Personal Ideas for a Robotic Project

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Date:  2021-05-19

Tetrix robots

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Tetrix is a good example of robots in the current world. It consists of a pair of robot implements, (the tetrix max and the tetrix prime). The robots belong to the pitsco Inc. company. The first part, the tetrix max consists of bits of aluminum pieces, which have hovels that connect most of the other parts through bolts to the robot. The parts connected include control parts, gears, and motors that help in the functioning of the robot. The robot plays key roles especially during times emergencies.

Tetrix robot is quite significant in the contemporary world as it has key roles to play. Firstly, emergency personnel use the robot in times of emergencies for example fire. The robot secures a danger-infested area by location of the area, neutralizing the dangers emanating in the area, and disposal of explosives from the area (Lo 2). The robots also work hand in hand with emergency dealing personnel in an attempt to curb emergencies in more effective manner. Robots are very important as they are programmed machines and humanity could rely to them more as they are not human who could face fatigue, and lose lives in the risky operations (Lo 3). The robots also act as motivation and push trainees effectively to help them function well. They play a motivational role in the world full of emergencies. In addition, they are a milestone towards a better place for humanity. The robot is pertinent as the designers and technicians have embraced and incorporated some of the latest technological advancements in the modern world.

Lego Mindstorms

On the other side, Lego Mindstorms robot is another significant invention in the engineering world. The technicians designed proficient hardware and software programs that helps one customize the robot functionality using programming. The parts comprise of a programmed intelligent computer that controls the entire systems. The other parts work together through mechanical means to ensure that the robot plays its functions well. Additionally, the robot makes uses of graphical and optical programming setting, which enables the robot play its functions well.

The robot makes use of command-boxed programs instead of the normal code programs. The robot makes efficient use of the programming language. The robot also has a camera in form of a webcam that works hand in hand with the command software and the interface in the robot for visionary purposes of the robot (Ucgul 129). In addition, it helps the robot detect different lighting systems and color in the environment the robot is in. the webcam can record clips to be used for several purposes like in police scenes and investigation purposes.

The robot has a technic control center that is processes the functions on the robot. To add on, the robot has manual controllers where one can program the robot to record or program the robot to carry out manual works. The robot has a dacta control lab and a control panel. The lab plays a key role in learning and helping students and other people understand more about the functionality of the robot. Through technological advancements, the system advanced and learning was even easier through the mobile inventions in a global context. The robot also plays many cyber related activities around Europe and other parts of the globe with good technological advancements.

Personal Ideas For A Robotic Project

One could borrow many ideologies from the technicians who designed Tetrix and Lego Mindstorms robots. To start with, the Tetrix robot is efficient and helpful in handling of emergencies. It is a wise idea to have robots that could help during disaster times for example during the time when fire strikes. The robot plays a key role as it can disarm properly disarm an explosive to prevent huge impacts from such circumstances. However, to add a little knowledge in relation to the pre-existing Tetrix robot, the technicians could extent the role of the robot during disaster. They could program it to carry out masses of people housed in emergencies such as a building structure that is on fire or a building that is falling. That would be effective as manual labor saves a low number of lives as compared to what a programmed robot could do.

On the view of Lego Mindstorms, one could also borrow some ideas. To start with, the programming is done in a good way. One could also program their robots by use of command-boxed programs other the usual used code programs ((Ucgul 130). In addition, the robot has vision that one could use well to acquire confidential information. Some information could play the role of evidence in most of the cases that are not solved to satisfaction due to lack of adequate evidence. The robot could also replace most of the human labor that requires division of labor. In division of labor, there are times when the final product lacks uniformity as human beings face the challenge of fatigue and feeling monotonous. However, the robot could do most of such tasks efficiently.

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