Research Paper on Fighting Racism in America

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Date:  2022-09-11


Black lives movement is an international group made up of African American people. The reason why this group was formed by the African-America community is to fight against racism. During protests, black American's were killed while they were fighting for their right and also the unfairness in courts that did not favor the black people (Brown, 2004). Just like Kant's theory recommends, bad things wrongness does not depend on the outcomes but relies on the fulfillment of duty (Allison, 2001). The changes were lowered just like African-American movements were restricted, and this was considered to be against the rights. This paper aims to discuss the fight against racism in America.

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Most African-American were detained and others murdered, which resulted in increased crimes for the police officer was pulled out of their duties due to these Africa-American activities. It is wrong to fight others so that you can benefit just like Kant moral suggests from them it was wrong for the American to harm the African-Americans (Allison, 2001). African-American were deprived of the accurate to vote after their movement leader contested for the presidency he was hated and consequently lost this post.

There was hatred towards African -American, and therefore they were restricted because soon Americans realized that African-America recognized their rights. Most of the African-Americans youth were murdered because they were the one who participated in the movement mostly. This made Africa-American react through demonstrations for their fellow activist's death. Two police were killed by the African-America who thus caused the police officers to respond through their black African Movement leader's detention (Ransby, 2015).

Court proceedings were mostly favored by African-American activists. They were arrested, and this reduced their number consequently lowering their activities. This enabled the government to mitigate their actions. Some activists disrupted their speech during Democratic presidential speech and civil rights leaders; they did this by arguing that their statements were hate speeches and were contradicting the African-American rights although it resulted to racism (Brown, 2004). This propagated a democratic debate that intended at discussing if the black Americas were equal with other white people. This spared a serious discussion. Thus the president recommended that it was lawful that all people should have similar rights since they would have been required for the progression of the country (Ransby, 2015).

The American president proposed that all life matters although most of the leaders were against him. The reason for this was because the majority of the Republican candidates were racists. Most of the African-American children were murdered due to the demonstration that was regarded as violence, during the general elections (Brown, 2004). This resulted in the death of numerous African-American teens; thus this would lead to a lack of upcoming leaders among the black Americans people.

Black Lives Matter Movement

Black lives movement is an international group made up of African American people. The movement was against the police since its leaders were said to be inciting most of the wars that made the police to shoot African-American teens who were mostly involved in the demonstration. These movements were blamed for the police death caused by the government. Therefore, they were forced to warm the African-American that they were activists who would be engaged in the movement were armed. Therefore, this increased violent crimes. Therefore, this was a caused by the police because if they would not have killed the African-American would not violently fight back, but because of the racial discrimination, most Africans had to be destroyed (Denevi & Pastan, 2006). Though the black lives movement was regarded to be anti-American since it was dividing people thus resulting in racial tension. This movement was mostly engaged in fighting for the murdering of black people who were killed by police during the protests. It was thus, the people's rights for people to hold the peaceful protest that would not force the police to murder their fellow activists. If peaceful demonstrations could have been held by the African-American, the police would not have responded by shooting. Black lives matter movement was mainly pushing for racial justice since black Americans were almost denied to access facilities and were regarded to be inferior people who would not make rational decisions (Denevi & Pastan, 2006). Like they would not be cited for if they viewed for presidential positions. Additionally, they were brutally beaten during demonstrations, and others have murdered the youth particularly.

Online Platform

An online platform that was used for planning of the activist's activities was formed by the black lives movement. The platform also had some principles and goals of the campaign. There was no hierarchy in the platform, and this demonstrated that there was no discrimination among the African-American people. It also intended at promoting policy reform that would assist in reducing the brutality by the police since they had caused so many people deaths (Ransby, 2015).

The black lives movement was advocating for people insight into the department of security; thus this would help to reduce the police brutality that had caused millions of black American deaths. Additionally, through the use of the online platform, the movement was able to deliver information to a significant number of people and get immediate feedback. The campaign is also believed to have ushered the university strikes era in the black university. The movement established its power through rallies and protests (Denevi & Pastan, 2006).

The movement was able to manage many people since they all had a similar goal of fighting against racial discrimination both political and social units. Black's life was the primary target since they were in danger of prejudice from the white people (Brown, 2004). Additionally, the movement was focusing on discrimination of the black people in the civil rights. Just like Kant's theory stress that power is all about shaping what is right and what is right and therefore it would be better if African-American were given their power then all the losses of their lives would not have taken place. This complicates the efforts made by a state to uplift freedom of people, justice and people's democracy.

The black lives matter movement was motivating the black people to establish power since they would assist in lessening discrimination that was among the African-Americans. This is one way of empowering the black people, therefore, making it useful to all the social and political units, thus, eliminating all discrimination forms among the people. Black people needs and wants must be respected just as it is suggested by Kant's theory that all people are required to propel the country forward. If the African-American should also be engaged to make compelling politics through all discrimination forms and this will enhance economic development (Ransby, 2015). African American would have avoided discrimination through established supreme principles that would assess morality. Human relations are improved by honesty. Accordingly, white-American would have responded with African-American thus backing up development both social and economic units.

Literature Review

According to Brown, (2004), twentieth-century discrimination was obvious, deliberate and its presence normally undoubted. The passage of civil rights law resulted from the apparent nature of racism. Twenty-first-century discrimination is more delicate. It is difficult to demonstrate that cultural discrimination today is intentional and this makes it a more controversial subject. The widespread discrimination and cynicism of the actuality of discrimination in the twentieth-first epoch was the inspiring aspect for this concern. The article explains how the Critical Race Theory (CRT), scrutinizes the rule and lawful civilizations impact persons of color, not as persons, but as followers of a cluster (Brown, 2004). The article explains the way black Americans have been victimized against not as persons but by the color of their crusts (Brown, 2004). Negroes have been a victim of cultural prejudice and xenophobia in society has been unescapable that none despite affluence rank has achieved to control its impact. This discrimination is solely based on the history of captivity and also how the persons of color were regarded to be mediocre by the rule, and this spot has never been raced.

According to Denevi & Pastan, (2006), focuses on helping whites to develop anti-racists identities. Both white scholars and teachers are exposed to data regarding how discrimination appear to acknowledge that there is problematic and there is a need to solve the problem. They appear in meetings, workshops, diversity clubs, and conferences to discuss their increasing understanding of how racism and privilege operates. The issue of commitment seems to be changing over time: the article questions what privilege it is and the effects of racism on the White Americans. The participants of the campaign against racism formed a group referred to as AWARE (Association for White Anti-Racist Education) to enable the white people to become active (Denevi & Pastan, 2006). This group creates awareness regarding racism through engaging in the cross-cultural group that is devoted towards making the positive anti-racist identities.

White, (2016) argues that, in reaction to plunders of neoliberalism, millennials on university grounds have been assisting lead activities for social and economic justice, and the Black lives movement, which has been dominant in these movements. The piece explains further that the source of inspiration for these groups are mostly activists and scholars, but social media have assumed a vital role in the mobilization of today's networks of activists (White, 2016). The University of Missouri has been some of the meaningful Black lives movement activities on campus and have attracted a backlash against activist students and faculty member's solidarity which is both fundamental and risky. The article argues that professors who work for Universities that are the center of the Black Lives has an obligation to acknowledge that they are implicated integrally by problems of ethnic dissimilarity on and off campus and the differences between them must be addressed vial creative pedagogy, back up endeavors of the student and intentional public involvement (White, 2016).

According to Ransby, (2015) Black Lives matters raised concerns about the issues that the Black-Americans went through, particularly problems related to racial discrimination. Forces play a significant role in the expansion of this movement since it is a bold confrontation with the state power. The article argues further that the Black Lives matter movement was comprised of many organizations that were led by black people. This movement focuses on the benefits of black people liberalization. The article argues that when black people are liberated real economic justice will be realized since ethnic free enterprise must distinguish to seek freedom for black individuals to reduce the inequality in society (Ransby, 2015).


The critical factor of promoting peace among different races is morality, and this would aid in the elimination of bias both political and economic. Good relationships have been stirred by honesty. Therefore people would be enhanced to live in more moral life. Americans would have led a more happy life if they were honest since morality is the source of happiness. All discrimination forms are said to have been as...

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