Paper Example on Impact of Training and Development on Employee Efficiency

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Date:  2022-09-23

Introduction (Background to the Study)

This study will investigate the impact of training and development on employee efficiency: a case study of TAQA ATRUSH B.V Company. The research question that will be answered is how training and development impacts on employee efficiency in a way that improves performance. The aims and objectives are to establish the influence of training and development on employee efficiency in TAQA. The study is significant to the organization, its management, other similar organizations in the energy sector as well as future researchers. The study will be limited by the scope. It will only focus on TAQA and therefore, it will not be possible to generalize the findings to other businesses.

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The workforce in a company determines its good performance. Well trained employees can perform their duties effectively. It is critical for organizations to realize the importance of training and development of staff in achieving improved performance. Some of the organizations consider training and development as an essential part of employee motivation and effectiveness. The effort of training workers is directly related to the quality of human resources in a business and in in turn employee effectiveness. The current research will be examining the impact of training and development on employee efficiency with a special reference to the TAQA ATRUSH B.V. Company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

Background to TAQA ATRUSH B.V

The TAQA ATRUSH B.V Company is based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. TAQA operates the ATRUSH Block in the northwest, Ebril. The company possesses the largest share in the block with other partners such as the General Exploration Partners and Marathon (TAQA, 2018). There are over 200 employees working on the ATRUSH project in TAQA headquarters, KRI. The company has a powerful purpose and a clear vision to embrace the future with shared values. TAQA focuses on three sectors including oil and gas, energy and water. The organization gives its employees an opportunity to grow and expand their skills as they work. Staffs are allowed to advance their careers in an environment that is challenging and exciting. The success of TAQA has been based on recruiting smart and passionate workers. The company participates in in-house knowledge building, expertise, and experience. These training and development goals have been the key to achieving sustainable success and long-term performance of the business. Every employee joining the company is assured of growing and achieving their potential (TAQA, 2018).

The Problem Statement

The subject of training and development has not been researching in the context of the TAQA Company in Abu Dhabi. Also, there are no studies on the training and development of employees and its impact on employee efficiency in relation to energy companies. Those investigating on the subject focus on its impact on employee performance (Barzegar & Shahroz, 2011), productivity (McDowall & Saunders, 2010), and behavior (Pallavi & Kulkarni, 2013). The existing gap in the knowledge, literature, and research regarding the topic of training and development and its impact of employee efficiency in energy companies calls for a research in the area. The current research will examine the impact of training and development on employee efficiency: a case study of the TAQA ATRUSH B.V. Company.

Research Question

How does training and development impact on employee efficiency in a way that enhances performance?

Research Objectives and Aims

General Objective

The main of the study is to investigate the impact of training and development on employee efficiency in a selected organization, the TAQA ATRUSH BV Company in KRI. It will be necessary to establish how training and development improve the performance of employees and the different forms of training and development used by organizations to impact on employee efficiency.

The Significance of the Study

Generally, the research will be beneficial to all organizations. They can use training and development to enhance employee effectiveness. It will be beneficial to the TAQA ATRUSH Company specifically since the recommendations will be focused on the organization, its management, and employees. The study will also benefit future researchers who would want to examine the same topic. It will form a background research that they can use to expound on the findings through further research.

Limitation of the Study

The study is limited by the scope as it only covers the subject on one particular organization and industry. The findings obtained will not be generalized to other organizations and sectors. The research will also be limited by the data collection and availability of respondents' requirements. The researcher will need to travel to the company offices in KRI to collect the actual data from the respondents and this may be time-consuming. The process of data collection may interfere with the on-time completion of the research.


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