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Negotiation entails a process of engaging parties with the aim of settling differences. It is imperative to note that, negotiations tend to compromise the arguments from both parties with an understandable objective of achieving the best possible outcome for their positions (Dobbin, 2005). Generally, with regards to the business context, negotiation is an active engagement within the two parties with different viewpoint, aims and needs seeking to reach an agreement to settle a matter of mutual attention to help resolve a conflict. Based on this account, it is essential to acknowledge the fact that, the negotiation is an ongoing process that occurs on a daily basis and involve people from all dynamics found in the society (Edwards& Rees 2011).

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The act of negotiation is one the critical element which plays an integral part in the multi-disciplinary practice as it provides a common ground upon which disputes are settled. Significantly, the negotiation process in the business exists both in the formal and the informal sector and therefore it not only designed only for the diplomat and the top salespersons. Negotiation as a component of the international business process is a day to day activity which is based on the common interaction and the general transaction (Edwards& Rees 2011). It is worth acknowledging 8the fact that, negotiation as a practice in the multi-disciplinary practice entails systematic paradigm as it employs a well-designed approach in a bid to achieve a common intended objective. On the other hand, the entire negotiation process relies on structured strategies whose implementation provides a common ground where both sales, lease, and delivery of services is done. On the same account, the act of negotiation in the business environment is much depended on the current cultural factors. Notably, the legal contracts in the international business arena fully embrace talk used to provide a positive implication on the general outcome and success of a business (Edwards& Rees 2011). Based on the critical analysis, though negotiation is granted part of the everyday life, the actual truth is that not all people are comfortable using it when having the problematic discussion as a common strategy to arrive at a common ground. The soft bargaining strategies as part of the negotiation process can even see those parties interested in the business relationship apply it to achieve the creep in any business engagement. On a broader perspective, the negotiation in the entire business in primary as it provides appoint of agreement upon which both the buyer and the seller is comfortable within any business engagement(Dobbin, 2005).

Following the in-depth analysis, it is relevant to note that, the entire global development in technology and communication has dramatically embraced the art of negotiation between the citizens, organization as well as the government agencies (Edwards& Rees 2011). The witnessed engagement in the trans-international transactions which occurs on a daily basis is vital in gaining general satisfaction. Critically, negotiation requires a well-programmed mechanism based on the theoretical approach to allow both parties to achieve the common gratification by both the parties involved. The entire process which greatly influenced by the prevailing cultural environment should aim at satisfying the values, interest and the general goals depending on the actions and intentions of another. Bon the same account, the international engagements must intend to address the policies and if possible resolve the tension between the often array of diverse opinion from different stakeholders (Dobbin, 2005).

A multi-disciplinary practice. Negotiation as a multi-disciplinary practice, the negotiation prospect is a sphere which encompasses the producers, consumers, the business owners as well as the environmental interest groups both at local and international economic dynamics. Though the stakeholders engaging on the negotiation as a process must take close concern in the environmental degradation, cultural preservation and sole matters of economic interest while holding the international commitments to the related laws and commerce (Lewicki et al. 2011).

Negotiation at both regional and international podiums is designed to provide a globalized policy to help address the looming challenges amidst various business stakeholders at the international standards. Based on the general expectation the broader issues of public welfare, local subsistence economy and overall sustainability in the business the art of negotiation tends to play an integral part in the whole policy-making process. Significantly, the concept of negotiation is a central process in the policymaking process is very important in a sustainable business environment. For this reason, it is demonstrated based on the critical analysis that the negotiation process is not only designed for the skilled diplomats, salesperson but rather a collective art in business which is practices in both the formal and informal sectors. More significantly is that the art of negotiation in business help set the agenda to determine what issue is to be discussed, the options used to explore the matter as well as securing solutions to the problems addressed. Negotiation is a legal pathway upon which effective communication occurs among the relevant stakeholders. In a bid to understand the in-depth analysis of negotiation critically, the relevant theories from different schools of thought help provide an appropriate framework upon the entire discussion is based. The theories describe talk as a bargaining game, a management organization and as diplomats in politics based on the fact that not only in business but also in other social dynamics where negotiation is broadly applied. Alternatively, certain negotiation theories are crafted around prescription- description and symmetry-a symmetry which is based on the summary following analysis of the levels involved during the negotiations. It was imperative to note that, the theories which include the structural, strategic, and behavioral, as well as the integrative approaches, tend to provide the fundamental concepts on negotiation procedures as a whole(Lewicki et al. 2011).

Notably, through the structural theory of negotiation, the concept of negotiation has been made simple as it allows both parties to gain the insight on the intended outcome. It plays a central part in ensuring that both parties to take note of the structural features such as the numbers of people involved in the negotiation and the composition. It is imperative to note that, the international business negotiation entirely rely on this approach as it provides a clear insight into the magnitude of negotiation to engage in hence determining the outcome. On the other hand, by identifying the structure involved in negotiation the relative power of competing parties can be determined - the structural approach employed in negotiation aid an in-depth understanding of negotiation as an approach used in business between two opponents who have maintained incompatible business goals. One of the theoretical contributions of the structural approach is that talk of any nature depends on the power as the central determining factor in the entire process. Critically, for effective negotiation, identification the parties involved along with the power of their contribution are key determining factors in a positive outcome (Lewicki et al. 2011). In this view, the contributing power of each group or parties involved during investigation help secure the innate ability to obtain the individual goals through negotiation in a bid to understand the cultural demographic, the power as well as the ability to win wholly dependent on the strength and resources possession of each party involved. Notably, the perspective of energy has its roots both in the political, traditional as well as the military aspects. The concept the structural approach which is based on the properties such as symmetry-asymmetry is vital to analyze since it provides available alternatives in a bid to understand why victory in the entire negotiation process does not only goes to the more powerful parties.

On the other hand, looking at the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), the opposition party and Habyarimana government leaders before Rwandan genocide found out that the negotiation skills significantly contributed to the success of the RPF in the concluded agreement. Alternatively, the structural approach the parties involved in the negotiation to take caution, not to be affected by the problem of taking sides which in the long run might affect the outcome. This limitation commonly shown in the fundamental theory of negotiations help determine the successful outcome where all parties or groups come out of a negotiation process satisfied.

Secondly, the strategic theory of negotiation has contributed positively in ensuring reaching a satisfying agreement by both parties involved. The approach whose roots are based on mathematical computation is relevant as it allows the final decision to be drawn from all the demographics within the society. Since the whole negotiation process involved a series of calculations, the concept of the strategic approach is vital in determining the outcome. Notably, the strategic model also consists in making calculative decision to maximize gains associated with success. Therefore, significantly, it is worth acknowledging the fact that, by analyzing various negotiation theories, it is ideally profitable in the whole process.

Effective negotiating is vested in an array of skills aimed at reaching a successful engagement where all parties are satisfied. The negotiation skills along with the theoretical frameworks help create the conducive environment for productive negotiations. On the other hand, international business depends on the practical skills to help build a good rapport among the parties involved. I dearly, communication skills play an integral part in the entire negotiation process as it helps to understand the baseline arguments of both parties involved in the negotiations. The nature of the tasks involved in distributive bargaining, integrative negotiations

As well as an integrated process fully relies on the absolute power of communication. Arguably, negotiation is the daily corporate reality of increasing the magnitude of decisions and success of various international companies. The power of communication as skill is primary in ensure coherent understanding among the multiple stakeholders such as in executive business negotiations with various shareholder and potential partners. On the same note, the great task majorly in the business negotiation environment the exchange of information between multiple representatives among various organizations require the absolute power of practical communication skills for effective negotiation.

Similarly, the effective negotiations process in the business depends on a cordial relationship where the people's issues are completely separated from the substantive once to enhance reaching a comprehensive agreement. Besides, by adopting the relationship as skill in negotiation, various parties will access the negotiations power. Tentatively, the power of gaining a friendly environment, help build respect, trustworthy and unconditional constructive granted important in the whole process.

To fully understand the concept behind a successful negotiation process in international business, the interest of both parties must be highlighted to help unravel the needs of various parties involved. Significantly, the agreement among the parties depends on the in-depth analysis of the underlying interest based on the agenda of discussions.

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