Supply and Demand in Tourism According to Goeldner and Ritchie

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Date:  2021-05-25

Based on Goeldner and Ritchie (2011), supply consists of four components including natural resources and environment, built environment, operation areas, and spirit of hospitality and cultural resources. These four elements are coordinated to achieve customers satisfaction and promote the industry. Regarding the laws and regulations to protect the natural resources, the use of the natural resources should be governed by statutes to ensure its quality remains unaffected. Consequently, high maintenance leads to sustaining the demand for these resources. Maintenance goes hand-in-hand with a setting of quality or standards. Infrastructural maintenance and construction should also be guided to provide the most comfort to the tourist.

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A significant law would be the provision of auxiliary services at intervals of one-hour driving distance. Additionally, strict environmental conservation laws would ensure these destinations and stops are clean and well maintained. Service is quite essential in determining the success of the industry. Thus, quality services should be available at all times. The council could provide a classification of the available facilities to aid the travelers in making a choice. These ratings significantly assist the travelers developing a budget, which contributes to their satisfaction. It is imperative to ensure all the employees in the industry are well knowledgeable of the spirit of hospitality and cultural resources. The council could regulate the pricing of commodities to provide fair treatment to the tourist by the traders. Dealers found to practice unethical business should be prosecuted.

In regards to Goeldner and Ritchie (2011), the situation requires a strict analysis of the current situation regarding the balance between supply and demand. If the request is high in the community, then it is necessary to consider an expansion of the tourist facilities. Weak demand met with huge supply contributes to a waste of resources. Additionally, the members of the commerce should research the future of this infrastructure based on the market trends of the business. Construction of structures should promote development and expansion.

It is imperative to consider the transport facilities in these structures depending on the site of the destination. Considerations to include runways, docking and all weather roads are necessary to reduce future costs in expansion and innovation. As described in Goeldner and Ritchie (2011), infrastructure plays a crucial role in the satisfaction of the tourist, it is important to consider the architecture and design both modern and local. Most visitors are attracted to different designs other than those found in their home areas. The interior design and decoration should be captivating to encourage a re-visit by the tourist and marketing of the facility. It is also crucial to consider the application of modern amenities relevant to the environments, which are adjustable depending on the weather patterns of the area. Bearing in mind infrastructure is expensive and valuable to the success of the industry; it thus requires careful planning and guidance through the provision of rules and regulation.

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According to Goeldner and Ritchie (2011), demand defines the product or service people are willing to purchase at a given price for some particular period. In tourism, the demand data is relevant to the tourist and tourism developers. Examples of data include some visitors, means of transport, the length of stay, type of accommodation, and the money spent. These data assist in making future projections in the business. Three factors influence the willingness of an individual to travel, which includes psychographic profile, travel motivation, and socioeconomic status of the individual. The demand for a particular destination directly influences the motivation and psychograph in an individual. The higher the economic distance, cost of travel, social distance and low quality of services would increase resistance, which is inversely related to demand.

In regards to Goeldner and Ritchie (2011), the amount spent is the most significant determiner of order although it is challenging to calculate and reach an accurate data. Other important means of measuring demand include visitor arrivals and visitor-days or visitor-nights.

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Economic variables are actively improving in the state of Florida, especially tourism industry. The unemployment condition is slowly decreasing with a majority of people aged 25-54 entering the job market. The population growth is expected to remain above 1.5 percent over the next few years. The general revenue is expected to increase with the coming years thus the need to create more jobs for the growing population. From a global perspective, the future of tourism appears to be positive. According to UNWTOs Tourism 2020 Vision, international arrivals are expected to surpass 1.56 billion by 2020. Of these estimates, 1.18 billion would be intraregional and 377 million long-haul travelers. The estimates of total tourist arrivals by region show the top three receiving regions would be Europe, East Asia, and the Pacific. East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are forecasted to record growth at rates of over 5 percent, compared to the world average of 4.1 percent. Comparatively, Europe and America expect low growth rates. Europe would maintain the highest share of global arrivals. Data indicates the United States would lose its second position in visitors to East Asia and Pacific in 2020. Consequently, employment is projected to increase in the industry from 9.1% to 9.2% of total employment.


Goeldner, C. R., & Ritchie, J. B. (2011). Tourism principles, practices, philosophies. Chic ester, UK: John Wiley and Sons.

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