Marriages and Families: Historical Analysis Example

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Date:  2021-05-27

The historical analysis of the family serves to be a core reflection of the societal values, norms, and expectations of a given era. It is an ugly truth that as a result of the changing roles of a family the meaning of the family today has remarkably changed. How the family is perceived currently, it is virtually distinctive from how it was 1800-1990 (Lamanna et al. 2012). To be precise, the family has lost its meaning. The paper gives a detailed review precisely the family that existed in the 1960s in the American history. Consequently, the paper provides the sociological perspective and the way of life during the duration.

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In the 1960s the role of the family played a role of social identity, it served as security and crucial source of social heritage to its members. It was from the family where hierarchies depicted from, the social status, together with the power got painted. By mentioning to which family, you belonged to, it accredited an accord of respect or otherwise. The father got granted to be the head of the family but today both the husbands and wives are equals.

Marriage was among the institutions highly valued and was ascertained by civil or customary marriage. Currently, come we stay" type of marriage has entered in place. It depicts a depreciation on the value of the wedding. Marriage has also slowed down due to fear of family responsibilities and obligation thus most individuals prefer not to marry or get married. Those married attributes that they just persevere and tolerate with each other with an objective of only nurturing children (Olson et al. 2006).

In the 1960s girls were forcibly married to old men after the completion of was speculated that this was the right stage for them to indulge and get committed to housewife responsibility (Lopata, 1963). Currently, the situation is entirely different as the plight of women in the society is now predominantly respected and education gets highly valued to the girl child. Besides, with the rise of female movements such as women's rights associations, has given the girls an upper hand of exploiting their potentials in life.

Similarly, in the radios and TVs in the 1960s, family members and marriage used get presented with respect and equally, the whole family could get introduced, which is contrary to today marriage. Where husband does not even want to get associated with their wives neither the children which are the same to women and notably the rise of single families has changed the definition of the household.

To sum up, historical analysis of marriage and family life unravels on how the family has changed in the 1960s and to date. From the details covered in this paper depicts that, in reality, various changes have taken root.

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