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Date:  2021-06-18

Jean-Paul directed the film called Female Agents which features different actors and encapsulating the involvement of women in the Second World War as resistors. The film characteristically pays homage to the brave women who moved in to occupy France. The film does not place the stature of women vainly within the traditional sense as being incapable of participating in combat as is the case with Charlotte Gray film. The film is in its right a gritty Second World War espionage drama that cast an assemblage of misfits to execute an aggressive attack. Surprisingly, in this movie, it is the women who are traditionally depicted as weak that participate in a dreary attack. The writer seems to have redefined the aspects of womanhood and the general societal expectations from them. This film does not shrink from the grittiness and danger that the mission means to the participants.

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The film is not only a reminder of the Nazi period but also vindictive of the real status of women in the society. It is justice to the real women who though unnoticed remain critical agents of change in the French community and throughout the world. It is a composite of fascinating and appropriately executed action sequences that follow from the nighttime shootout in early 1944 in best which resulted in several deaths. The black and white montage photographs showing woman combatants sequentially follows. A sober flashback that traces Louise in London then follows then train. This flow is maintained throughout the film hence achieving a seamless linkage of events forming the entire cast.

Contrary to the prevailing trends in movies and television shows that are often one-sided affair from the perspectives of males, Female Agents offers a rebuttal to give a new face to women within the context of military war. For instance, despite the fact that Louise (Sophie Marceau) is a widow, a fact that would ordinarily make her humble in the traditional sense of the French community, she is convincing vengeful. Furthermore, after an efficient selection of girls to participate in the attack and offering them a refresher training, they set out on a dangerous but concerted attack to rescue a geologist trapped on the beaches of Normandy. The choice of belligerents to primarily consist of women is untraditional in the then French. From the point where the girls set out on their mission, the films brilliant acting and breathtaking cinematography unfold until the achievement of the reasons for the attack. The film casts some of the most brutal and challenging scenes that define any war which reinforces its reality. In essence, it does not depart from the common occurrences in war hence presents itself as a reality film based on real-time events. The film serves as an important reminder of the evil Nazi regime which even though not so many people may want to remember, should never forget.

The movie is engulfed in emotions and equally trigger emotional feelings among viewers. The actors prudently play out emotions during some of the brutal encounters. The cries of pain and agony are powerful in attaching viewers to the plight of the individual players in the film. Despite its thrill, if there is any part of the film that undermines its effectiveness, then it is the cast of Bleibtreu as a Nazi colonel. He is neither evil nor intimidating enough to qualify as a military commander. His role within the film require cleverness and cruelty hence his actions makes him uninspiring within the context of the war movie.


Dir. Jean-Paul Salome (2008). Female Agents. IMDb Available from

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