Maximizing Efficiency in Recreation, Sports, Business and Science/Technology - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-28


Efficiency is any given field remains to be very vital since various parameters depend on efficacy. There are a lot of negative impacts inefficiency might contribute to any given firm on the management of the resources. There are multiple pros of efficiency to the field of recreation, sports, business and science and technology. All these fields remain to be very significant in the world we are in today since it determines the various levels of performance in the different capacities. Sometimes it is good to ask yourself how the world could be if there were inefficient systems in most fields and the impacts it causes on to the different individuals. Efficiency, therefore, remains to be very crucial in the determination of every work ought to be done in any given area.

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Efficiency is defined as the essence of following more on quality while doing something with the regulation of wastage of money and time. One author by the name Yeganeh also defined efficiency as the process of getting the clients in and out faster as it helps in bringing a rise in customer satisfaction, sales and majorly of maximization of the profits. Longman also defines efficiency as the ratio that is very vital on work is done to the energy input applied by the machine. Also, there is a general definition of efficiency as the ratio of work input to work output. On the scientific definition, it is the ratio of applied resources while carrying out a job to the product or result after every task. The last definition is on efficiency considered as the capability to undertake things in a well planned and successful way by not wasting the resources. Notably, from all these definitions of efficiency, we get to factor in the concept to measurable and very essential in determining the effectiveness of any given firm. Efficiency remains to be quantified on the use of different parameters and therefore giving in its exemplified technical and scientific terms that should be well predetermined for easy decision making in the different workplaces.

More so, efficiency is applied in most firms dealing with animals and plants since the significant objective lies on the maximization of the yields as the production is opted to rise. The concept of efficiency is also utilized in the field of data collection, statistics, administration, production, economics, and marketing. Moreover, the investments, parenting, and medicine fields still get to utilize the concept at larger extents to make more output out of the works they apply in their fields. There are a lot of importances presented by efficiency, and they are discussed as follows; it keeps any given firm at the top as it remains as the best tool for measuring the competitor's abilities. Efficiency eliminates of the competitors that are not being efficient. It helps in the creation of more work out since it majors on carrying cost as it reduces the waste of resources and time. Notably, efficiency remains to be used for appropriate use of resources since there is no waste of resources and therefore improving on timely measurement of the works to e conducted in any given company. Capital remains to be the vital factor of production, and Webster Merriam depicts it as an accumulation of products devoted to producing of other goods. The capital invested in any given task lies heavily on the efficiency of the time and resources pumped in for the work to be stipulated well.

More so, there are other pos that efficiency exemplifies, for instance, in the field of communication, it aids in the improvement of the people undertaking the task. For the huge success to be realized, there needs to be effective communication while carrying out the task. Efficiency contributes to accountability and therefore help in avoid mismanagement of the resources assigned to a task to aid in incorporating the different tasks for its efficiency to be realized fully. The system used ought to be clean for the task to be well done through the use of the resources that are enough and of suitable qualifications for the job to be done. For, Levin and Mueller,1973 synthesized on the use of the resources on the principle of conservation energy and mass for nothing to be lost. Therefore it remains vital since the law depicts the efficiency to be attainable at all costs.

More so, there are cons of efficiency and Bruenderman (2009) argued that efficiency exemplifies replacing of the human jobs, outsourcing of works that limits the creativity and innovations of the employees. He tries to explain the efficiency as a low paying work that involves fewer skills that lead to insignificant advancement of the opportunities and refers it to 'Mc jobs.' The disadvantages percepts remain to be minimal as compared to the pros and thus efficiency remains to be expressed by most individuals and firms for its efforts to be realized in full extents.


In summary, efficiency is vital as it remains to control the zeal of carrying out a specific task for its record to be seen at its best. It helps in ensuring proper time management, effort, and resources, and the capital pumped into a specific task. It helps in establishing accountability and thus helps in presenting various organizations on how various competitors take the suitability and favorability. According to me, efficiency should be adopted to be the daily culture for the realignment of suitable results. The option of looking into the disadvantages won't help at all, and therefore all the efficiency pros should guide to prevail on attaining the best results for any given organization or system to thrive in today's competitive world of business.

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