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Summary Writing for Two Articles About Tech Trends Example

Date:  2021-05-21 14:37:30
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About your earlier request, I hereby submit the summary of two articles on future business technological trends.

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First article.

The first article is on 8 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016, and it was written on December 8, 2015, by Amy Webb. The article is written in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). The author of this article has focused on highlighting different technological trends that are likely to be witnessed in the business world in 2016. Algorithm personality detection is one of the technological achievement in 2016. This technology will help insurance companies to assess the personality of their clients. Bots, Glitches, and backdoors are also some of the technological trends likely to grace the business world shortly. The Bots, which are software applications that are designed to run automated tasks. This feature will be helpful to companies when it comes keeping track to what others.

Backdoors, on the other hand, are the lines of codes that developers deliberately install in firmware, allowing the manufacturers to access into users systems to do the fixation of the system without halting the system. Shortly, the companies, especially those that keep large data of the customers will be required to a backdoor.

Second article:

The second article is on the Biggest tech trends to watch in 2016. The article was written by Dave Smith on December 27, 2015, and posted on the Business Insider journal. The author embarked on predicting the future trends in business technology in 2016 by outlining different technological trends. For instance, the author predicts that the cars will become smarter and more independent. Apparently, the cars will heavily rely on automation software applications and other aspects of artificial intelligence that will in return increase their levels of independence.

The future of business technology will also witness the wearable items such as watches that will depict continued growth and maturity. For instance, companies such as Apple, Google and Android are likely to come up with a wearable that will be able to keep track of somebodys fitness. The technological world in future will also be graced with virtual reality that consists of mainstream, which will come with various changes.

From these two articles, it is imperative for the business world to be prepared for the future changes in the technological world that will in return change the routine operations of the business. Apparently, technological trends indicate that in their near future, there will be myriad changes which will automatically reshape the phase of the business.

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