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The modern age has undergone a tremendous change from the last few decades, with technology taking over more than ever before. The past three decades have been the busiest in the world of technology, especially following the success of computer technology, which has caught on in every corner of society today. The popularity of these gadgets was further enhanced by the introduction of the internet in the wake of the 21st millennium, coupled by the smartphone technology that has tremendously caught on in the second half of the century. The introductions of these technologies have culminated with the introduction and further improvements, seeing the ease in communication it affords their users. These technological advances have both their advantages and disadvantages in regards to the everyday lives of their users and depending on their application. These were some of the few topics that made the center of your study in the paper.

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One example of issues rising due to the tremendous changes in technology as witnessed in the recent times is network security. This is majorly an issue that affects the Internet of Things (IoT), as the new gadgets have come to be known. The internet of things denotes the linking of various different gadgets and computing devices to allow data transfer among the interconnected objects without necessarily necessitating or involving direct human interaction. The internet of things is one of the greatest improvements in technology in the second decade of the 21st century. Their popularity is further bolstered by the constant desire by the human mind to ease working load while enhancing efficiency in everyday life. The IoT technology involves devices that perform duties on their own, relying on pre-installed software and programming that reduce direct human interaction. Currently, there are several IoT devices available in the market ranging from simple electronic gadgets to household appliances available for everyday use. Cars, security systems, as well as vending machines all, form a part of the modern-day Internet of Things.

Among the most common household appliances that have recently adopted the IoT technology is the smart refrigerator. This device features Wi-Fi internet connection and comes with a programmed software that allows it to perform tasks that would ordinarily require human input to undertake. Some of the tasks that can be handled by the smart refrigerator include monitoring the contents to check their freshness, throwing out expired stock as well as automatically stocking up and replenishing items that are about to run out. These tasks are achieved even without the engagement of the owner through sophisticated network communication channels that enable the smart fridge to function. The most common channel of communication is linking these devices with other android devices that pass over commands from one source to another. Some of these devices also feature communication channels with other devices such as the Television set and dishwashers. Programs have even been developed to enable the smart refrigerator to upload photos of the items inside them for display, coordinate the users' schedules and even look up various different recipes over the internet and read spell the out to the user as they undertake cooking duties. Other minor actions that can be enabled in the smart refrigerator include opening and closing of the door and syncing directly to the owners' smartphone gadget to allow remote control.

The introduction of the smart refrigerator is significant in assisting the users to handle daily tasks that might be easily forgotten otherwise. tasks like checking the fridge every now and then to take stock of supplies can be subordinated to the machine to decide for itself. Similarly, it enables one to keep records of foodstuffs that are on the verge of expiring and thus notify them to restock these items. However, despite the advantages that come with these innovations, there are also several concerns that people grapple with before and even after purchasing them as we will see further below. The biggest concern has to do with network security since the device relies on internet connectivity through other connected devices such as smartphones, modems, Wi-Fi gadgets and mobile phones which may be vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals ("Product reviews, how-tos, deals and the latest tech news", 2019). However, there are also several advantages to be ripped from adopting the technology, which was discussed in the text below.

How I Heard About Smart Refrigerators

The smart refrigerator has been around for a while now. It is undoubtedly that the technology has spread just like many of the smart technologies that have caught on especially in the second half of the decade. The information channels have greatly improved so much that news of new technologies is spread like wildfire especially through social media channels and magazines. It is, therefore, no surprise that many people these days get updates of the advancement in technology through these channels themselves.

Personally, my first glimpse of the smart refrigerator was through the LG company announcement promoting their smart devices in the media. Having heard from friends about the various smart devices that the company had introduced to keep up with the competitors in the industry, I logged into their website and took a closer look at these devices. Apart from the smart refrigerator, LG also has a catalog of other smart devices including the smart microwave, smart Hi-fi speaker and Television sets which the company keeps on improving day in day out to match the market demand as well as maintain their grasp in innovation. Furthermore, after getting drawn to the LG company smart devices catalog, I was referred to Samsung smart devices as well in order to compare them. Thus I was able to acquire more information on the smart refrigerator concept from exploring the two companies as well as understanding the various applications of these appliances ("LG SmartThinQ: Discover LG Smart & Connected Appliances | LG USA", 2019).

Key Features of a Smart Refrigerator

The smart refrigerator offers a lot more than just the much-needed refrigeration services as we are traditionally used to. A smart refrigerator offers more services that improve the efficiency of having the appliances in the house. Among the main features that come with a smart refrigerator include the ability to connect to the internet through built-in browsers. This allows users to use it in any way that they would their smartphones and computers. Furthermore, the appliances are equipped with the Wi-Fi connectivity technology allowing for the flow of information and data between different compatible devices including commands from remote devices. The smart refrigerator further comes with the technology to keep track of the foodstuffs being tucked in and those being removed as well as their expiry dates of the stocked items, giving the user the efficiency of stocking and restocking without having to worry about any of them going bad. Even more, some of the appliances come fitted with the technology to enable automatic stocking by ordering from the store the items that are out of stock hence affording the user the luxury of not having to run back and forth to the store. Another interesting feature that has become common with the smart refrigerator is the automatically generated recipes that allow the user to undertake cooking even without the skills, with the aid of video assistance stored in the fridge. An extra feature that comes with the smart refrigerator is the smart camera that allows users to have a look inside the fridge from remote servers and which allow for monitoring through the users' smartphone ("Smart Refrigerator Benefits and Features | Key Microsystems", 2019).

Advantages of the Smart Refrigerator

The smart refrigerator is relatively a new entrant in the IoT sector. Some of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of the refrigerator include the LG and Samsung companies, which have variants of the gadgets ranging from basic to the most complex and expensive ones. While the principal goal of having a refrigerator is to keep perishable goods fresh, the extra advantages offered by the new technology makes it more attractive to the customers due to the perceived advantages they possess over traditional refrigerators ("What Is so Smart About a Smart Fridge?", 2019).

The smart refrigerator, for instance, allows one access to the refrigerator remotely and thus one is able to perform different tasks from afar. The owner, working only with a connected smartphone is able to restrict access to the fridge for instance even from miles off. This enhances security at home even when they are away from home as they would be able to prevent unauthorized access whenever they wish. The user could also monitor how many times the gadget is accessed as well as how well it is performing using the same device, giving them the ability to exert control even away from home. This kind of efficiency was previously unknown to the world as having refrigerators mean having to mechanically engage with the gadget in all manner of aspects, with no such access from remote places. Thus one would be forced to always keep tabs with the items in the fridge all the time to avoid having expired foodstuffs among their stock. Furthermore, it was a tad more difficult to monitor the items given that restocked items are mostly jammed closer to the door, with those that have been in there for some time being pushed back. This habit allowed for the over the storage of such items, with one finally ending up with a lot of stale foodstuffs in the refrigerator. The menace is easily squashed using the smart refrigerator as it constantly alerts the user on which foodstuffs are fresh and which need immediate disposal. In this manner, food rarely goes stale in the smart refrigerator, saving unnecessary costs for the user (Formisano et al. 2015).

Another major advantage of the smart refrigerator is the ability to send alerts to the users regarding their mechanical conditions. A user who forgets to lock the door properly, for instance, would previously find themselves at a great disadvantage with the stored items going bad in most cases. This was previously a big menace as it is not uncommon for one to find himself improperly locking the door. However, the introduction of the smart refrigerator solves most of these cases since the user is alerted automatically through their phones that the door is improperly locked, thus enabling them to correct the mistake. Furthermore, some of these appliances are automated such that the user could easily lock the door remotely without having to be physically around them. This is a tremendous step in the efforts to ensure food safety and security as it minimizes wastage of food, allowing for more flexibility in the disposable income of the user. Having the efficiency of enjoying fresh food in a household also has the desired advantage of improving the health of the specific household. The fridge allows the users to avoid food poisoning through the consumption of contaminated items from the refrigerator (Formisano et al. 2015).

Alerts sent through the smart refrigerator is not limited to the foodstuffs inside but also extend to the mechanical functioning of the appliance. The smart refrigerator is equipped to detect malfunctions in its system and instantly alert the authorized users as to the condition and the necessary remedies. This allows the user to immediately check the defects and malfunction as well as arms them with information on the required remedy thus saving them a lot of trouble and costs than could otherwise have been possible. Through such sophisticated techniques, the smart refrig...

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