Nationally Legalizing Marijuana - Research Paper

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Date:  2022-12-21


In the past years, there has been an argument on legalizing marijuana in America. Marijuana is the most used illegal drugs in the country. In which, youths are the most affected people. Some studies indicate that legalizing marijuana would help to minimize prescription opioid use and overdose death. In 1970, the government signed a law, Controlled Substance Act, which regulates usage of drugs in the country. However, in some states such as California and Alaska, the recreational application of marijuana is legal. Some members of senates insist that the introduction of marijuana would be associated with some economic opportunities (Giovenco et al, 2018). According to the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), cannabis should be legalized like other products such as alcohol which their application are controlled by the government. In order to regulate its usage, the government should introduce laws which will regulate when people are supposed to use in the same manner as tobacco. There are several effects which are associated with the introduction of marijuana in the country.

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Effect of Changing Drug Policy in America

High Revenue Rate

In countries that marijuana is illegal, drugs have opened more economic opportunities. At first, it drug can introduce more revenue to the country. Due to high demand rate of marijuana, the production and sells rate will be high. In regions such as Washington where the drug is legal, the government earns about $135 million every year (Bluestein et al, 2019). According to research, legalizing cannabis industry can boost the income rate, especially from tax and other fees. Some studies have argued that the introduction of marijuana in the country can introduce an additional $131.8 billion earn by 2025 (Campbell, Twenge, and Carter, 2017).

Income and Job Creation

Income and job creation is another critical activity that the introduction of marijuana can create. This could be brought through the setting up marijuana nurseries and plantation which would create more employment opportunities among locals. For instance, according to research conducted in Canada, production of marijuana could create more than 81,000 jobs by 2024 in the country (Bluestein et al, 2019). These jobs could both direct and indirect labor that are linked with the production and sales of marijuana. Additionally, production of marijuana would help to create more income for families. Due to high its price, a small production can produce a large amount of income (Campbell, Twenge, and Carter, 2017). When society is able to produce enough products which will earn them more, the economy will automatically improve. The setting of industries which will be buying marijuana from farmers will stimulate the growth of towns and other economic activities (Giovenco et al, 2018). Additionally, some people may view the production of marijuana as a good business that they can invest. Investment is a good way that a country uses to improve its economy. An area that has more economic activities tends to grow at a high rate. Marijuana companies may be free to introduce stock in the American exchanges. Finally, the government may decide to divert money that was previously used to fight the introduction of marijuana, to enhance economic activities.

The Dismantling of the Black Market

For many years, the black market has been a critical problem facilitate introduction of illegal products in the country. In this kind of market, marijuana and other illegal products are so common. However, the introduction of marijuana would minimize these markets because products will be sold freely (Bluestein et al, 2019). There are several cases whereby drug dealers engage in a fight with police as they try to introduce these products. There is a lot of gang-related drug violence, especially in urban centers which can be reduced through the process. These criminals have killed a large number of people as they try to introduce drugs.

Improvement of Quality of Marijuana

Most of the cannabis sold in the black market has low quality and thus, it is unsafe for human consumption. This quality exposes users to more risks such as diseases. Therefore, the elimination of a law that prohibit the production of marijuana would ensure that products in the market are of high quality (Bluestein et al, 2019). Producing companies should ensure that all cannabis produce meet the required quality and standards.

Misuse of Marijuana

Consumption of marijuana is so much addictive. It is classified as a hard drug because it cracks and interferes with mental performance. Once a person starts consuming this product, leaving it is a hard problem as it destroys mental performance. Due to the freedom to buy and its accessibility, more people are likely to start using (Campbell, Twenge, and Carter, 2017). Therefore, a country may lose a lot of resources as it tries to rehabilitate those who have become addicts. Additionally, second-hand smokers tend to experience more problems as they may be exposed to more smokes when users are smoking.

Solving the Problem

Most of these effects can be controlled by establishing laws which regulate how user use the product. All companies which are producing these products should ensure that all products meet the all standard before selling (Bluestein et al, 2019). This will ensure that these products have minor effects on users. All law enforcers should integrate to ensure people maintain these rules.


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