The Myers Briggs Type Indicator - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-25


This is a subjective self-report that shows the difference of personal preferences on how the world is perceived based on the decisions they make. The MBTI self-report was designed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter under the conceptual theory created by Carl Jung because of his speculations on the experience of human beings and how they use their principal psychological functions like thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition while making choices (Furnham, 2017). The development of the Myers-Briggs Test began during the Second World War when Briggs and Meyer started to develop and research an indicator that will assist them to understand the differences in people.

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Meyers and Briggs also believed that when they helped people to understand themselves, they would also assist them chose the occupation that leads to happier and healthier lives. For this to happen, Myer designed the first pencil and pen in the 1940's and took two women who went to do the assessments and tests to their families and friends (Furnham, 2017). Based on the data they collected, Briggs and Myers discovered that human beings have 16 personalities. This was when they developed the Myers-Briggs indicator enabled to make people to understand further other characters such weaknesses, strengthens, dislikes and whether they were compatible with them.

The MBTI was also designed to emphasize the average population's value that occurs naturally but under different perspectives. The assumption behind this report is that everyone has specific desires and choices that construe their experiences under their motivation, values, needs, and interests (Furnham, 2017). Therefore, while the MBTI is ubiquitous in the business sector, it also exhibits scientific deficiencies such as poor validity, and poor reliability by measuring the categories that lack dichotomous traits. Since Jung developed the conceptual theory through clinical evaluations, Briggs introspective report targeted to elaborate four areas that made a man comfortable. For instance:

  • A person may find it easy to deal with things, information, people and ideas
  • People may be relaxed when dealing with potential, facts, possibilities, and realities.
  • There is more comfort in dealing with relationships, logic, values, and truth.
  • An individual lives a well-managed life that goes with the flow and perception but free from judgment.

Before these tests, it is recommended that the subject should be informed about the nature and intentions of the procejures. The person is then given standardized instructions before taking the test and after the results. Not only is advising the client vital but also ensures accurate results. As a result the character traits of this person will accurately be collected including what's best for them (Furnham, 2017). In educational settings, MBTI can be used to assess the learning styles of students. For instance, in a classroom setting this method can be used to assist both young adults and teens to understand their communication, social interaction styles, and learning. MBTI guidance can also be used to determine the tests derived from the teens they type of occupation field or college they might take.


Therefore, someone may look like an introvert when they combine their references while dealing with people (Furnham, 2017). Moreover, the individual manages to deal with facts and information while sensing how they can explore the unknown thus making them become intuitive people. The procedure since then has never given negative results rather has assisted many people to discover their hidden talents. The method also plays a vital role in balancing a person's character traits.


Furnham, A. (2017). Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, 1-4. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-28099-8_50-1

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