Periodic Changes in Purchases & Supplies Impact Professionalism - Essay Sample

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Following the in-depth analysis of this chapter, it is demonstrated that the periodic changes in the purchases and supplies affect professionalism, especially in healthcare (Trent & Monczka, 1998). Notably; the differences are much evidenced in performances, sourcing the supplies, organization, as well as system developments. Similarly, the changes experienced in management, purchasing responsibilities, and activities require a strategic approach for effectiveness in service delivery. Significantly, lack research-based evidence posed a tremendous influence on the general purchases and supplies, particularly in healthcare. On the same account, as depicted in this chapter, the investments, and amounts in healthcare are determined by cost, time, and technology and customers satisfaction. Imperatively, by relying on the purchasing and sourcing executive research survey which provides detailed valuation, the changes experienced as well as general management of the projects (Trent & Monczka, 1998). The changes evidenced in the trends of purchases and supplies since 1990, shows that drastic measures on the general management should be considered for effective delivery of services.

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Tentatively, over the last eight years, the poor performance has been evidenced hence innovative approach, especially at the co-operate level is required. More importantly, by improving on the time cycle, delivery, and quality of the internal and external suppliers may increase performance in the market. On the same account, supply and purchases as exemplified in this chapter, there have been progressive challenges with regards to various organizations and health facilities. The problems are solely pegged on the superior procurement processes; therefore, improvements targeting purchases to allow the company should be enhanced to attain intended goals and objectives.

However, the chapter acknowledges the fact that, for useful improvement in the purchases and supplies, there is a need to control unit cost and reduce the total cost of acquisition of equipment required. On the same note, by addressing the challenges faced by most suppliers as well as relying on few suppliers are strategic policies which can be adopted to enhance effectiveness in purchases and supplies (Trent & Monczka, 1998).

Strategically, system development is considered an essential element for effective purchases and supplies within the organization. The development in the system helps coordinates both the suppliers and consumers of products within a various organization. Imperatively, by embracing technology, the emphasis has been placed on the purchases as a way of reducing the cost and increasing efficiency on service delivery. Both external and internal systems offer networking sites where purchases and suppliers activities are conducted. Besides, professional purchases and suppliers rely on the performance measurements to help meet the strategies and plans set within the organization. This helps improve performance supply and improvements on the opportunities, monitoring performance trends as well as selecting the best supplier with long term purchase agreements. Conversely, the purchasing responsibilities and activities involve a change of tact in responsibilities related to purchases and suppliers to improve efficiency (Trent & Monczka, 1998).


This chapter summarizes the application of supply chain management in the delivery and management of healthcare services (Mhd & Michael, 1998). Notably, critical examination and collaborative innovations are recommended service delivery systems that can be effective in healthcare. This chapter recommends adoption of organized, strategic purchases to help curb the changing trends in investments and supplies. For effective management of purchases and supply in healthcare functional departments, procurements, logistics, vital as well as the information systems to be adopted for effective service delivery (Mhd & Michael, 1998). The chapter also affirms that the level of innovation and facility management creates a cordial relationship between the manufacturers and the supplies, thus enhancing service delivery. The supply chain management is determined by the performance of suppliers and the buyers, technology, environmental uncertainties as well as the customer focus. More importantly, strategic purchasing, logistics integration, and supply network coordination are a considerable measure to enhance effective service delivery in healthcare (Mhd & Michael, 1998).

The collaborative approach on valid purchases and suppliers, as depicted in this chapter require the adoption of strategic purchasing to meet the rapidly changing trends within the market. This entails supply management, effective communication, and constant consultations within the job markets. Apparently, in the supplier's chain management, a well coordinate relationship characterized by value addition is considered necessary within the organization.

Meanwhile, as revealed in the chapter, the purchases and suppliers are always influenced by the value of money, changes in demand, and technology. On the same account, the cross-functional teams, which involves the interactions taking place in the whole chain, help build supplier-customers network needed in purchases and suppliers. Significantly, mutual innovations and coordination help to set mutual-agreed goals which involve development and effective planning. Collaborative innovation as a strategic approach in chain and suppliers management focuses on the aspect of knowledge, technology, and effective coordination with the system (Mhd & Michael, 1998). In conclusion, even though collaborative approach minimizes challenges associated with the supply chain management, effective policies should be adopted for effective service delivery.


Mhd Nazali M. N. & Michael, P. (1998), The Application of Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Innovation In Delivery Of Facilities Management Services in the 1990s. An international collaborative approach to chain supply management, 34(4). 2-16

Trent, R. J., & Monczka, R. M. (1998). Purchasing and Supply Management: Trends and Changes throughout the 1990s. International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, 34(3), 2-11.

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