Parental Involvement: Impact on a Child's Education & Life - Essay Sample

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Parental involvement tends to be the level of participation that a parent tends to have when it comes to a child's life and schooling. It is usually the parent's decision or choice to decide the kind of involvement he or she will develop with the child; for instance, a parent may decide to be over-involved or less involved. In most cases an over-involved parent tends to affect the child's process in various ways that include; first, the parent makes it hard for the child to open up about the challenges that he or she may be going through. Most children tend to find it hard to talk out their issues when the parents are around since they tend to fear what their parents would say or do to them. This kind of fear developed by the child may affect his or her recovery process. Secondly, the parent's involvement may result to making wrong decisions for the child. Over-involved parents, tend to force the children to make certain decisions that are against the will since they think that the children cannot make well-informed decisions on their own.

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What approach Would You Use to Help Parents Understand Their Over Parenting Behaviors and the Effects They Have On the Child?

To enable the parent to understand their over parenting behavior and the effect they create on the child, I would use various strategies that include first, advising the parents to seek counseling assistance. Joining parents counseling programs will help to guide the parents on how they are supposed to be involved and to relate with their children at any particular moment. This type of counseling will also help the parents to identify their parenting behaviors and the effects it has on the child. Secondly, organizing parent's forum and meeting whereby they interact amongst themselves and share information regarding their parenting behavior. In most cases, when parents meet, they tend to share information regarding how to raise their children and the challenges that the children have been going through when growing up. Such forums will help parents to know if they are using the right parenting approach and its effect on the child.

How Might You Work with a Parent Who Wanted to Be Very Involved in Their Teenager's Counseling Sessions, Against The Wishes of the Teen Himself?

Working with a parent who wanted to be involved in his or her teenager's counseling against the will of the teen will involve the implementation of various steps. These steps include; first, I will advise the parent to allow the teen to take part in the counseling program alone so that he or she can feel free to open up on the challenges that he or she may be going through. Secondly, i will then organize another meeting with the teen's parent, whereby I will share with him or her what the child may be experiencing and also advise her on the best way of solving the issue. Implementing this strategy will help the parent to feel that he or she is well involved in solving his child's problems.

How Would You Approach a Family-Counseling Situation in Which the Child Faces Very Real Threats to Safety Such as Community Violence, Gang Involvement, or High Rates of Involvement With Drugs?

In a case whereby a child experiences extreme threat such as substance use, community violence or gang involvement I would approach the family counseling session through implementing a specific that involve; first identifying the threat that the child may be facing, for example, substance abuse. Secondly, Then finding out the cause of the child's problem. For example, the child may have engaged in drug use due to various mental conditions such as neglect. Thirdly, identify the nature of the parent's involvement with the child. In some situations, the child tends to engage in illegal behaviors such as substance use due to the kind of protection they receive from parents (Ungar, 2009). Finally, find a lasting solution to the problem affecting the child. For example, I may encourage the parents not to be overprotective.


Ungar, M., (2009). Overprotective parenting: Helping parents provide children the right amount of risk and responsibility. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 37(3), 258-271.

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