Oil Riggers: Certification, Training, & Pay - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-27


Oil drillers are usually paid according to their experiences and skills about oil drilling. The process of drilling oil is at times difficult and dangerous, but those drilling are always remunerated accordingly.

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In the oil rig industry, for one to be able to work there, one must have a certificate and must have gone through the on the job training which is usually considered as the most important aspects. In this industry, the physical stamina and mental stamina are requirements for one to be able to work in the oil rig industry. Usually working in the oil rig industry is tiresome but workers are required to work hard and stay alert to prevent accidents such as fire explosions and mistakes that may be as a result of not focusing. Earnings of workers usually depend on the experiences that one has. The more experienced you are, the more earning you get. Oil rig involves a lot of roughneck meaning it includes a lot of manual hard labour.

Pros and Cons of Oil Drilling Practices

Through oil drilling, we can experience the growth of the economy by ensuring that the importation of foreign oil is minimal. Oil drilling experiments usually seem to bring a negative collision towards the environment. Oil drilling leads to a decrease in fuel rates.

The oil drilling experiments enhance the availability of employment opportunities in large numbers helping the citizens of a nation can deal with issues of unemployment easily and in a legal manner. This is through engaging people in the practices of oil drilling.

Due to the availability of improved technologies, it is now evident that drilling of oil cannot affect the environs or damaging the available animals and plants. The practices of oil drilling improves the entire country's economy leading to improved living standards', development of infrastructure and a rise in the nation's income rate. Oil drilling experiments have brought about a lot of positive impacts on the economy of the country, but it also has some negative impacts on the environment, the economy and human beings living in the nation.

Through the many ongoing activities of drilling oil, it has been noticed that there has been an increase in the rate at which the wastes from the drilling leading to the issue of environmental pollution. Oil drilling experiments usually lead to the destruction of the living organisms in the areas around the activities (Lan and Polycarpou 2018). The process of drilling oil is usually very risky, so it needs a lot of attention and time for it to be a successful procedure. This is because drillers are not sure of what the real outcome will be at the end of the process. Offshore drilling process usually affects the environs of the sea; this is through oil spillage that goes into the water bodies around the area and near the areas (Hudson and Robbin 2008). Oil drilling experiments tend to harm wildlife; this is that through the release of the green gases it endangers around the environment especially birds since they are flying in the air. Oil drilling is known to be the most major practices that affect the environment and the living things in it at large. Oil spillage hence leads to damage in the environment hindering the practices of farming.


In conclusion, oil drilling experiments are beneficial in so many ways like creating job opportunities, improvement of the economy, and decrease in the rates of fuel. On the other hand, the oil drilling experiments also have some negative impacts especially to the environment in large for example the oil spillage act affects the living things in environments around. I believe that the practice is beneficial and solutions towards dealing with pollution should be established.


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