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Strategies To Make a Child Who Is Homeless Feel Highly Included in the Classroom

Making the child who is homeless to feel excluded in the classroom environment is fundamental for the child performance and in the overall success. Such children tend to feel lonely and in the end, produce undesirable results. Some of the most common strategies to use in making such children feel included in the classroom set up include helping in fostering the healthy relationship among such children with their friends while in school (Viafora, Mathiesen, & Unsworth, 2015). Besides, teachers should help in promoting and creating a healthy awareness while these children are in class. Show them the necessary love and offer them any form of support that their friends receive while in the classroom. Like in any other children, it is important that teachers find better ways to offer them the most common basic needs such as clothing, food materials, and accommodation. Lack of basic needs will lower the concertation level of such children who might end up scoring poor grades when it comes to their final examination.

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Teachers should also assign the homeless children a classroom partner who will help them adjust to the classroom environment as they make friends with the new faces and good people. It is important to void some of the unnecessary punishment to such children especially when they make minor mistakes like being late to attend music, PE, and art activities. Such punishment might discourage them and make such children feel excluded further and to fear to share some of their issues and problems. Besides, the fact that such children live in a homeless state should not be a matter of public attention or should not reach the attention of other children given that some children might use that information to mock their homeless fellow and that might affect their overall grades.

Strategies to Make Physically Disability Child who feels included in the Classroom

As a teacher, it is important to make children who feel excluded feel welcome by showing them concern love and care that they need to cope up with the classroom environment including their classmates. Besides, teachers should create time with the physically disabled children talk to them and share important issues that affect their personal growth and development.

It is important to help such children enhance their level of self-esteem and build a sense of self-positivity among them (Good, & Lavigne, 2017). Always encourage such children and motivate them to work harder in their academics and let them know and realize that their present and physical condition should never be a barrier to their overall academic excellence and performance achievements. Besides, it is important that the teacher involve these children in the classroom activities and any other co-curriculum activities just like any other children.

Teachers should also provide both the social and emotional tools and support that the physically disabled children would need to overcome some of the significant challenges that they encounter in the classroom. Such tools and moral support will help them adapt and feel included in the classroom environment. It is also essential to create an open forum where such children have the opportunities to share their minds and where necessary teachers should help them in enhancing and achieving their academic goals and success.

Ensure that other children work and associate positively with such children in meeting their academic needs and not looking down upon their disability state. Help build confidence among the disable children and make them feel that and know that their disability should not be a hindrance to their success.

Strategies to Make a Child who Mainly Speak Chinese feel included in Classroom

The first step to help children who speak Chinese as their only language and might not be good in speaking English is by learning how better to pronounce their names. Ask them how they pronounce their names and listen attentively to void using funny names that will make them feel excluded. Besides, it will be good if the teacher takes, time and offer one-to-one personal assistance to such children as the teacher learn some of the possible challenges that such children are facing and how best they can offer them the necessary support.

The teacher can also help these children with the interpreter tool that will help them understand certain terms that might be useful to their academic success. Besides, it will be of higher value when the teacher finds it easy to assign a peer- student partner who knows how to speak both the Chinese language and English. Such a partner will offer the necessary support that the new Chinese child will need and advise him where necessary and areas that they think are the best that will help them in their overall academic performance.

In addition, it is also important to invite the Chinese culture especially in the classroom environment and make such a child feels that his culture also has some value. To make learning much easier and enjoyable to the child, it will even be much better if the teacher carries out the labelling of the classroom equipment using both the Chinese and in the English language for easy understanding of such key concepts.

Strategies to Help Make Bi-Racial Child Feel Included in the Classroom

One of the fundamental strategies that will help the biracial child feel included in the classroom environment is by stopping and preventing prejudiced remarks on racial issues. Provide a welcoming environment by talking positively on issues to do with the biracial concerns. It will be helpful that the teacher makes such children learn that their racial condition should not be a hindrance to their academic performance. The teacher should also learn about the child's culture and offer the necessary support that the child will need to excel and to achieve some of his fundamental goals and success in life (Torres, 2018). Respect and embrace the biracial children and help other children understand that it has nothing to do with other children's health and living standards and besides it cannot affect the academic success of the biracial children. Teachers should also include and allow such children to take a key part in the classroom discussion and other key related matters that will make them feel included in the classroom progress.

Strategies to Help the Child with Two Mums or Two Fathers Feel Included in the Classroom

As a teacher, it will be important to prevent any form of prejudice that might come from other children against their fellow with two mothers (Good & Lavigne, 2017). Make the child realize that the fact that he has either two mother or two dads should never stop him from achieving his academic success and even from working hard in the classroom. Besides, create time with the child and help him or her to understand that he can do nothing with the present marital condition of the parents. Help the child learn to appreciate and love the parents provided they are offering the necessary support and the basic needs that such child will need in life. Besides, the teacher should keep such secret between the two and not exposing such information to the public that other children might use against him for prejudice. Besides, by appreciating these children and showing them love and concern, they will finally feel included in the classroom environment.

Challenges in Helping Every Child to Feel Included in the Early Childhood

Based on the age and level of understanding of many children, teachers find it difficult to help the excluded children adopt in the classroom environment. Besides, some of the children tend to be aggressive and are not ready to accept changes as they already developed the pre-occupied mind that they are always excluded (Gerber, 2018). Failure of many parents to play the parenting role in the growth and development of their children remains a major challenge for their inclusiveness in the classroom environment. Besides, most of the institutions lack enough special educators who will help most of the children who need special attention to help them adapt and feel included in the classroom environment. Inefficient facilities also remain a major issue that contributes to the challenge in helping children who feel excluded feel included in their early childhood education.


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