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Organizational culture is defined as a set of values, beliefs, behaviors, and assumption that contribute to the unique social and operational climate within any particular organization (Gabriel, 2015). It defines how the people interact with each other, and it also describes the specific organization therein. Organization culture is vital in powering the efficiency of the operations. In this case, it means the type of organizational culture that a business adopts has a significant influence on the behavior of its employees, the customer, and the general image of the firm. It thus magnifies the two core types of organizational cultures that exist in the workplace. There is a positive organization culture in which the entity employs strategies that aim at encouraging their workers to behave responsibly by following the ethical codes. A positive corporate culture thus promotes teamwork, efficiency, collaboration, increased employee morale, increases productivity, enhance employee retention, improves employee empowerment, and at the long run it creates a happy working environment (Parent & Lovelace, 2018). On the other hand, the negative organization culture encompasses the strategies usually promote unethical behavior among the workers. As a result, they create problems in the operational efficiency of the particular organization. The issues may be associated with reduced productivity, high employee turnover, and decreased employee motivation among others (Kawiana, 2018). In this case, the paper focuses on discussing the organization culture of Two Birds Apparel Company.

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Ideally, Two Birds Apparel is a clothing company that was launched in the year 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. Currently, its headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company is new in the industry and hence maintains a small number of employees. Precisely, it is a partnership which is managed by the two core founders including Daniel and Tiffany Andrews (Ritchie, 2018). It usually outsources a significant proportion of its activities including manufacturing and distribution, but it operates domestically within Canada. Although Two Birds Apparel does not have a large number of employees, it maintains a positive corporate culture evident within its operations. The company focuses on implementing a business model that supports sustainability as much as possible and also adopts waste recycling strategies. It achieves this by sourcing clothing materials from certified organic and eco-friendly suppliers. The company also focuses on supporting the textile industry by sourcing its materials from the local suppliers.

The underlying corporate culture exhibited at Two Birds Apparel is influenced by environmental and social factors (Lukasova, 2015). As discussed above, the company's corporate culture focuses on maintaining sustainability. They aim at conserving the environment by providing eco-friendly organic collection for men that are made up of 100% organic cotton. The fabrics are blended with organic cotton since it is a highly sustainable substance that stands a chance to reuse in the future. Furthermore, the inspiration to build the company was nature and conservation of the environment through waste management. Cotton is considered to have less consumption of pesticide. Therefore, using organic cotton to manufacture their fabrics, Two Birds Apparel supports cotton farmers by empowering them to use organic agricultural methods that reduce the chances of environment pollution.

The design of the physical workplace collaborates to the underlying organizational culture within the Two Birds Apparel Company. For instance, having been located in Canada, the company ensures that they support the local business. All the manufacturing processes are done locally to ensure that it maintains high quality environmental and ethical standards of the country (Ritchie, 2018). The company has also taken a step to ensure that they keep low levels of carbon to maintaining the safety of the labor conditions. More importantly, operating locally not only helps in achieving the core objective of sustainability but also enhance the operational efficiency since it makes it easier to oversee the end to end manufacturing of their fabrics.

The company's business plays a significant role in maintaining the corporate organizational culture (Khan, Rizwan, Arshad & Anwar, 2013). For instance, other than environmental conservation, the company is striving to support diversity by donating 1% of its sale to the David Suzuki Foundation works in unison with the government, groups, and individuals in providing education, environmental policies, and science-based research (Ritchie, 2018). The company also strives to remain relevant not only to its target market but the entire industry by adopting social media marketing strategies. Today, technology is changing which is, in turn, making the consumer preferences to evolve, for this reason; companies are devising new approaches that are helping to provide products and services that match the changing consumer needs and preferences. Based on this perspective, Two Birds Apparel Company thus adopts the social media platforms to acquire with the aim of meeting the needs of the 21st-century customers (Birnbaum, 2015).

As a small entity, Two Birds Apparel Company embraces the value of its few employees in contributing to its operational efficiency. The most significant aspect that motivates their employees is their contribution to the corporate social responsibility initiatives (Khan, Latif, Jalal, Anjum & Rizwan, 2014). In the event where the company implements strategies that not only focus on conserving the environment but also promotes diversity; it also acts as a critical motivation element to the employees therein. Moreover, the company contributes to the Canadian textile industry by supporting local suppliers. It shows that Two Birds Apparel Company also minds the welfare of the society and that if its customers as well. Since it operates locally, it means that it acquire some of the human capital locally. This is also a significant aspect of corporate social responsibility.

Similar to any other company, the Two Birds Apparel Company also has an organizational structure. Nonetheless, it is a small company which is headed by the two partners including Daniel and Tiffany Andrew. These leaders are often with critical incidents within the business operations in which they have to handle. For instance, now that the company operates locally, it faces a challenge to acquire suppliers due to the decline of the Canadian Textile industry over the years (Ritchie, 2018). More often, the available suppliers may lack sufficient materials which may have a lower quality since these suppliers maintain less qualified workers to cost their costs. Another challenge is that the organic fibers are not always readily available among is difficult to source sufficient level of eco-friendly fibers. Nevertheless, the business leaders have adopted a strategy to support the local cotton farmers with eco-friendly organic agricultural materials to ensure that they provide adequate materials. It is helping the company to solve the challenges of insufficient raw materials.


Consequently, in acquiring the outsourcing workforce, Two Birds Apparel Company ensures that they capture highly qualified personnel to ensure that the manufacturing process is maintaining the goal of achieving sustainability. In selecting their suppliers, it further ensures that they provide eco-friendly organic cotton. These suppliers should also keep ethical and environmental considerations as well.


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