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Technology a Distraction or a Benefit: Presentation Outline Example

Date:  2021-05-25 02:44:19
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1. Practicing for my presentation?

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Before making my presentation, I made sure that I efficiently practiced it at home and in school. This included making the presentation in front of my family, friends and classmates as many times as I could. I also ensured that I timed myself and also recorded my entire presentation (Ethos3).

2. The area in my presentation that needed improvement.

The delivery of my presentation required a bit of improvement, especially in issues that called for my assertiveness.

3. Staying within the time limit?

Yes, as a matter of fact. I concluded my presentation a minute and some few seconds prior to the due time limit.


Title of the Presentation

1. Is it a persuasive topic? Justify

The title of my presentation is Is Technology a Distraction or a Benefit? This is a persuasive topic since in my presentation; I take a stand that technology is actually a benefit and not a distraction and from my presented ideas and arguments, I seek to get my audience to believe and agree with my point of view.


1. Determining my audience's knowledge level.

So as to determine my audiences knowledge level, I made sure that I had familiarized with them before the presentation. During this time, I was able to make a demographic analysis with which, I analyzed their level of knowledge, what my audience knows and what they do not know as well as their technological backgrounds.

2. How did this information influence your presentation?

Knowing my audiences knowledge level significantly impacted my presentation. For instance, owing to the fact that I had analyzed and understood their technological backgrounds, I managed to explain my main ideas with ease and also found it easy to make my persuasion and arguments agreeable to the audience.

3. Gaining my audience's attention.

Firstly, since my presentation is based on a topic of technology, I plan to get my audiences attention by narrating to them, a random story on life before technological advancement. Additionally, I also plan to get their attention through asking random rhetorical questions which will foster critical thinking among my audience prior to my presentation (Whitney).


1. Introduction

The purpose and importance of choosing the topic, Is Technology a Distraction or A Benefit?

The reason for choosing this the topic is because; as technology advances, so does the issues of both its positive and negative impacts become more controversial. Therefore, in my presentation, I seek to shed light on how beneficial technology is; by simply making my arguments and main ideas on its benefits agreeable and even more appealing to my audience.

The relevance of my topic to the audience.

This topic is relevant to the audience since my audience is primarily composed of teenagers and young adults who have, by all means, experienced the impacts of technology in almost each and every aspect of their lives.

What do you expect the Audience to learn from the presentation? (Objectives)

The following are some of the significant objectives that I expect my audience to learn from my presentation:

i. To impact knowledge on the benefits of technology in our daily lives.

ii. To foster a positive attitude towards technology among my audience.

iii. To impart knowledge on how to make the most out of technology and its advancements.

What is your thesis statement?

My thesis statement states that Technology has helped us stave stagnation. Therefore, a claim that technology is distractive, in its own sense distracts and keeps us out of tune from the astounding realm of technological advancement.

List the main points that will support your thesis statement

i. With technology, comes more effective, easy and highly reliable means of communication.

ii. Technology has brought about fast and efficient internet access which has imparted knowledge on various disciplines.

iii. Technology has led to the creation of transportation devices which have positively impacted and changed peoples way of living.

How are you establishing credibility?

Since establishing credibility is a crucial aspect when delivering a persuasive message, the following is what I plan to do so as to enhance credibility.

i. Support and back up my main ideas and claims with justifiable explanations.

ii. Citing my sources so as to show how agreeable my claims are.

iii. Elaborating the main points instead of merely telling them out.

iv. Finally and most importantly, I need to be honest with my audience.

2. Body

The organizational pattern of my choice.

I am using the cause and effects organizational pattern. For instance, Embracing technology in our day to day activities fosters ease in communication, information access as well as making life even simpler.

List the supporting ideas for each main point

Main Point I: With technology, comes more effective, easy and highly reliable means of communication

Supporting Ideas:

Use of mobile phones, emails and instant messaging

Communication via Television and Radio

Cutting the cost of communication and time spent as compared to other communication modes before technological advancement.

Main Point II: Technology has brought about fast and efficient internet access which has imparted knowledge on various disciplines.

Supporting Ideas:

Use of internet resources in education institutions.

Internet use in research which has fostered new knowledge and hence knowledge in many disciplines.

Use of internet resources for research in the medical sector hence improving the quality of health care

Main Point III: Technology has led to the creation of transportation devices which have positively impacted and changed peoples way of living.

Supporting Ideas:

New car innovations which save on time, energy and also use environmental friendly fuels.

The inventions of alternative transportation means such as the use of electronic trains which help in reducing traffic congestion on the roads.

The use of technological advancement by transport agencies to track and prevent road accidents as well as manage transit.

How to ensure that there is a coherent transition from one main point to the next?

So as to foster and ensure coherent transition through the main points during my presentation, I plan to make use of transitional tags which include words like, additionally, however, although, etc. Also, I intend to make use of parallelism which will ensure the repetition of the larger structures of the phrases, whole sentences or even the clauses. This, in essences, will ensure prose in my presentation.

Describe how you are going to summarize each main point

In my presentation, I am going to summarize every main point by first stating my argument, followed by backing it up with credible sources and finally ensuring that I do not interject my mere personal opinions into the summary.

3. Conclusion

How to summarize my entire presentation.

I am going to summarize my presentation by briefly taking a recap of the primary points of my presentation while avoiding digressing into new arguments and agendas (Russell).

Describe how you are going to reiterate the purpose and importance of the whole presentation to relate it to your audience.

Reiteration of the importance and purpose of my presentation is a crucial aspect especially during the summary of my presentation. Therefore, I will ensure this by briefly and concisely restating the main issues that I would like my audience to remember. Besides, I will get a concluding remark or narrative that will have an impact on my audience in relation to my presentation.

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