Review of a Drama Movie: Loves a Bitch

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Date:  2021-05-27

Loves a bitch is a famous Mexican drama movie under the category of thrillers directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. The drama thriller was written by Guillermo Arriaga as the first installment in the acclaimed Gonzalez trilogy of death. Trilogy of Death is a series of three movies that are connected by a car accident; Gonzalez directed all the three movies. The three movies show how humans can be cruel through hideous characteristics that they mostly show when they are on the dark side. The movies further show that human cruelty is not only towards animals but also towards other humans. In the film a dog is used to symbolize loyalty since the dog has always been a man best friend since time immemorial. Gael Garcia Bernal and Vanessa Bauche are the stars showcased in the first segment of the movie; the two are the title characters as the movie begins. The movie begins with a love story between Susana and Octavio. The Two are related, Octavio is Susana's sister-in-law, and he is not impressed by how Ramiro his brother treats her. Therefore, he beseeches her to elope from the marriage and start a new life with him. In another scene, Daniel leaves his family to live with his lover; he is a magazine producer, and he is good at his work. Valeria (Daniel's lover) leg got hit by Octavio's car, this creates another complicated love story, the final scene starts when a vagrant (El Chivo) pushes junk cart as several mongrel dogs escort him.

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The film brings in several cultures that have evolved in Mexico due to the division that arose as a result of inequality. Economically, there are different classes of people having dissimilar cultures as per their economic capability. El Chivo is a pauper, and he earns a living through pushing junk cart. Octavio is working, and thus he lives in suburbs where his types of class are staying. Valeria, on the other hand, is a model and thus lives in high-rise apartments. It is very difficult for the three types of people to meet; the meeting was only made possible by the car accident which later brewed a love triangle. Life is not easy for all the character in the movies, and hence they found themselves engaging in other malicious activities in the underground economy.

Mexico City is not an easy place to live in, people from all categories of life are always struggling so as to make ends meet. For instance, El Chivo is a cart pusher and also an underground hit man. After gaining from his errands, he decides to give her daughter the whole bundle of money with a note explaining his circumstances. The film also has themes of domestic violence, animal cruelty, and gun fights. Ramiro and Susana's relationship is an example of a relationship that suffers violence one day after the other; Valeria and Daniel's relationship is not also left out. Dog fighting is animal cruelty hence banned in Mexico but people still get to practice it in the underground economy (El Chivo and his Negro dog). The people in underground economy practice dog fighting to make money that can enable them to survive the harsh realities of the economy. The film gained sufficient criticism for the inclusion of dog fighting as one of its themes and that's Loves a bitch.

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