities should be carried. They should first be educated on Mammogram and its importance in an aim to prevent and screen cases of cancer for those who do not have any symptoms. In such case, they will know the advantage of the program as well as understand how they can be positively involved for their benefit in health.

Communities groups are also some of the stakeholders to involve as they are a tool to bring people together and offer the right environment for the program (Laverack & Labonte, 2000). The community should be educated on such health program and allowed to give their views. In doing so, they feel that they are recognized and would be willing to be involved.

In developing the program, various factors arise such as building a consensus on program priority, analyzation and sharing of relevant data, investment in coalition building and maintenance, and stakeholders identification and engagement. Efforts to develop partnerships should be highly considered for the health programs includes activities that go beyond traditional organizational boundaries that separate the health and community service systems, policies and resources. Is is also critical to involve multidisciplinary groups and agencies to ensure the sustainability of the program. All these stakeholders help in creating partnership development for the success of the health program.

Mammogram program visual representation

objectives To increase the cases of breast cancer screening among women.

Reduce the number of deaths associated with breast cancer.

Improve the general health of women

Educate women on breast cancer and various ways to protect themselves

Goal To reduce the cases of breast cancer among women through early detection and treatment

Activities Organizing educative programs among the community members.

Offering free mammogram screening.

Organizing cancer awareness events.

Mission To be the leading program in creating cancer awareness and increasing the cases of cancer screening among women.

Gantt Chart Mammogram Program

Duration 1st month Second month 3rd month 4th month 5th month 6th month

Planning One month Planning Education One month Education Mammogram screening 3 months Mammogram screening Mammogram screening Mammogram screening Result analysis 21 days analysis

Program Budget and Financial Analysis


Budget Categories Program Expense in $

1 Personnel 57670

2 Occupancy 5100

3 Insurance 1890

4 Reproduction/printing 563

5 Advertising/promotion 450

6 Staff training 445

7 Travel 2430

8 Equipment 3354

9 Supplies 17996

10 Consultant 3100

11 Fringe benefits 10381

12 Other operating 225

13 Other expenses 60

Totals 103664


Amount from: Amount in$

1 Patient fees 65097

2 State subsidies 15120

3 Private foundations 5000

4 Fund-raising events 1200

5 Private donations 500

6 Grants 12500

7 Registration 750

8 International donations 3150

9 In-kind 347

Totals 103 664

Budget summary

The budget represents six months of operation, where it will be used as a guideline to spend and raise money for the mammogram program. It provides a summary of the program expenses by category and the anticipated revenue for the budget period. The personnel involves the administrative, target group care and other program staff. It shows the amount regarding their salaries or wage per hour, allowances and the number of weeks they will be employed. However, each will be compensated according to his or her position and tasks. The fringe benefits represent the benefits such as the social security, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation. These benefits would be based on the percentage of employee salary which may change with time. The consultant expenses involve issues such as audit and legal fees and daily hour fee on program advisers.

The supplies category involves the costs of office supplies such as teaching material, mammogram machines, and other equipment used in the program. It will also include snacks and food used during the program, storage cabinets, stationery and others. Expenses on the equipment would include various tools to be purchased and their maintenance including computers and motorbikes to access rural areas. For travel cost, it includes the expenses accrued as the staff and the management take education to the target group as well as travel to learn about other places where the program has been applied. Staff would need training before they head to teach and screen the target group.

To reach more people, promotions/advertising would be important to ensure that the information spreads even before the staff reaches the target group. This would also...

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