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Recreation is a leisure activity carried out at a particular time. Recreation is a an essential constituent of human psychology and biology (Parry, Brian, and Justin Gollob, 61-68). Recreational activities are mostly done for amusement, pleasure or just for enjoyment and are often considered to be entertaining. Recreational activities are diverse and some of the examples include backpacking, camping, horseback riding, hiking, caving, sailing, sports, surfing, and fishing among others. Recreational plays a very significant role in our total health and physical development. And it has got numerous benefits impacting positive youth and family development (Parry, Brian, and Justin Gollob, 61-68). These activities assist as in reducing stress, building our self-esteem, eliminate boredom, and sometimes they encourage sensitivity to ethnic diversity. Some of these activities result in greater social virtuosity and psychosocial maturity, while other activities have also been linked to facilitate high academic competence and achievements (Parry, Brian, and Justin Gollob, 61-68).

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Anticipation Phase

Recreational fishing is one of the sports activities enjoyed by many families and youths. I have always been captivated by fishing as one of the creational activity that I might consider one day. And when I thought of going fishing for the time in my life, I was very excited and had to begin looking for relevant information on recreational sites that I could go. I was scouring over tour maps and books trying to find an ideal site to go for recreational fishing. I could see very many places and I was anticipating being, all the travel books just gave me an opportunity of exploring my final destination in my arms.

After scouring my tour guide books and maps trying to find some of the best recreational fishing sites and parks, I settled for one of the best recreational fishing parks, Van Cortlandt Park. This was my favorite choice as it had Indian lake, the largest freshwater lake where I could carry out my recreational fishing. I immediately visited the park's fishing calendar via their website to find out their upcoming events. This was to ensure that I was updated and plan my departure time. I planned it to be a one day adventure and I had to arrange every item I could need during this extremely anticipated exciting adventure.

Planning Phase

After deciding on the exact place I could have this long-anticipated experience, I needed to ask my two beloved friends if they could accompany me as it would be more exciting when we were together. During this time, the first thing I needed was our magazines, our guide maps, and books. Additionally, we had to buy some of the fishing hooks, look for some fishing lures, fishing reels, and other necessary equipment that could help us. My friends and I together decided on the best time of the day go in accordance to the park fishing calendar and everyone was very comfortable with that. Additionally, all access and parking fee were calculated to be fifteen dollars. Since we decided to use our van traveling via the direct route, it saved us from incurring extra traveling expenses.

Participation Phase

My friends come over to pick me and we left our apartment at around nine in the morning. It was one hour drive to Van Cortlandt Park from our apartment. We used our van as planned to reduce traveling expense and save time as it was very necessary to arrive early. By around ten fifteen in the morning, we arrived at the park. It was one of the amazing scenes I had never seen before. At the entrance, we were welcomed by one of the friendliest staff and we were directed to the parking lot. Van Cortlandt Park is the third largest park in New York having beautiful sceneries, the quiet green shade of oak forests among other vast rich beauty of nature. The first expression of the park thrilled us giving us assurance that we were going to have one of the spectaculars adventures.

We were directed by the staff up to the Indian lake within the park and we could see some canoes that were used to offer trips on the lake. We could see some parents with their kids fishing at the lake. We were given one of the canoes that we could use, my friends and I board the canoe and drifted it on the lake. This was one of the very funny moments I had never experienced. We could lay our fishing hooks and some fishing lures and catch some fish.

This was an exciting experience as the most eagerly awaited experience had come to reality. Sailing on the lake gave use very fascinating as it gave us a beautiful view, fresh swaying wind that blew across the lake made us feel refreshed. It was a thrilling experience, and we decided to challenges ourselves, who could catch most fish. We took very many pictures and videos as reminders of the event. At around four in the evening, we embarked our return journey. Everyone was very happy sharing his nice experience fishing in the park. Upon reaching home after one and a half hours of traveling, we shared our delighting experience.

Recollection Phase

Upon reaching home I could not wait to text and share my first time fishing experience with my sisters and friends who didn't get that opportunity to go with us. It was a nice experience I could not forget. I emailed my friends sharing my first time fishing experience in Van Cortlandt Park. I sent them some of our photographs fishing, videos, and slides I made of different fish species we fished. We shared nice experience stories among my friends in our social media groups and we could not wait to have the same experience and adventure again.


Recreational fishing comes with its advantages that are very beneficial to our health and social life development in general. It increases our social bonding as it strengthens relationships between friends and families (Parry, Brian, and Justin Gollob, 61-68). Going out fishing increase our physical activity making us feel better and refreshed after the activity. Grasping outdoor skills while fishing gives an opportunity for one to develop and improve self-esteem (Parry, Brian, and Justin Gollob, 61-68). If I could, therefore, recommend to fishing recreational activity to someone who has never done this before, I could assure them to give it a shot as it is one of the best experience that comes with a huge package of benefits to our life.

Work Cited

Parry, Brian, and Justin Gollob. "The Flexible Recreationist: The Adaptability Of Outdoor Recreation Benefits To Non-Ideal Outdoor Recreation Settings". Journal Of Outdoor Recreation And Tourism, vol 21, 2018, pp. 61-68. Elsevier BV, doi:10.1016/j.jort.2018.01.005.

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