School Teachers Should Be Armed - Argumentative Essay

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Date:  2022-09-07


School shooting is one of the most depressing problems that most parent and teachers dread. As of July 2018, there were already 23 school shootings where innocent people were either hurt or killed. In average, there has been more than one shooting per week and the students account for the highest percentage of the people hurt or killed in the melee. While the shooter may have been a student or an outsider, the shooting should have been prevented or the shooter killed before hurting or killing many people. However, the problem is that teachers are not trained 5on how to handle gun totting cases. Shooters cannot be told not to shoot and in most shooting cases, the police and army usually stop the shooter by shooting them. In consideration of the school shooting statistics, the researcher proposes that few selected teachers should be armed with both necessary warfare skills and guns to gun-toting criminals in schools.

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Within the vicinity of the schools, teachers are guardians and are charged with the duty of care. The parent expected the teacher to teach the students and keep them safe. Chavez argued that after a proper background check, the teacher should be licensed to carry arms to schools and should be trained on when to use the guns and on whom. They should be taught how to differentiate between terrorists and a troubled shooter. Terrorists shoot at student and school staff indiscriminately. They should be shot to protect the lives of the students, teachers have a duty to secure their students, their school and themselves from shooters and having a licensed gun gives them a sense of security

From the legal perspective, the second amendments also state that it is there right of every American citizen to bear arms. The teachers are American citizens who are allowed by the second amendment to carry guns. However, only the highly adept teachers who understand weaponry, guns should be permitted to carry their concealed firearms to schools (Wu 29). Under State law (ORS 339.250), students should not carry guns and other weapons to schools, but the Oregon states allows the teacher to possess concealed guns in schools but the court allow the schools management to set reasonable work rules surrounding the possession of weapons in schools (Doe v. Medford School District 549C, 232 Or. App. 38 (2009)).

K-12 schools are no longer safe havens for students considering the way the students at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, and Pearl High School, were shot in cold blood, while the federal and state laws previously helped in ensuring that the schools are the safest gun free zones, the number of mass shootings in schools necessitates the amendment of current laws surrounding guns in schools. Some teachers should be selected as responders whenever there are cases involving guns in schools. However, these teachers should be adequately vetted. Random pat downs alone are not enough to help in preventing weapons from getting into the school.


In conclusion, the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 (GFSA), Improving America's Schools Act of 1994 (IASA and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, have all been passed to help in enquiring that students are free within the school as well as the school's vicinity, but they are also cellar indication that nowadays, students are the majority of gun-toting criminals. Mentally unstable students and other bullied students have resorted to using a gun to revenge when bullied. However, it is not easy to talk down a gun-wielding criminal actively shooting at students. Additionally, the security agents, such as the police and private security personnel may not always be around in the classrooms and other areas where shootouts are likely to occur. It is therefore advisable to allow specific teachers qualified to carry concealed weapons to have them in schools to help reinforce the society provided by the security personnel, as well as a metal detector and standard security operation in the school such as a random pat down. Selected teachers should be permitted to carry their weapons in schools to supplement the pre-existing security measures.

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