Paper Example on Ethics, Stakeholders and the Individual Thinking

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Date:  2022-08-17


Not only did the ads provoke negative feelings about our company, but also evoked distrust in the eligibility of the employees who saw them through. Donald, the owner, is angry and the contract might be terminated. Most importantly, our company has dominated the sale of household items for a long time and losing the market share would be a sorry experience. Recovering from the backlash is a daunting task is necessary and would require a set of realistic strategies. The policies will aid the company in improving from the bad state it is in currently and more so, guide the marketing department from falling into such mess in the future. The ads went against the moral standards of some individuals in the society. It is only pragmatic that in the future the marketing department desists from such standings. The paper seeks to explain the reasons behind making and signing of the ads and restate our position with respect to ethics, stakeholders taking the consumer's perspective.

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It is good to understand that the meaning family in a marketer's perception is different from the standard definition. A marketer views household and domestic groups as distinct and not tied to one interpretation. Domestic groups may not share a home but may have current consumption decisions. Co-residency and activity groups define households whereas families comprise individuals related by marriage, adoption, blood, and emotional commitment. More so, from personal experience, we know that family includes the broader inclusion of people with whom we regularly reside, interact and make consumption decisions.

Short-term moral strategies will ensure that the ads are removed, and an apology is given to our consumers. Moreover, since I approved the airing of the ads and Marcos had explained what drove his actions, I owe the company an apology for making such drastic steps. I also intend to guide the marketing department in making ethical ads and lead the company to prosperity. Long-term goals will involve finding ethical advertisements that would exhibit prudence, thoughtfulness and social consciousness (Villaran, 2017). Presenting a social conscience will ensure that the ads we use in marketing our products show a sense of concern for the problems within the society we sell to. It would be against the moral standards of the community to openly use gay and lesbians in advertising our products. Incorporating thoughtfulness in designing our ads would ensure that we adhere to the ethics that guide the society.

Domestic groups, households, and families are amongst the most sought groups by marketers. The marketing management focuses on the family lifecycles, household decision making, common social trends, consumer socialization and gender rules among families, households and domestic groups (Carter, et, al. 2017). It is worth to note that in the modern society, patterns have changed and reverse roles are applied in most areas within the society. More so, family units have arisen that were not visible in the past and had come to be accepted as a part of the contemporary society.

As much as incorporating gay and lesbian couples in advertising is a wrong decision that would result in social media backlash, the homosexual community has a higher purchasing power that needs to be tapped (DeFilippis, 2016). Making advertisements that have telltale signs that only gay and lesbians' consumers understand would exploit the market and win the consumers. However, this would call for skilful and proficient aligning of the components making up the adverts that will ensure that the ads do not evoke negativity on the homophobic people in the society. The ads will mask the intent of the company to tap into the homosexual persons.

Gay window advertising is a concept that would allow the company in making ads that shall increase sales within the society without alienating the gay and lesbian persons and will not provoke negative perceptions (Han and Tsai, 2016). Gay window advertising is specially formulated to avoid explicit gay references and gay stereotypes. Gay window shopping will help the company create ads that are gay vague and eliciting possible gay readings in print media ensuring homophobic consumers are not offended. Henceforth, gay vague will result in advertisements that effect plausible deniability, and the company will make more sales by reeling gay persons into buying their products.


Ethics, stakeholders and the individual thinking collectively determine a company's position in the market. One of the factors becoming the centerpiece of a firm may make a company seem divisive on lines of social status, ethics, cultural, and attachment. An organization that can balance the aspects emerges dominant in the marketplace since it incorporates all consumers regardless of their class or affiliation.

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