Questions and Answers on Public Relations: Multiculturalism, Globalization, Framing

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Also why are they problematic when building relationship?

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Stereotypes are generalizations of individuals or groups of people that result from peoples inability or unwillingness to get all pertinent information that would help one judge an individual or situation fairly. Stereotypes often reflect peoples beliefs about, among others, other peoples culture. An example is a widely-held belief in the world of protocol that, when a Japanese business professional greets you with a bow, the depth and length of the bow you return is indicative of the respect you have for the professional. Stereotypes can be problematic when building relationships because unfavorable stereotypes can make people discriminate and persecute minorities unfairly.

Question 2: Culture can they affect personality? culture of nation how it makes it better or worse?

Culture affects personality because, being the norms, beliefs, and values that a particular group of people share, it shapes peoples learning, life and behavior. Considering how people brought up in the same culture tend to exhibit similar personality traits, the culture of a nation can make a persons personality better or worse. For instance, people from national cultures that score high on individualism can frustrate team-building efforts in international business interactions because their cultures put the individuals interests before that of the group.

Question 3: Globalization 2 PR protocol or influences challenges that result that happen because of Globalization. Two components?

One public relations challenge that results from globalization is that multinational enterprises have to deal with constituents drawn from diverse cultural backgrounds. In some instances, the multinational corporations do not understand the preferences of their constituents as shaped by culture, which makes it difficult to tailor operations appropriately. Another challenge of public relations that globalization has caused is the susceptibility of multinational organizations to attacks because of their country of origin some native corporations resort to unfounded attacks when they find that foreign, multinational corporations are more competitive than they are.

Question 4: Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis - Why is it important? When building a coalition and provide examples.

When building a coalition, stakeholder mapping and analysis is important because it helps in identification of various parties to the issue that necessitates the coalition and the interests that motivate them. To be effective in addressing stakeholders needs, one will have to identify who the stakeholders are, and what their interest in the outcome of the negotiation is. For instance, if a multinational firm wants to build a coalition of partners that will lobby for the relaxation of stringent rules governing the operations of foreign enterprises, it will have to identify the people who will benefit from such policy reforms.

Question 5: Negotiations Agree or disagree that is it better to seek Mutual gains explain and defend your answer

During negotiations, it is better to seek mutual gains. The mutual gains approach ensures that the parties to a negotiation process agree in a manner superior to the typical alternatives of finding a common ground or attaining delight at the end of the process. When parties to a negotiation process seek mutual gains, they have the incentive to create value, which makes them invent additional options without making commitments. In a situation where each of the negotiating parties is only concerned about his/her gain, it becomes difficult for the parties to imagine issues none of them had thought about before the negotiations started.

Question 6: S.A.R.A what is it? Describe each element+ example for each

S.A.R.A is conflict resolution process encompassing four steps. The first step is scanning to identify problems. For instance, when the parties in a business partnership find disagreements becoming common, they can revisit their agreement to identify factors that have been causing trouble. After scanning, the parties in a conflict try to assess what causes problems. The parties in the conflict then develop and implement solutions to problems causing conflict. An example of resolution in the conflict facing business partners is a change in some clauses of the partnership agreement so the agreement conforms to changed circumstances. The last step of the process is assessment, where the parties evaluate the impact of the solution.

Question 7: What is elicitation & why is it important? For protocol PR?

Elicitation is the art of subtly inducing a person to speak, and, while at it, making the conversation interesting to the person from whom one seeks information, besides keeping the conversation on the trajectory in which one wants it to remain. Elicitation is important for protocol public relations because it helps one gather sensitive information without antagonizing the provider of the information.

Question 8: Non-verbal communication provide/explain 3 elements+ examples

The elements of nonverbal communication include facial expressions, body posture and gestures. Facial expressions entail making ones face in certain ways to communicate meaning. For instance, when someone scrunches their face during a discussion, it could be that they probably find the subject of discussion unpleasant. Body posture entails subtle communication through how and where a person stands. For instance, when one leans towards the speaker during a speech, they are subtly saying they find the speaker interesting. Gestures entail hand and body movements that indicate people are communicating something. For instance, waving the index finger means someone is referring to something.

Question 9: Leader and effective influence. Do you agree or disagree that building trust and respect is essential. Example to support your answer

Building trust and respect is essential for any leader who seeks to influence his/her subjects effectively. When people trust and respect someone, they hold him/her in high regard, and they would never want to fail him/her. Considering that leadership is all about getting people to do things, a leader that people trust and respect will find it easy to get the people to do things, and ease in getting people to do things is the gist of effective influence.

Question 10: Framing an argument ok to lie or distort the truth when framing an argument agree or disagree? Why + provide example

It is not okay to tell a lie or distort the truth when framing an argument if people find such an argument appealing, they can make wrong decisions. For instance, if a business manager tells the board of directors than an investment has a return of 20%, while the investments true return is 6%, and the managers argument convinces the board, the board may make end up committing resources to a bad investment.

Question 11: Framing important for influence? Give 3 reasons why you think it is or it isnt important

Framing is important for influence for three reasons. The first reason is that the same issue might require anchorage in different perspectives for various people to find them appealing. Secondly, people differ in terms of values and moral standing, which influences the issues they find appealing. Thirdly, since the same issue might appeal differently depending on its anchorage, and that peoples values are different, the framing of an issue might mean the difference between its acceptance and rejection by the target group.

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