Essay Sample: My Interest in Sports

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Date:  2021-05-20

Like any other progressive person, I too have grown up to have my interests. My interest in sports is ever growing in me because my enthusiasm and connection to it are more now than any time before. On a significant number of events, I have stated my personal interest to be in taking part and organizing games and sports in light of numerous inquiries. However, none of these reactions can ever be able to uncover the amount of satisfaction and joy I get when pursuing them, especially with regards to basketball. I, at times have an inclination that my interests have a crucial role to play when it comes to the development of my character and identity. Sports have taught me many things in this life, from self-discipline, a habit to punctuality and more so the urge to keep going regardless of what the circumstance is and with every situation, I should make an improvement. In general, a sports person has a greater will power, ambitions, and control. My interest for sports is big, and I intend to maintain it for a long time possible.

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My whole life, I have tried to balance my interests with what the society expected me to be when I grow up. I had a rough time trying to fight the stereotypical image. During my free time, all I can think of doing is participating in a sport, especially, basketball. I enjoy all kinds of sports activities, but I love playing basketball more. My family and friends expected that I would not be able to balance my academics with my interests. Being a determined person, I defied their expectations and all through; my academic standards have ever been high. My interest in sports developed when I was young. My parents once took my brother and me to the Arab Club Basketball Championship games. I always enjoyed the excitement I felt watching these events more so towards the end of the game. My father was a die-hard fan of the Al-Ittihad Jeddah basketball team, and I would watch all their games from home with him. These games made me a fan of the team and additionally, it gave me a quality time to spend with my father.

In my opinion, playing basketball is the best way I can spend time with my friends. It is a good way I can have fun rather than playing video games on the couch the whole day. Basketball is one game I can decide to play alone or have my teammates play with me. I often have more fun playing with my friends and at no point will I ever feel bored. One thing that amazes me about this sport is the various styles people can play for example shooter, passer, dunker and defensive player. Whenever I engage in this sport, more confidence is instilled in me and at that moment I put away all the thoughts of what people think about me. This is the best feeling I get when in the field. Also, during the game, when I am in possession of the ball, I only focus on proving to others how best I can do and nothing can stop me from doing it.

Furthermore, my interest in the sport has enabled me to learn how to tackle the difficult situations I encounter in life through interactions with various people during matches or with my friends. It relaxes my body, and my mind is always free from tension. It has nurtured the habit of teamwork with my team members by instilling in me the sense of friendliness. I also take it as a form physical fitness that improves my mental and physical wellbeing. Sports have a wide degree for competitive instinct which is common in human beings. Sports create and energize the spirit of healthy competition. The many matches and tournaments that are held have given me the opportunity to test my skills, how tough I can be, my stamina and the virtue of perseverance. The awards that are given out during those competitions have always motivated me as a player to put more effort in achieving excellence and an exclusive standard of performance in the field. When there are competition and rivalry in the game, it gives me the prompt to improve my performance and constantly surpass all the previous records.

In conclusion, engaging in sports, for several years now, has moulded me into the person I am today. The sports world is unique with its fascinations. Learning in sports is a mystery which you can never understand unless you are a true participant. Basketball has always been my favourite, and I use it as a good a means of getting things off my mind and expressing myself. It has also given me the time to interact and bond with my family and my friends. For me, it is an addictive game, and I will always enjoy playing it whenever am free.

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