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Date:  2022-12-21


In this section, the requirements for the systems is outlined. the requirement is arranged in terms of the desired features

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The features will be used to create the use case diagram and produce the sequence diagrams that will best prove the concept and functional requirement (Ali & Lai, 2015). The system shall provide a list of all the items that can be changed. The systems will allow the users flexible in terms of choosing what to configure. The user shall be allowed to update the configuration to overcome any conflict in the configuration. It is the user who will have the autonomy to complete the configuration. All the items will be categorized into specific groups for ease of identification and the systems shall enable the categorization of the items

Detailed categorization will be displayed in the systems. The systems shall also have a search functionality with options, list and text box that will return values. All the search resists will show the number of positive results

Maintain customer profile.Each user shall have his own account with his profile. System security shall be achieved through two-step authentications. The system shall have specifications for changing user information, updating profiles and authentication of credentials. There shall be automated customer support (bot driven) in addition to on-call and chat support. There will be additional support including FAQ, and a map for navigation,

External Interface Requirements

The systems will be compatibles with any of the existing operating systems. This will allow for three reviews of all the past changes and examination of the changelog. The system she is based on the common framework for concurrent log in and usage.

Security and Privacy

Users must meet the minimum authorization requirements to be able to use the system. Three security attempts shall only allow for users to log twice per day.


The assumption is that the fair use policy shall apply. The other assumption that the systems shall be used normally without the intention to breach. The final assumption is that marketing and promotional campaigns shall he be completed.

Quality Attributes

There are several quality attributes of the software. The quality attributes include security, usability, reliability, performances, availability, security and, maintainability. However, this paper will only focus on usability and reliability


Usability in the content of software engineering refers to the ease of use and the general learnability of the software. The user interphase should be designed in such a way that it enhances user experiences (Giakoumakis & Xylomenos, 1996). Is the color appealing, is the interface interactive enough to sustain attention, is the user interfaces simple and easy to navigate? These are some of the key criteria that will be used to analyze the quality attributes of the system. The system should be easy to use and the user should be satisfying and efficient.


The systems so designed must also be dependable in that it must function properly understand the predetermined condition over a predetermined period. The work must work well without failure. Reliability is linked with availability in that it must function for most of the time. The systems must not present any downtime and should have a high probability of success. Even though reliability is separated from availability, the system is expected to be functionality 99.99% of the time with almost no downtime and if downtime is to occur, it should be less than 5% as the system is being migrated to a backup system.


Ali, N., & Lai, R. (2015). A method of software requirements specification and validation for global software development. Requirements Engineering, 22(2), 191-214. doi: 10.1007/s00766-015-0240-4

Giakoumakis, E., & Xylomenos, G. (1996). Evaluation and selection criteria for software requirements specification standards. Software Engineering Journal, 11(5), 307. doi: 10.1049/sej.1996.0041

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