Speech Outline: Domestic Violence

Paper Type:  Speech
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Date:  2022-10-31

Purpose: Inform and Educate the audience about Domestic violence

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The Thesis Statement: After the delivery of my speech, I believe that my audience will consider the aspect of Domestic Violence and why they need to be educated concerning the subject


The Attention Getter: Around the world, every three women suffer from some violence either at the hands of their husbands or boyfriends. Such odd have high chances of getting someone you know. In class, three out of fifteen girls may have already experienced any form of violence or have high chances of being abused

One reason to Listen: In America about a third of women die every year from domestic violence (Demsey 156). We can all be one less if he is not stopped. Research has also shown that when people are formalized with the causes of harm and death to human because of domestic violence, these incidents can significantly reduce.

The Credibility: In 2006, a friend of mine who was only 19 years old died after being brutally murdered with her cousin by her ex-boyfriend. Since then I have always been interested in creating the awareness of domestic violence through an organization am trying to form to pass this message.

Primary Points Preview: With this speech my goal is is to educate you more concerning the myths of domestic violence, how one can be assisted, how to give aid to others and how to be alert.

Transition: First, let us introduce domestic violence


People believe that domestic violence is only found in married people, but the truth of the matter is that they are wrong

Domestic violence, in this case, verbal, physical, and emotional abuse between two people that are in a relationship

Domestic violence can also occur between dating couples, lesbian/gay relationship, roommates, elder abuse, and married couples

Transition: Similar to the married couple definition several other domestic violence myths spread all over the world

The tales of domestic violence are still unbelievable to many because they are not educated.

In the U.S many people still think that domestic violence is not a big issue that needs immediate attention (Volfa 35). However, the police department views this as one of the most significant problems that need to be solved.

The other myth is that the lower class are the ones that are most affected by domestic violence as well as other races. What people don't know is that domestic violence affects everyone despite your religion, tribe, and status.

One primary cause of domestic violence can be substance abuse (Volfa 39). While there is no Domestic violence and alcohol and drugs, domestic violence can still be blamed on substances abuse

Think about whether you have ever seen your friend bruised and upon asking them; they tell you its domestic violence. What if this happened to you? Would you think that one of their members would have done this to them? How sure are you?

In normal circumstances, the abuser is very controlling, strong enough to put the victim down, whereas the victim remains quit while being abused seems afraid, and ends up isolating themselves

When someone is harmed, the best way is to solve their problems is not by judging them. The first step is to ask gently concerning the situation at hand, but avoid forcing the subject. The second step is to emphasize to them that they need help whenever they want and the last way is to offer them a referral to the experts.

Transition: Since we are all aware of what to do, it is vital to realize that helping someone in their situation is also solving the problem at large. I believe that we will not stay quiet when someone needs our help. Even if it was you, would you not need help?


We must end the silence and change how we think when we hear about domestic violence. Never turn up your TV volume whenever you understand that your neighbor is making noise. Always be keen to ask whenever you see someone with a black eye. These crimes are dangerous, and we must be the first ones to report such incidences

I believe my speech will make a difference not only today but also embrace you to spread the news about domestic violence. Since we all understand the myths and where to go when we encounter such challenges, we must ensure no one else gets hurt

"Every nation that faces challenges the people cause it" Ghanaian Proverb

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