Evaluation Argument: Benefits of Pursuing A Specific Hobby

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Date:  2022-09-12


Humans are defined in some many ways and by varied aspects. One of them is in their hobbies. A hobby is a variation that exists between the individuals and differs from one individual to another. Hobbies can be termed as the characteristics or features of humans which are distinct and vary in terms of preference and even the number. A hobby is an activity of preference done regularly by an individual and from which he or she finds fun and enjoyment in it. Some hobbies include watching movies, adventure, reading, writing, and cooking.

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Hobbies, however, can be constructive or destructive. A hobby such as smoking, drinking alcohol can be destructive and impacts the individual's health negatively. This implies that when one finds oneself indulged and liking a particular activity, it is important to determine its impact in the long run. Not all hobbies are worth pursuing. Hobbies such as marijuana smoking are not worth pursuing and hence the individual should cut it off completely (Sonntag, 2018). Nevertheless, particular constructive hobbies are worth pursuing. A person who loves to sing can pursue the hobby and develop into a famous artist. An individual who is good at talking should pursue the hobby and become a motivational speaker or a master of ceremony and earn from it.

Therefore, there are various benefits to pursuing a specific hobby. One of the advantages to this is that, by pursuing one's dream, the individual finds time away from the daily activities and unwinds through the hobby. hobbies such as singing, dancing, watching and yoga serve as activities where the individual can take rest and practice what he or she likes most. By focusing on something that one enjoys most, one is relieved from exhaustion and emotional stresses. When one makes time to do what they enjoy doing most, they find relaxation as well as becoming emotionally motivated.

Secondly, focusing on one's hobbies allows one to discover their talent. It enables one to remain committed to what they love doing most and, in the process, they discover talents which may have been hidden or forgotten. Some talents are usually hidden until when one is involved in an activity that gives them an opportunity to practice (Sonntag, 2018). Additionally, focusing on one's hobbies keeps one out of idleness and boredom. Sometimes, life can be so stressing and involving oneself in an activity they love would be a remedy to relieve them from the stressors of life. A person who loves crocheting, for instance, get his or her mind very occupied thus getting her or his mind calmed.

Moreover, pursuing one specific hobby can have health benefits. Most hobbies involve relaxation and movements which is equivalent to exercising. A person whose hobby is weight lifting, yoga, dancing or playing soccer gains physical fitness and better health. This will also promote weight loss thus discouraging obesity and too much weight gain, facilitating flexibility and a healthy heart. Most talents which have also become fulltime jobs have been developed from pursuing a specific hobby. Famous and rich musicians, footballers, leaders, artists, and even religious leaders earn from the talents which developed from doing what they loved most. Therefore, pursuing a particular hobby can potentially put the individual into a high standard in the society.


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