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Ethical issues may refer to the code of conduct or a particular set of behavior that guides the operations of employees in a specific organization. It is essential for every organization to lay out precisely how they expect their employees to behave. Ethics may include personal values such as integrity, honesty, kindness, loyalty, respect, transparency, etc. Upholding these ethics will ensure the smooth running of the organization enabling it to achieve its initially set goals. Ethics aims at providing that employees are socially responsible amongst themselves and even to their employers.

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Corporate social responsibility (CRS) is a broad term which is used mainly to illustrate any organizations or business efforts towards improving the society in one way or the other. For instance, such efforts id drew from a broader perspective such as the donation of monies to charitable making activities to the implementation of practices which aim at making environmentally sound policies in their areas of operation. Additionally, the CRS is of benefit to both organizations, nonprofits, and employees as well. These means as an organization you need to observe human rights as well as work within the legality of the state. An organization can achieve social responsibility by creating employment slots for the locals. For example, in the United States, corporate social responsibility is never a compulsory activity. It is an extra advantage for the companies and organizations to improve the local as well as the international communities. Paradigm Toys being a retailing and manufacturing company it has a duty of preventing pollution of the environment in line with the health hazards of residents of its locality. The company can also come up with environmental support movements such as afforestation and create awareness for the society to maintain cleanliness. Economically, the company is charging with the responsibility of improving the living standards of the locals. These include the employees and customers as well as suppliers. In general, it is essential to know that the positive social responsibility of the corporation towards the community helps in the improvement of the public appearance as well as the correlation with its customers.

Any organization has various levels of stakeholders depending on abilities and qualifications. For instance, in the paradigm toy business, there exist two different types of stakeholders. These are primary and secondary this company, the principal method in which in which an ethical atmosphere within the vicinity of the business. First, the key stakeholder is the customers themselves. There is one of the ethical pillars which can be a result of the inappropriate distribution of fake or harmful toys. Any mistakes which can be made during the judgment or even during ethics lapses can lead to the disclosure of the customer's useful and private information. Other types of primary stakeholders are management, strategic partners, shareholders, the staff and the strategic clients. All these groups of stakeholders have direct financial interests in the organization. Therefore their wellbeing is dependent on the company's ability to maintain stability and also make improvements in its financial performance.

Additionally, it is of importance the secondary stakeholders are recognized here. The community is one of the components of secondary stakeholders. The employees and their respective families are also the stakeholders of the company respectively. Other members of this group are customers, competitors, the government, creditors, the community itself and the government agencies. The paradigm toys company, being the third position in employment creation in the region, the ethical soundness, as well as the financial stability of the company, is a very paramount parameter to the stability of the organization. The moral decision of the business company and that of its employees, on the other hand, is to bring a direct impact on the community on which it operates. These also influence the prospects in addition to the internalization of the various ethical judgments made in the children and their own families. Therefore, for this reason, implementation of effective and robust ethical practices as well as training and internal regulations are of necessity to give it maximum support. This trait has a high possibility of shaping the future of the community at large. This kind of stakeholders does not have a direct financial interest to the organization.

The board of directors meets their corporate social responsibility by making sure the following two ways to follow. They play an oversight role. They act as watchdog thus making sure the company has systems which are in place to make sure there is active management towards risks which might harm the organization. These include production and the dissemination of compelling and collaborating training strategy. As it has been discussed in the above paragraph, coming up with such a strategic program will not only create the social- ethical culture, but it should be followed by the tangible support on the part of the board of directors together with the employees. Furthermore, the level of the employees and boards moral quality should be attained with easy and influential action.

Paradigm Toys Company charged with the responsibility to create a code of conduct for its employees. It is essential for them to occasionally create meetings to remind their employees about the importance of proper ethical behavior within the organization. The stakeholders should also to conduct appropriate vetting during interviews of potential employees and train those that qualify on the expected behavior in the organization.

Occasionally, it is essential for an organization to assign a team or committee of experts charged with the responsibility of conducting a review of the behavior of employees of a given firm during a specified period. Ethics audit refers to the process of creating a checklist or questionnaire that is used by assigned experts who conduct a review of the behavior of employees of an organization over a given period. The disciplinary committee in the organization keeps records of the good and bad behavior of their employee in secured files kept in the records department of the firm. This information is resourceful during the ethics audit. The audit is essential to both the organization and the government to ensure that it operates within the law and keeps an excellent public image to market itself (Kvalnes, 2015).

Suppose Paradigm Toys carries out ethics audit on its stakeholders, it will give them the data of those workers that maintained good behavior during that time and can equally appreciate them through salary increment, job promotions, paid leaves, etc. They also get information on those whose behavior remained poor and determine respective punishment for them such as being sacked.

Often, it occurs that as a manager you are at crossroads on some of the ethics that included in the organization's Code of Conduct. For instance, if Paradigm Toys declines its employees from personal relations with potential suppliers, there is a possibility that the following may emerge from such a decision. One is that such associations may create avenues for biases and another is that it would help the organization to get the best suppliers for quality goods at affordable prices required for the manufacturing process. It results from the availability of referees who are employees. A manager may get confused whether to pass or reject this restriction (Fryer, M. 2011).

The ethical dilemma, according to the paradigm toys business organization can arise from the information technology systems which is not providing information which of sound. It means that the information given lacks integrity or honesty. Provision of information which is characteristic by integrity and honesty is essential in the preparation of accurate invoices. Additionally, this is never a recommended method of caring out operation professionally, since it will automatically mirror the reputation of the organization in a bad way. The end price of such act is criticism from the public of availing wrong invoices to the customers concerning the goods which are delivered mistakenly as replacements for the faulty products. However, the simple question which can ask here is, how can this be prevented then? The solution is that procedures for returned and faulty goods checking so the replacement of such products not invoiced again, and the invoicing steps should be examined in detail also. Additionally, the organization can carry out an urgent audit of all the inventory records it has. Then the reconciliation procedure should follow to harmonize any differences in the accounting system as well as to that found in the inventory records so that any losses identified are written out.

The first option is risky and unethical since there may arise a betrayer who will blow the secret from the employees or even a supplier may slip and mention it to the directors not knowing it w supposed to be confidential. It is therefore advisable for such a manager to try his best to convince the seniors with satisfactory reasons of enacting such behavior in the company's code of ethics. Especially with the stated restriction, if rejected he should abide (Muhr et al.2010).

In the quest to emphasize the importance of proper ethical behavior an Ethics Training Program may help to achieve the objectives. Such a program should have goals that it is set to achieve and possible ways of achieving such. The training program should include the dos and don'ts in the organization as well as the limits within which employees should operate. It is also essential to include the disciplinary measures that come with any form of misbehavior that an employee makes which is not acceptable in the organization. The program should also include the reasons as to why it is essential to maintain good behavior within the organization. It can as well outline the previous examples of good and bad behavior and own rewards and punishments to increase the morale of the employees and instill good morals in them (Johnson, C. E. 2016).

Paradigm Toys may choose to include the above items in their training program for various reasons. They have set goals to maintain proper business operations with employees, suppliers and their customers. As a good organization that cares for the welfare of its employees, such components will help employees to keep off avoidable mistakes that may see them being retrenchment they have dependents back home.

Good communication is a crucial aspect for any manager who wishes to pass relevant information to those above and under them. During the creation of a training program, a manager should come up with a good way of moving this information to the expected recipients. The method should be affordable and also available to all the employees. A manager should carry research to show if all employees have access to smartphones and then chose to communicate through WhatsApp group for the company's privacy and prevent distraction from the normal activities of the organization. The company can only call for a briefing on such information at the start or end of the day to ensure that all employees are aware of the information posted (Fernando, A. C. 2010).

The following are two essential solutions in which a company solve the dilemma mentioned above. First, is that the company should allow the selling of any faulty items with the aim of protecting the financial interest of the organization. The reason behind this is that the company have used a lot of money and resources in the development...

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