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A strategic plan is mostly applicable in showing the future expectation of any business organization. The business organization that intends to establish its priorities and orientation to solve its problems must develop a strategic plan (City of Scottsdale, 2018). Scottsdale Police Department usually produces its strategic plan every three years. It currently provides a strategic plan for the year ending 2021 so that it can contain all its four-year strategic direction as from 2018. The said strategic plan intends to address how it can work together with the local communities, how to enhance its effectiveness, improve the working capacity of its human resources and ensure there is adequate security to the members of the public. The strategic plan was created after the convention of several meetings with the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the Scottsdale Police Department. Despite all the information provided in this evaluation report, there will be further opportunity to improve it.

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Recommendations to Make Strategic Plan More Comprehensive

The Current strategic plan of the Scottsdale Police Department contains the whole planning process, mission and vision statement, the organization overview, the implementation process and the evaluation section. Other sections indicate the processes and actions that were taken during the retreat, which were mainly based on the SWOT analysis of the new strategic plan and gave a roadmap that can be used in developing the current strategic plan. It was important when the program could have indicated a SWOT analysis outline to provide an in-depth explanation of the purpose of the analysis and planning. This could have been important in ensuring that the reader understands the logic behind the planning process and objective of the strategy.

The primary purpose of the strategic plan is to work closely with the local community, which requires the department to engage with the community members living near the organization (City of Scottsdale, 2018). The result of SWOT analysis is essential in helping the readers understand this objective in more details by providing further explanation. The second importance of SWOT analysis will ensure that readers understand why the purpose is needed and how they will achieve that objective. All these ought to have been included in the strategic plan because it would have shown the readers the importance of this objective and its effect in the local community.

Technology and Social Media

Within the strategic plan, little information about social media and technology was indicated a meaning that information about them was so brief for readers to understand. Furthermore, there was no information relating to how they are going to be used to serve the general purpose of the plan. Suppose they could have provided a detailed explanation about technology and social media, it would have been more comfortable for the readers to get a clear picture of why these tools are of great importance in making the organization better.

Adequacy of Justification and Assumptions

About the Government of Scottsdale, the strategic plan was created with other assumptions that would allow for the implementation of the idea in a stable environment (City of Scottsdale, 2018). The assumptions that were available in the strategic plan required that southern Scottsdale be developed together with central Scottsdale because they have combined two neighborhoods. The northern section of the city is still growing and therefore does not require an establishment. These kinds of assumptions in conjunction with the available business facilities, which house some major states, are what the Scottsdale Police department requires to help them succeed in their plan.

Measures for Success

There is sufficient measure that the organization could use to achieve its objectives. This, therefore, means that it has adequate rules for success. The strategic plan contains information relating to the inclination of the people living within the city, their workload, and predicted workers. It also provides information regarding the relationship between the people of the community and current commercial development. At the same time, within the plan, there are ways to address issues about accountability and relationship development. The information in the strategic plan indicates that the chief of police is determined and believes that the strategic plan will be implemented accordingly, and issues relating to accountability will not be there in the entire organization. Assistant chief is also committed to ensuring that there is a success because it contributed towards sponsoring the process.

The strategic plan also suggests the responsibility of every strategic direction and provides a vivid explanation on how the strategic leaders will convene their meets after every thirty days to discuss their progress. Furthermore, there is also a plan to retreat so that every strategic leader can have ample time to revisit the idea and make necessary corrections or update the program. On the contrary, there is other relevant information that the plan does not explain. They include information relating to funding (City of Scottsdale, 2018). Within the program, there is no information about who finance the project, and therefore, there is a need to provide information about the source of finance and who funds it.

In most cases, planning requires sufficient information about finances because every activity of the strategic plan requires a given amount of money. Source of funding is also significant in ensuring that every project is completed within the required timeline. Therefore insufficient information about finances is a weakness that should be added to make the strategic planning more appealing and comprehensive. The threat of this is that it is likely that the implementation of this strategic plan can fail because there will be no sufficient amount of money to run each project and this is also likely to impair the application. This may inhibit the achievement of the set objectives, such as connecting with the local community.


In consideration of the strategic plan of the Scottsdale Police Department was written after they have conducted a severe evaluation. It seems several retreats were convened before developing it because it has a low number of weaknesses that would prevent its implementation. The only problem that could be identified is the lack of funding, which could be added when the project is in progress. Even though there are some areas requiring improvement, they are not relating to the vision and mission of the department. With the plan, there was also a well-organized assumption that would assist in accomplishing the mission and objectives of the department. The department leaders, such as chief and assistant have been given the responsibility of ensuring that the strategies are accomplished following the requirement of the department. They oversee and manage the whole program so that all the objectives can be met. Scottsdale Police Department does not only develop ways of tracking success annually but organized ways in which they can monitor the progress by convening meetings with strategic leaders annually to foster success. They also allowed for the review of the plan after every one year to update it by the current economic and environmental conditions.


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