Solitary Nation Reaction Paper

Paper Type:  Movie review
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Wordcount:  569 Words
Date:  2022-10-27


Watching the program was a painful experience and equally emotional. The job done by Frontline is indeed a commendable one as always, it honestly and viscerally brings to the public issues that surround us. The very first emotional response that I can give towards this video is that "may God, please bring this to an end." The reason as to why tooth for tooth or eye for an eye is encouraged is because it ensures that the punishment is limited to the same level as that of the offense. However, when we watch inmates in confinement, it creates an image in us that this kind of punishment is indeed not equal to the crime but rather a form of torture. Through solitary confinement, there is even worsening of the problems that lead to one getting confined, and even more, problems get created with more immorality. When such punishment gets furthered, it builds more violent and pipe-end de-humanization.

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Whereas several thoughts ponder within my head, I realize that I have never had the time to work in such facilities and the implication of this is that I am uneducated and ignorant to all of such shades of the system. Therefore, I will try my best explaining all the ideas that I believe could be relevant and helpful at the same time, and at the same time, I will recognize my place as an outsider.

Firstly, solitary confinement should thebe accepted for the inhumane treatment that it actually is, and its effects on anyone should be carefully considered. Its use as a criminal punishment should be limited, and neither should it be a way of rehabilitating or criminal justice. It is merely a harsh punishment or an infliction. Secondly, the inmates should be understood and treated the same way any other person would like if treated. Their treatment should entail equal dignity, honesty, respect, and transparency that humanizes us despite their crime. The importance of this is that we would have the behaviors that we want in our society exemplified, while at the same time ensuring that we do not have ourselves or the inmates stripped of whatever dignity left for them, for ourselves, or the society.

Thirdly, there should be a consideration of the psychological shifts of the officers working in criminal justice regarding the perception of criminals. At this point is where there could be great value in the opinion of an outsider like me. The judgment and thinking of an individual could get clouded when they are in the 'inside.' Fourthly, we should stop reasoning with insanity. The manner in which the officers interact with the inmates at some point resembled some rational discourse attempt. That does not seem to be a productive enterprise provided that there is dehumanization in solitary confinement. Since the inmates are human beings with their intelligence, they often observe the weaknesses and inconsistencies in what gets communicated.

Fifthly, insanity should not get practiced. It is insane to punish someone with solitary confinement for a behavior created by solitary confinement itself. Lastly, there should be more of the story told. There was an essential missing piece of the underlying story behind each inmate and the events that led to their confinement. There was a glimpse of one inmate who shared a story of how his father committed suicide. To me, this seems to be imperative on how particular people can get rehabilitated.

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