Revolutionizing the Bicycle Market: Pro Bike's Initiative to Create Health-Conscious Communities - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-26


Over the last two decades, obesity, diabetes, and other health scares have led to the creation of a health-conscious generation that cuts across all market segments. From baby boomers to millennials, everyone is scared about their health status. Pro bike is a new startup that focuses on the development and sales of advanced bicycles for all generation irrespective of sex, and social economic status. By examining the bicycles market, the researcher argues that he bicycle buyers will commute to and from work or social event on the bike and gain from improved blood pressures, and body weight.

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How to Create Value and Sustain Competitive Advantage

The company will create value and sustainable competitive advantages by examining external environmental factors that present opportunities. For camisole, the company will exploit the new improved government regulation and intergovernmental relationships to import high-quality spare parts as well as innovative bicycle technologies to help in delivering innovative and high-quality bicycles to the customer. Value creation will be through high-quality parts. However, the company will attain and sustain competitive advantages offering costs advantages to the customers (Huang, Dyer son, Wu & Harindranath, 2015). Value advantages will be achieved thorough differentiated offering and delivering superior bikes. Finally, focus advantages will be created focusing on and developing bicycles specifically for the specific market niche and market segments.

Evaluation of The Company's External Environment - PESTLE Analysis.

The external environment consists of everything outside the company including the competitors, the government, suppliers, financiers, labor poor. The external environment is composed of seven main forces including economic, technological, competitive, pollical, social and cultural environment

Political environment: Currently, there is a free trade agreement that both a threat and opportunities to the company. The regulation will allow the company to export more bikes and import more high-quality parts. The e-commerce support is also increasing and this presents an opportunity to the company. It is also important to note that intergovernmental support has enabled the company to protect its patent which is advantageous to the company.

Economic Factors: The economic factors are also favorable to the company as the company is already enjoying the economic stability in the county. The comic or GDP growth will also be adagio to the company.

Social/Sociocultural Factors: Current, people are moving towards health consciousness. Many people either want to reduce environmental pollution, burn more calories and from work, or save money on gas. The uptick in bicycle sales will result from sociocultural changes.

Technological Factors: Technologies are changing and more innovative bicycle parts are being products. The mass production and mass customization will make bicycle production much cheaper. This means that the prices of bicycles will also reduce to enable low income and middle-income earners afford bicycles.

Ecological/Environmental Factors: Bicycle is zero emission products. As such there are environmentally friendly. Most governments are encouraging people to adopt a bicycle as the main mode of transport in the city to reduce environmental pollution which increases the company's opportunities to sell more bicycles and parts

Legal Factors: Currently, the level factors that favor pro-sport bicycles products including the expanding emission regulation that places a cap on emission produced by locomotives. There are also environmental protection laws that will favor bicycle sales.

The Company's General Environment

The company will be operating in urban centers. This means that consumers will be from within and outside the town. The company is developed against the background of continuing upward mobility and high gas prices among the working generations with the hope that it will help the working people solve commuting and health problems with the bikes.

The Organization's Industry Operating Environment

Bicycles marker research reports show that the consumers market is fragmented and complex. the demand for bicycles is increasing steadily. It is estimated that there will e a minimum of 3 bicycles per household by 2030 (, 2019). While bicycles sales will be high revenue from biocides equipollent and parts will be higher than that of bicycles salsa.


The demand for mountain bikes will dominate the market followed by hybrid bikes as casual riders seek innovative bikes with new technologies. White-collar hobs workers will soon seek bikes for mass transit as bicycles are favored by the government because of no emission. The other market will be in bicycle maintenances service which is set to expand faster.


Huang, K., Dyerson, R., Wu, L., & Harindranath, G. (2015). From Temporary Competitive Advantage to Sustainable Competitive Advantage. British Journal Of Management, 26(4), 617-636. doi: 10.1111/1467-8551.12104 (2019). Bicycles Market Research Reports & Bicycles Industry Analysis | Retrieved from

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