Stakeholders in Health Information Management System: Vila Health Independence Medical Center - Essay Sample

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With the current technological improvement across the globe, the health care facilities are also in the process of adopting a new information system referred to as the health information management system. This is a system that performs the role of collecting, storage, management, and transmission of the patents electronic health record (Heelan, Jennings, O'dell, McMahon, & Roholt, 2008). This study tries to identify the stakeholders in Vila health independence medical center that are likely to be affected by the implementation of the recommendations to upgrade towards the health information management system.

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The Relevant Stakeholders Related to the Impact Analysis

The implementation of the new health information management system or is likely to affect several key health stakeholders in Vila health independence medical center. Some of these stakeholders include, first, clinicians. Due to their strategic position in providing the clinical services, the nurses, physicians, and other health staff are perceived to be vital in successful implementation health information management system . according to research the health information management systems implementation outcomes usually highlight the importance of getting a significant input from the health clinicians during the planning and selection process (Ludwick, & Doucette, 2009). Secondly, office staff. The office staffs such as hospital managers and administrators are considered to be important stakeholders in health information management systems since they are responsible; for filling the patients, demographics, contact, and billing information. The office staffs are, therefore, likely to be affected by the process since they required to learn how to use the information system.

Thirdly, the marketing team, the healthcare marketing team is also likely to be affected by the selection and implementation of the health information management system. Some of the health information management systems tend to have certain excellent features, such as appointment reminders, automatic scheduling, and online patient portals that enhance communication between patients and physician. Such features are perceived to provide good marketing opportunities that the marketing team should be aware of. Fourthly, the billing team. This team is important in the HIM selection process since, without a well-equipped billing department, the health care providers will not get paid. The billing department usually needs a health information system that integrates or is in line with the current billing system. The stakeholders in these departments are usually required to provide crucial information regarding the accuracy and speed of processing the billing claims and how the HIM performs the entire process.

Process Used to Arrive to The Recommendation of the Health Information Management System

The recommendations on health information management were based on various specific processes that include; first, to maintain efficiency in healthcare delivery. Implementing the health information management system in Vila health independence medical center will help to ensure that the facility is delivering quality services within a short time, for instance, implementing the information management system will facilities quick access of patient information ad also prevent loss of key details concerning the patient's diagnosis. Secondly, the privacy and accuracy of the information. Patients information is considered to be very sensitive and should, therefore, be well stored and protected from being access by an unauthorized individual. To maintain patient information privacy, it is important to implement the health information management system, which has specific features and codes that can only be accessed by authorized individuals. The information system will also help to ensure the accuracy of the patient data since the system is able to facilitate verification of every detail updated in the system.

The Specific Time Line for Implementing the Health Information Recommendation

To ensure that all the Vila health independence medical center operation are running efficiently and effectively within a short period, we must set a strict timeline for implementing the health information management system recommendations. In this case, we should set a three months' timeline in which every individual affected by the recommendation should have completely familiarized himself or herself with the system. Within this three months constant monitoring and evaluation of the health information, management recommendations should be done to ensure that every shareholder understanding what should be done or how the system should be implemented (Pecht, 2009). However, the medical center may experience various challenges that may hinder the implementation of the recommendation within the set guidelines. Some of these challenges include training and resource allocation.

Impact of the Impact of the Recommendation on Relevant Stakeholders and Organization

Implementing the recommendation related to health information management is likely to create various impacts both to the organization and the stakeholders; some of these impacts include; first, the organization is likely to receive good patient outcomes. For instance, the patients are likely to appreciate the effective service delivery process and the good health outcomes secondly, workflow within the organization is also likely to improve since all the manual work that used to take a lot of time to complete will now be done using computers thus saving on time. Thirdly, the organization will be required to initiate training programs for the relevant stakeholders to ensure that they understand the requirement of the program. Such training programs also tend to enhance the quality or level of services delivered by the healthcare personnel since they are likely to learn new things that they were not aware of before. Thirdly, resource allocation, to effectively implement the health information management recommendation, Vila medical independent medical facility will have to increase its resource allocation towards the program.

The Best Practices of Overcoming Barriers When Creating Buy-in From Stakeholders and Implementation Related to the Recommendations

There several various practices that can be implemented to overcome the barriers that occur when trying to create a buying for stakeholders and implementing the recommendations. Some of these practices include; seeking financial support from other organization. To ensure that the recommendations are effectively implemented without any challenge, Vila health independence medical facility must seek financial support from other non-governmental organizations to help ensure that they have resources to cater for the entire process. Seeking financial support will also help the medical facility to maintain its financial stability and success; thus, more shareholders will be attracted to buy the medical facility shares. Secondly, collaborating with other organizations during the implementation of the recommendations. Partnering with other organizations such as the non-governmental reorganizations will enable the medical facility to implement the recommendation without any challenges. On the other hand, the shareholders will be attracted to buy more shares due to the level or quality of services that will be offered by the health care facility after collaboration.


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