Paper Example on Mental Health Institutions

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Date:  2022-10-13


The presentation has enlightened me about the challenges that most homeless people face, particularly those with mental disorders. Despite these challenges, the state governments have embarked on a closure spree for facilities offering services and medication to people with mental disorders. I have also learned that there are nearly half a million homeless people on American streets every night. Additionally, I learned that mentally ill individuals suffer from low socioeconomic conditions which worsen their mental conditions. They are also likely to suffer from physical injuries and other health-related conditions due to dilapidated environments. In this regard, I will instigate a care plan that improves their socio-economic conditions. I will also provide medication to the physically injured and mentally affected homeless people. I will also urge the government to avoid closure of mental health institutions but instead build more facilities.

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Cultural Implications

The American public holds the perspective that people become homeless by choice. Therefore, they should not be accorded with social and economic support. The ramification for this view is the creation of devastating implications like inadequate training, housing, and treatment of homeless individuals with mental disorders (Barry, McGinty, Pescosolido, & Goldman, 2014). Subsequently, this enhances mortality and morbidity incidences among mentally ill homeless people.

Resources, Gaps, and Remedies

In my locality, there are notable resources that help homeless persons with mental illness. For instance, there is Broward Addiction Recovery Center that houses and treats this speciality group. There is also the South Broward Community Health Clinics which offer treatment options to these people. South Broward Hospitals also offer medication to homeless or uninsured individuals. Gaps such as inadequate transportation, housing, and high treatment costs among others exist in the provision of services to this specialty group. The government needs to establish more mental health institutions, supply them with drugs, and offer adequate transport to facilitate the offering of quality service to homeless and mentally ill people.

Additional Knowledge

Notably, knowing strategies to avert homelessness as well as mental illness among the American populace will be instrumental in proving the best service to this specialty group. Admittedly, it will help me to tailor my effort towards finding a long-lasting solution to mentally ill and homeless people. By so doing, I will reduce the number of this specialty group in American streets.


Barry, C. L., McGinty, E. E., Pescosolido, B. A., & Goldman, H. H. (2014). Stigma, discrimination, treatment effectiveness, and policy: public views about drug addiction and mental illness. Psychiatric Services, 65(10), 1269-1272.

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