The Physical Activity of Fifth-Grade Students During Physical Education Classes - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-17

TimeActivityObjectivesCA standards Materials

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1:00 1:03 (3) Introductory Activity

Place all the cones in a straight line such that each student has their cone. Have them stand some 25 inches away from the cones. Each student to make a run to their respective traffic cone touch is and run back to the starting line repetitively. This warm up activity is to be followed by stretching.


To have each student perform at least ten complete runs in less than three minutes.

CA Standards

Grade Six, Standard 3.4: Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity a minimum of four days each week.


Traffic cones, Whistle

1:03 1:13 (10) Fitness Activity

Divide the students into a group of 4 members each. Give each group a bucket, which is going to be placed on one end of the pitch in one straight line. Another bucket is placed on the other end of the pitch. Fill the bucket with softballs. The students are then supposed to run across the pitch and pick one softball per student, go, and drop it into the buckets at the other end of the pitch. They are to drop the softballs in any of the other group buckets except their own. At the end of the exercise, the team with the fewest number of softballs in their buckets wins.


Students should be able to exhibit good sportsmanship by not trying to cheat by picking more than one softball.

The winning team should have at least 10 softballs.

CA Standards

Grade six; Standard 5.1: Participate productively in group physical activities.


Buckets, Whistle, Softballs

1:13 1:25 (12) Lesson Focus Activity

Give each student a heart rate monitor and have him or her perform each of the following activities. Sitting Down, Walking(100 inches),Jogging(100 inches),Jogging(400 inches),Sprinting(100 inches),Jumping Rope(1 minute),Jumping Rope(2 minutes), Wall squat( 30 seconds).

After which the students should answer the following questions in the heartrate handout.

Activity with the highest heartrate.Calculate the heartrate zone..

Activities that enabled you to achieve your heartrate zone..Objective

Students should be able to calculate their target heart rate zone.

CA Standards

Grade six, Standard 3.6: Monitor the intensity of ones heart rate during physical activity


Heart Rate Monitor, Heart rate record handout, jumping rope.

1:25 1:30 (5)Game Activity

Divide the members into groups of three members each. Each of the three groups should have a soft ball. The groups should then be arranged such that each group has to donate a representative to another group.

The game activity will be played in such a way that the two members of the respective group will try to hit the representative of the other group with the ball.

The group members stand 20 inches apart and try to hit the representative with the ball. (Note: The students should avoid aiming the head).

Every time a representative gets hit with the ball they return to their group and another representative is sent.

Every hit is a point gained to the team that threw the ball. The team with most hits wins.


Students should be able to avoid being hit by at least ten throws.

CA Standards

Grade six; Standard 2.12: Combination of Movement patterns and skills


It is amazing the level of preparedness that goes into a 35-minute lesson. Preparing the lesson plan shows how the lessons taught in class can be applied in the field to enable healthier living. A good example is in the monitoring of heart rate to increase awareness of the body. Also, I was not aware that 6th Grade students have a good understanding regarding calories intake and energy expenditure through physical education.


Simons-Morton, B. G., Taylor, W. C., Snider, S. A., & Huang, I. W. (1993). The physical activity of fifth-grade students during physical education classes. American Journal of Public Health, 83(2), 262-264.

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