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Date:  2022-09-14


Various consideration put forth in the recent research clearly notes the relationships that are existing between nations are much better as compared to the relationship between the United States and Iran. Today, in history, when it comes either to the international terrorism, the nuclear proliferation or even the fossil fuel talk, the European Union or the Middle East peace talk it comes to pass that in their talk and discussion of the various global issues majorly affecting the international communities and world at large, the strained condition and the relationship that exist between the United States and Iran does not clearly view to be their point of interest. Due to this factors that arise, it becomes really vital and important to come to a possible solution to the relationship between this two indigenous countries.

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The Iranians and the united states relationship come to a standstill in 1979 when the turmoil of the Islamic revolution occurs in Iran and up to this moment, the two countries have not come to a proper relationship and understanding of the terms and conditions of operation. As the United States and the Iran cold continues to develop, the United States had in several occasion sought further dependent more so to the Iranian government so that they beat a position to continue enjoying the communism within the Asian countries while on the other hand Iran used to enjoy a great portion of economic support and at the sometimes received a very advanced support of the western technological structures to enable be at a position to enjoy the exploitation of their oil and wealth that resulted from the same. At the moment both the cultural, the military and at some time the economic and the political relationships were deep and enjoyed by both the nations. However, it was through such a context that the relationship of the United States builds up and ultimately withered leading to a very harsh relationship thereafter. The research question of this study therefore is, will the United State and the Iranian relation leads to outstanding consequences between the two nations if an amicable solution is not realized in time?

Literature Review

There are quite a number of perspectives within the literature review that tends to answer my research question and these perspectives will be discussed in the section below.

The Iranian Perspective

The researches that have been conducted in most ideal point places Iran to be a looming and a fiercely Anti-American nation. The main antagonist of Iran to the United States revolve around the central role mainly of their daily political system but mostly lit revolves also within the center of the social fabric of Iran. The fiercely existing animosity between the two nation is considered to have its routes from the previous decades and in major cases revolves around two main factors, that is the opposition that the Iran government established towards the United States intruding into their domestic affairs which they considered not diplomatic in any sense and what the Iran government considers to be the United States aggression point. The organized coup that leads to the removal of the Iran Prime ministers in 1953 was related or considered to be an example of the United States intrusion to the internal and domestic affairs of the Iran government. The Iran government has in several pointed accusations of the United Statesinterfering with the general peace of the nation through the funding of anti-governmentorganizations and communities within Iran in order to interferewith the general running and operation of the government.

The Iran government also considered the military aggression as another issue and a weighty point that needs to be considered in that the United as they claim that the United States military has been oppressing their government through such struggles like supporting their opponent. The final and the major attacking point that the Iranian government clings to as one of the big issues between the two countries is the suctions that the United States is sticking to Iran. This according to the Iran government has driven various issues in the economic balance of the two nations and most has affected the Iran government. This is mainly because the suction majorly targeted the valuable export from Iran to the United States which includes the exportation of the much needed military and petroleum product and at the same time prohibiting the united states companies from investing in Iran which has really affected the economic status of the summarize the whole idea is that the Iran political thought, the anti-American concept is running too deep and at a terrific speed and in regards to this, a serious measure needs to be taken otherwise a severe consequence will be realized.

The American Perspective

Despite the earlier cooperation between the two countries it was generally the overthrown of the United Embassy in 1979 that brought about the discord and lack of proper between the United States and the Iran whose solution is tending to become a problem. However, according to the United States, the poor ties that their government has with the Iran government is not a matter of what transpired thirty years ago but instead is based on the current nuclear program and the support of terrorism by the Iran government. This is what the United States considered to be the most existing obstacle for the resumption of the relationships between the two countries. The research according to the United StatesDepartment of state affair the government of Iran according to them is considered as the sponsors to the terrorist groups. This according to the United State means that the Iran government is working in hand with the terrorist groups that trigger and target public civilian majorly for political gain.

According to the United States, the Iran government has been the development the current nuclear weapon which against the law and possess a big threat globally and this is what the American government is opposing at all cost. They are furthermore viewed as the designated point and support staff for various terrorist attacks that have been affecting the whole global and this according to the United States should be a global war against the Iran government. Furthermore, in the neglect of the entire world possession, the states even charge the Iran government for supporting quite a number of terrorist programs that in one way or the other has influenced the United States both economically and politically. The United States believed and is convinced that the Iran government is responsible for the planning and accomplishment of the attack and the various civil cases that they brought forthin accusation of the Iran various activities.

Iran-US Relation A Missed Opportunity

As the military clashes starts and even continues in the early 1980s, and there for the two countries entrenching themselves in a sought of a cold war which developed their after, the two countries has suffered great losses that would have been brought to book in case a serious diplomatic approach would have been used to solve the same. Due to this reason, the relationship between Iran and the United States is quite difficult to contra due to the fact that it did not follow a linear channel to make the solution a little bit possible. Both of the countries are running a parallel thought of the whole system and this has made it very difficult to come to an amicable solution so as to end the poor relationship that has existed between the two countries. On the other hand, the continuous change in the government system has also been a great dilemma as each of the new government comes in place with their new policies which might be different from what was already in place to achieve the required peace. This makes several starts over which has been a disaster to both the .government, for instance, the administration of trump and Obama which is contradicting in most of the issues.

Analysis of the Situation

Despite the long and various attempt that has been deployed to come up with a reasonable dialogue to end the whole problem the fruits must be accepted that it has not really worked out as per the expectation of the whole world. The difference between the diplomats and the radicle in the political system has been considering to be one of the main issues why finding solution can be a great problem and therefore a serious dialogue within the individual nations on the way to approach this calamity should begin internally. If the entire government of the two countries despite who is elected can have common idea and goal of achieving the goal then it will be possible so long as it is not viewed as the political strategy.

The Iranian government has in several occasion been seen to be opposing matters that have been observed to have less importance to the international relation as they believed that their internal issues is the government agenda and policies and should not be affected by outside body. The United States, on the other hand, seems to require too much from the Iran government. They seem to be asking for very great deals from the Iran government with so little guarantees which have been observed as a disaster towards achieving the desired goal of an all-inclusive dialogue that would see the end of all these problems and the poor relationship that has existed between the nations.


From the general view, it is realized that very few nations globally has maintained the high standard of animosity has it has been observed in Iran and the United States. Simply having a conflict for over thirty years in any way does not give the countries any superiority. A proper and well-channeled dialogue should, therefore, be instituted that would bring a lasting solution to the problems that have faced the two nation. This is the best way to achieve peace.

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