Managing Family Business - Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-05-31

My family has an Internet-based business that sells squash equipment. For a few years, I worked with my father, helping to service the squash events hosted by major colleges and universities on the East Coast. These regular trips gave me a real understanding of managing retail operations and the importance of customer service. I am to graduate Brookdale Community College in summer of 2017 with two Associates Degrees: Business and Social Sciences, and just two classes shy of a 3rd degree.I am to graduate Brookdale Community College in summer of 2017 with two Associates Degrees: Business and Social Sciences, and just two classes shy of a 3rd degree.

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The moment I came to Rutgers in New Brunswick, I got hooked instantly to the vibrant energy of student campus and the Business School Building at New Brunswick. It had an exciting feel of a city where only college students reside.

My desire to get my Bachelors degree at Rutgers only grew after I learned all about the vigorous academic program the New Brunswick School of Business had to offer and the business opportunities that could open for me.

The enthusiasm, with which, my friends, who are third and second-year students at Rutgers, have been talking about studies and the widest variety of student activities only confirm my choice of school.

The opportunity to live on well-maintained campus is a good stepping stone to my independent life and a great chance to form connections which could last a lifetime.

At the same time, it is to my delight and advantage that I will be not far from my family. I plan to continue to log hours into the family business and to put newly acquired knowledge into practice.

My ultimate goal is MBA from Rutgers University, and from there the only limit is the length of my aspirations, hopes, visionsand visions. and, dare I say dreams, that I hold for myself.

However Currently, for now, I set my mind to take over managing our family business after I get my BachelorsBachelors Degree from Rutgers. Taking this position will give me a real life working experience before pursuing MBA at Rutgers, and also will allow my parents to retire much earlier as I wish for them to enjoy the fruits of their collective labors as soon as possible.I trust that rich and challenging curriculum at School of Business will open new areas of opportunities for me to apply myself.All in all, an excellent educational program, dynamic student life on campus, proximity to family, friends and the family business will make Rutgers University my home base to expand my knowledge and to add to my life experience for the next two years.

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