Statement of Purpose for International Business and Management Course

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Date:  2022-10-24


This paper serves to purpose as a presentation of the statement of purpose (SOP) for the MSc International Business and Management at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

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My previous studies and realization of hard work, commitment and ability to adjust with different kind of disciplines enabled a bold step to pursue another course to build my potential at the University of Manchester. International Business and Management as a master studies course unlocks a lot of interest through the entire student's life. Main interest is to gain different skills in decision making, critical thinking and strategy development. Some of the motivational factors include; interaction with factory employees or visiting companies in the related field to boost class work and education standards (Kelly 2009).

One of the graduate careers includes Masters in Engineering and Management Science at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom (UK). This went for a period of 2010 to 2011; the merit achieved being 65.83%. During the study period at the University of Exeter different engineering skills were gained and taken into consideration, among them being:

  • Management and professional skills
  • Engineering management skills
  • Engineering system analysis skills
  • Digital signal processing skills
  • Communication engineering skills

Earlier, in the year 2009, I enrolled for Bachelor of Science in Telecom Engineering at Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences which ended in 2009. Through the study, new relevant abilities and skills were learned related to the course.

  • Complex Variables Transforms
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • Probability and Random Variables
  • Engineering Management
  • Engineering Economics
  • Satellite Communication
  • Network Security and Management
  • Wireless Communication
  • IP Telephony
  • Telephone Traffic Engineering

Through the supportive environment created by the school and the teachers, I attained an exceptional overall grade of 72.6%. Other educational achievements include Diploma of Associate Engineering at Government College of Technology Quetta which directly links to Bachelor of Science in Telecom Engineering and Masters in Engineering and Management Sciences.

To improve capability and experience, every skill learnt in every course was put into practice through various jobs, boosting self-confidence and also acquiring new skills which were not covered during the class work (Sharan 2011). Most recent and current being Banking Services Corporation in State Bank of Pakistan from 2015. Responsibilities pertaining to the job include:

  • Stock management
  • Data entry using one of the Oracle's software that is Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Payment vouchers preparation
  • Procurement of office and company equipment like stationeries, consumables and even computer software and hardware
  • Organizing recreational, religious and sports activities
  • Budget preparation for the office and disposal of an asset

I joined Team Performance Coach at Energy De France (EDF), the UK in 2014. During the stay at EDF, web-conference and teleconference training in offshore office was necessary to boost professional experience. Some of the roles assigned during the tenure are:

  • Improving performance in customer services and SAP by writing maps process
  • Customer care management role by providing feedback to the relevant stakeholders for implementation

One of my major achievements is the quick learner award, elevating personal confidence and need to perform further. Before joining Energy De France, having supporting students with other learning disabilities at the University of Exeter influenced an urge to pursue other courses to improve industrial performance.

Banking Services Corporation in State Bank of Pakistan is the current station of work, and one of the major tasks is procurement which directly relates to International Business and Management course, provides relevant skills, education and motivation to undertake the course. It enables the realization of appropriate management of organizations and their resources, conducting research with the aim of acquiring clarifications to the procurement problem that hinders organization's functionality and also managing logistics at private and public sectors. Managing adjustments of the company, advance payments and also budget preparation has a motivational factor to pursue an International Business and Management course which is a directly linked course to the company's tasks.

Under the International Business and Management course, my main interest(s) include but not limited to; vital thinking, research work to govern an organization strategy which ensures decision making through the research undertaken. Due to changing management trends in the world, focusing on recent or trending issues is vital for the organization which may include benchmarking and interaction with other organization of interest employees.

Joining International Business and Management enables interaction with different researchers on various platforms including international management, sustainable development, and even other social corporate responsibilities (Sinha and Sinha 2008).


Possession of practical management, theory of interpersonal and communication skills; Social Sciences, Humanities and Science and mathematics department will be a good fit for the course. This enables commitment, teamwork, interpersonal relation and also the application of skills learnt in other previous courses.


KELLY, P. (2009). International business and management. [London], South-Western Cengage Learning.

SHARAN, V. (2011). International Business Management: For VTU. Pearson India.

SINHA, P. K., & SINHA, S. (2008). International business management: a global perspective. New Delhi, Excel Books.

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