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In defining the United State, there are two important ideas that are associated with it and these are the concepts of democracy and capitalism. The US has been known to the most successful example of capitalist democracy in world history. Democracy only made sense to people in the years of 1600s and the early 700s where it was first accepted in the nation of England. It was then that people started to have a voice in the governance of their nation. Capitalism got invested in England in the early 1600s.

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US history should begin in 1607 because of the significant events that happened during that time. It was in 1607 that the English founded the first successful settlement at Jamestown. Back then, the events that were only crucial to history included the landing of the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon in La Florida which was in the year 1513, the sailing of Columbus in the ocean blue in 1492 and the year when the Vikings from Northern European first ventured across the Atlantic and to the Northern American content which was late in the 900s.

The history of the US since 1607 can be told from a dizzying array of perspectives that will offer valid insights of how the country came to be. The origin since 1607 can show that the US was not a melting pot in that it was a place where cultures from throughout the world were brought together and blended into one as it has been the belief. The playing out of US history has been to show that the people of the nation have remained culturally distinct in many ways.

The US declared its independence in the year 1776 but this cannot be recognized as the beginning of its history since the events before these years that led to independence were significant in history. One greatest strength about the US is the multiculturalism. There are quite many different faces that are present in the US at the moment which is a show that English was not wholly responsible for making the US what it is today.

The relevance of the events in history before 1607 is a passing one only. The aspect of multiculturalism in the US began with the trekking of Columbus. However, he did not reach the boundaries of this country hence the land now known as the US did not see Europeans until the year 1513 when Juan got to Florida. Juan was famous for his desire to discover the Fountain of Eternal Youth and this yearning fed a deep desire in the psyche of all the Spanish people as it fed into the worldview that their existences were indispensable to the machinations of the planet.

South Texas was occupied by Indians who were ignorant of time and their understanding of the seasons was in terms of the ripening of fruits, the position of the stars and also the dying of fish. Christianity also came in and the belief of the Spaniards led to the, discovering a mythical body of water which would connect the Atlantic to the Pacific as they tried to convince themselves of the wildest fantasies like having fabulous golden cities that were over the next hill or around the next bend. The multiculturalism nature of US started in this manner and has grown to more diverse cultures across the country.

The origin of people tends to be different across cultures where the Indians believed that they were from a hole where they accessed the land, the theory of creation among others. Indians have had great relevance to the US, especially in the Southwestern side. New Mexico's Chaco Canyon is known to be the United Nations World Heritage site and a testament to the immense technological and cultural sophistication of the Anasazi Indians that built it. There is the evidence of a vast and far-flung trading network that tied the Anasazi to the Mexico people which one can find in the residual cacao which could have come as a result of the traveling businesspeople.

The Southwest US also contains other spectacular sites that people still inhabit in the present days. New Mexico is known to be a home to Acoma which began back in the 12th century and it is also known as the Sky City which is because of the defensible location atop a mesa. There are houses that were built in a style which are still being used today and it is home to many people hence a testament to the profound abilities of the Indians.

The individuals who came in before the Europeans also left their legacy of the Great Serpent Mound which is outside Cincinnati in Ohio. There is the effigy of an Indian god which has a snake that is as long as thirteen football fields that are laid end to end and it has been there for close to a thousand years now. This shows that there are major events that led to the being of US and it would only do good if the history began in 1607 as it is a fair date to remarkable events.

The Indians have been a great part of the US as they are not only technologically sophisticated but also highly civilized. There is evidence of Indian writing which is found all over the US and in the form of cryptic symbols and images. These images were made over the course of centuries and they indicate a fundamentally human impulse who transmits knowledge from generations to others. Indians accomplish this goal through storytelling and write it where they can. The images show that the origin of the US back in the days was comprised of Indians and they have been significant to the present state of the country.

The petroglyph helps to provide more evidence about the trading network that connected New Mexico to the Southern regions of the continent. The Mexican Indians discovered that their neighbors in the North were rich in fine stones that were called jade and they were highly prized by the Indians in the South. Their marriage brought in the fine jewelry and sculptures.

The beginning of US history in 1607 is important as it is the time when there was the growth of colonies. The Spanish were changed by the process of conquering the Mexica and one can see the influence of the Mexica in modern American culture. The developments in history as seen in the above discussion depict the events before the seventeenth century that mark the growth of the US and the significant event of the founding of the first settlements in 1607 that mark the beginning of the history.

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