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RR Communications Company is configured to comprise four different business departments. The key primary corporation department is classified under the internet department, mobile department, landline department, and cable TV department. The company performs the operations in a way that the four departments operate autonomously meaning that each division possesses a customer information database framework. The firm's business strategy was wrongly configured such that the dispatch of service was damaging the reputation. Chief Information Officers who are tasked with IT-Business alignment are only attentive to their division and highly opposed the centralized IT systems. RR Communications faces various problems that have compelled the president of the company to implement a decision by starting a program of single-centered customer information framework. The case study analyses focus on resolutions made by Vince Patton to benefit RR Communications like centralized IT systems and judgment to adopt a shared service for customer calls.

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Advantages of a Single Customer Service for RR Communications

Implementation of single customer services for RR Communication by eradication of departmentalized services for each service will be very advantageous. A single system for numerous department of services eradicates data redundancy such as customer information entry, and customer calls entry thereby expediting the procedure for every call. Personnel working on the call services will be allocated tasks equally and every person has some insight into the other sector information. A singer system stops clients from being shifted from one division to another while only one bill can be established and delivered to the customer. This makes it easier for clients to understand the processes (Clarke, 2012). RR Communications will also be able to adopt new products and services and remain competitive in the market. A single customer services system also decreases the complexity of numerous departments operating under different guidelines thus making internal operations more effective and efficient.

The new customer service center will enable proper data analysis. RR Communications is likely to realize better sales and marketing skills of the company's products and services. After the expansion of the market, the company is likely to grow to the levels that the owner had not anticipated before the implementation of a single customer service center. The system will also allow management of projects at one center point making it easy to control and monitor. The single customer service will offer a suitable environment for performing assignments in the company. The employees in this firm will get to understand their allocated roles, obligations and duties which will increase their productivity in terms of quantity and quality. The common client data repository will also benefit the company by reducing data procurement and maintenance expenses. It will also be easier to make decisions because the sharing of information will be faster.

Implementation Strategy Guaranteeing Support of Divisional Presidents

To ensure support from the departmental presidents, the suitable approach would be convincing them about the advantages of the implementation of a shared customer service center. The presidents should be educated on the merits like better financial management at the divisional level since some costs will be eliminated. The framework will also reinforce the management of information within the divisions by enhancing security especially when IT is centralized. The other strategy will entail defining the business goals, vision and creating a purpose of their crucial effect in achieving the objectives. The presidents should be made to feel that they are highly needed in the process and still have the power to influence the prosperity of the company.

Implementing the right metrics, infrastructure, and enterprise architecture is a strategy that can help the presidents to standardize their activities and ensure that the company has a consistent brand and sells its services effectively. The last strategy should entail involving them directly in the implementation of the new system. This will ensure that they take up the roles and assigned others to the junior employees.

The Potentiality of Achieving Enterprise Vision With Decentralized IT Business Unit

An enterprise requires implementing IT services in all its departments. Centralization of IT functions ensures there is the attainment of the enterprise objectives because work is conducted harmoniously. Decentralization of IT functions into a smaller department creates confusion within various visions because of the challenge of managing information. Each division manager is likely to think and act independently instead of liaising with other leaders to develop the company as a whole. Decentralized IT function causes chaos and disorganization of project tasks. It is therefore difficult to monitor old clients or attract new ones due to the configuration of the company's systems.

Decentralized IT function results in an inability to control the daily activities in the company. The company will also be slow in responding to technological trends thus losing competitive advantage. If various decision managers are not up to the task, there are high chances of conflict between managers and employees as well as the owner and the managers (Chew & Gottschalk, 2009). Decentralized IT function also brings unnecessary competition in the company. Some managers are likely to grow their department instead of meeting performance standards. Therefore, it is not possible to attain a company vision with a decentralized IT function.

Problems That Caused Lack of Common Information and Enterprise IM Strategy

Information is every crucial in the performance of a company especially in attainment of organizational goals. Data analysis of reports enables a company to assess its competitors and offer various mechanisms of achieving prosperity in the competitive market. Failure to possess a common information framework shows that data analysis will be a problem. The company may not be able to compete with other competitors who possess common information and an enterprise IM strategy. The two aspects ensure there are a strong customer relationship and fulfillment of customer needs. When that is not available, the clients are likely to lose trust with the company.

Absence of a data repository in any business means there will be poor coordination with the multiple departments. Lack of communication in various departments causes data redundancy. The management of information in RR Communications will be a problem because data will be dispersed and the collective analysis will be difficult. The data will be exposed to compromise since the adoption of the security measures will not be possible. In addition, to achieve information confidentiality and integrity will be challenging in case the problems are not well addressed.

Governance Mechanism

Governance defines the processes and strategies that facilitate the adoption of the shared customer service framework. The adoption of information technology in the company is likely to bring huge benefits. Customer focus is also essential because it will offer a mechanism of enticing the client to involve themselves in the process. This will enable the identification of challenges that customers face and developing solutions. The IT system should be adopted and managed to the required standards to ensure there is efficient service delivery. In addition, governing guidelines, process, and principle should be illustrated to ensure attainment of the needed goals.

To push forward the adoption of shared services and enhance universal customer data, governance mechanism like integrating IT and business ventures, it is crucial to entail IT in business negotiations and be part of making the important decisions. Once the shared system is adopted together with centralized data framework, each division can be controlled with the new data which facilitates performance (Bakos & Treacy, 2012). After the fixation of systems, certain metrics can be initiated to evaluate the risks entailed, expenses incurred and weak segments in the division that necessitates quick attention technically.


RR Communications case study has effectively examined the issues, solutions, needed governance, mechanism and suggested plan needed to ensure prosperity. The company needs a centralized customer service center that transmits information within various departments and a single data repository. Besides, department presidents' hindrance to the proposed tasks needs to be eliminated to ensure a smooth transition. The presidents need to be convinced that the adoption of the new system will be beneficial to their respective divisions. Integrating various divisions into one is a concept that is likely to decrease auditing coasts of each department and ensure that information delivery is easy and properly controlled. With the integrated information, the firm's vision of preserving its brand can be attained through cross-sales as each department will work harmoniously with others resulting in faster and effective services.


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