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Characteristics indicate that Janet is a 46-year-old college professor. Her diet is healthy, and she goes to work cycling. As a cyclist, her BMI of 27 is slightly overweight. Seemingly, her lifestyle is averagely healthy. Janets family has a history of heart disease and mental illness. She takes Yoga or Pilates twice a week and does cardio thrice weekly.

Risk factors

Usually, a BMI of 27 is considered overweight. Despite Janets work and fitness plan, she has a risk of getting heart disease because of her weight. Since her family has a history of heart diseases, the probability of Janet acquiring the ailment is high. Her BMI may be due to her minimal working hours. Even so, Yoga or Pilates can improve the overall health and wellness, but not reduce weight significantly. Due to her age, Janets BMI could put her at a risk of developing cardiovascular complications. She may develop heart disease mainly because of her overweight and the fact that it runs in the family.

More so, other risk factors for Janet would be breathing problems, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Research shows that professors work long hours, spend most of their time in meetings, and more time alone. For that reason, Janet appears to have stressful occurrences when she is at work. Her schedule seems to be busy. The excessive workload may bring about depression and high-stress levels for Janet. Additionally, when she cycles to work every day, she might get there exhausted to some point before she embarks on a long day. Considering her Yoga, Pilates, and cardio that Janet does weekly, her BMI seems to be high because of the nature of her work. The excessive workload, meetings and time alone might trigger mental illnesses such as depression. Indeed, her chances of acquiring a mental illness will be high because of the similar history in her family.


One suggestion for Janet would be to lose a little weight or aim to prevent further weight gain. Since she cycles every day, Janet has to ride her bike at a moderate pace every morning that can make her maintain a conversation and leaves her out of breath at the same time.

The other suggestion would be to find passion in life. Despite her stressful work environment, Janet should look for things such as visiting family and friends that make her happy to prevent depressive episodes. Furthermore, she could develop a hobby at the college such as training students in sports, which could boost her mood and prevent depression.


One web resource that may be helpful to Janet would be The National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website speaks of risk factors associated with being overweight. The site indicates that these risk factors are preventable by changing the environment and lifestyle habits. If Janet changes her environment and lifestyle by following the above recommendations, she might reduce her likelihood of acquiring heart disease and mental illnesses.

Another web resource that may be beneficial to Janet would be The site provides reasons a person should not cycle to work every day. The author, Brenda Leonard, affirms that despite its dangers, cycling to work can make a person sweaty. She adds that an individual cannot recover from the sweat until they take a shower. Evidently, when Janet cycles to work every day, she may sweat a lot and her day may be tiresome because of the sweat irritation.


Initial Assessment

Characteristics put forward that Dianna is a 40-year-old investment banker. She works more than 60 hours a week. Dianna eats a healthy diet and has a BMI of 19. Her family has a history of depression and bipolar disorder. Her fitness plan is cardio six times in a week, for 1-hour sessions.

Risk factors

It appears that Dianna works many hours in a week. The average working time for any individual should be 55-56 hours. In Diannas case, she works more than 60 hours, which may be detrimental to her health. In fact, she might be prone to high-stress levels and tensions. The primary risk factor would be depression and bio-polar disorder mainly because it runs in the family. More to the point, Diannas extended working hours can influence her overall physical health despite the fact that she has a solid fitness plan. Many studies have revealed an association between stress and long working hours. Those long working hours would bring about depressive episodes for Dianna. Moreover, investment banking requires a lot of thinking skills and concentration, which proves hectic to Dianna. Nevertheless, her family history would play a primary role for her to acquire depression and bipolar disorder.

Despite the fact that her BMI is perfect, her excessive work hours combined with rigorous 1-hour exercises can make her develop migraine headaches. The headaches are likely to develop into bipolar disorder. Additionally, considering her age, and the cardio she does six times a week, another risk factor for Dianna could be heart problems. Sometimes, doing too much cardio could bring more harm than good to an individual. Cardio is vigorous, and when a person overstresses their body, they can damage inner muscles and may eventually result in heart complications such as stroke. More so, the much pressure on their system may cause hormonal imbalance and sleep disturbances. Those instances might cause Dianna to develop depression.


A suggestion for Dianna would be to minimize her work hours and relax her mind. Since her family has a history of depression and bipolar disorder, Diannas overworking tendencies would give her a higher chance of acquiring those illnesses. The minimal time she should work in a week is approximately 55 hours.

Another suggestion would be for her to incorporate other exercises such as aerobics and yoga. Too much cardio every day is dangerous it is primarily directed towards the skeletal muscle. It may affect the lining of the heart and decrease the flexibility of the heart. On the other hand, aerobics and yoga can be beneficial because it activates the immune system and increases a persons stamina.


A web resource that may be helpful to Dianna is accessible at The article, published by The Guardian, speaks of health and wellbeing in regards to a recent study that revealed people who work long hours are at a risk of developing stroke. The article recommends individuals to adjust their working environment to promote healthy behavior.

The other web resource that may be beneficial to Dianna is accessible at In the article, Dr. Mercola affirms that too much cardio can be harmful to ones health. The doctor emphasizes that there should be a cutoff point to benefits of cardio because it may cause increased stress hormone. More so, the doctor articulates that excessive cardio may lead to muscle fiber tears, insomnia, weak immune system, and damage to the heart.

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