Netflix: Ethical Business Standards and Recruiting Sales Representatives - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-02


Netflix has emerged among the top digital streaming. It has a high number of individuals from various countries. It produces countless films which are of high quality. Netflix has pride in maintaining ethical business standards. On the side of the employees, the company strictly applies the general business code of ethics to ensure the image of the company never fades. Basing on recruiting sales representatives, the company adheres to the correct procedures that help them get competent representatives. Also, on the side of evaluating and training the selected members, the company has the processes that are followed to equip and come out with representatives of the required standards.

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Sales representatives in any given company act as the ultimate growth engine, they are responsible for the growth of the company. Therefore in Netflix, they consider when to select the sales representatives, narrows down to the obligations and expectations of the selected members as they play their role. Minus this consideration, the company may stagnant or even decline in its operations. While hiring new members, the company highly considers the time factor when to select. This is very vital for the company should be ready before recruiting. These help in other procedures, like evaluating and even finance management. On the other side, the company observes the consuming rate. That is it analyses on the customers' behavior; for instance, those subscribing and those unsubscribing. This enables the company to increase the number of sales representatives.

More so, business strategy and growth plan is very vital in onboarding other sales representatives (Champman, 2016). In a year, the company sets its policies, which include hiring other members. Additionally, when there is a new product, the company seeks additional sales representatives to drive the promotion and selling of the introduced product. In general, some aspects are considered before hiring new members, when a company is expanding, the need to increase the number of sales representatives is needed.

After selecting sales representatives, the company goes a notch higher to the level of training the onboarding representatives. This process is essential, therefore the company carefully selects on the right measures to train the new members. The company, at first, gives valuable content to the members (Kotler, 2016). These are like the fundamentals. With the rampant increasing technology, the company also uses the e-learning strategy to train its new members. This saves on time and other resources like transport cost. Establishing a buddy system is also an essential aspect of preparing the selected members (Schauster, 2016). This gives them a platform to be free and express their view and questions to other members. Being precise is another aspect employed during the training season (Champman, 2016). This makes the selected members understand the concepts faster. As a salesperson, high performance is the greatest achievement ever. Therefore at the training level, the new members are taught on incorporating data into development.

In evaluating the member, the company is not always too fast to measure the final results. Instead, the employees are evaluated accordingly following the whole procedure they take from the start to the end. Prospering is the aspect is considered most (Kotler, 2016). The salesperson should be able to thrive the commodity by establishing good contact with customers and even initiating other customers. Rewards act as the best motive to work. The sales representatives in Netflix Company are rewarded according to performance. Teamwork is also encouraged during the training season and being innovative (Schauster, 2016).

Netflix cooperates social responsibility has been evolving over the years. It started by selling DVD's improved to online streaming, and now it has a broad audience worldwide being ranked among the top digital streaming companies. It strictly adheres to the ethical conduct that in term of streaming and even business. It has also established a scholarship platform for candidates and also space for students to work in the company.


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