Trauma Informed Parents: Analysis of the Website

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Date:  2021-05-27

Publication process

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The publication process for this website is extensive and involves high-level editing and review on facts and quality before an article is published. The website has 14 advisory board members who are highly qualified in such fields as family readiness, family therapy, pediatrics, mental health, law, juvenile and domestic relations among others. These professionals review and check facts before any article is published to ensure it is not misleading and that it communicated facts only. The website does not indicate or provide a list of reviewers and fact-checkers to ascertain the quality, facts, and validity of information published here. Though the authors are qualified academically and professionally, it seems like they author and review their work before publishing rather than there being multiple reviewers and editors. Even if these reviewers and editors are there, this information is not provided on the website to improve the confidence of the audience. Most of the articles published here are peer-reviewed journals in the form of pdf that have gone thorough and extensive review, editing and fact-checking processes. The website lacks extensive publication process in regards to the review, editing and fact-checking. For instance, there are few problems with sentence structure which could have been aligned with the proper editing process. The author claims to have completed her studies in Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Family & Child Sciences and Psychology from the Florida State University. However, her professional experience is still not sufficient for her to author and publish on child trauma without extensive review to ensure the quality of the article and reliability of the information.

Authorship and affiliations

The specific authors for the various articles or publications on the website are not mentioned or indicated. However, the website indicates the different affiliations and sponsorship for the web site at large as well as the published articles or information. Some of the most credible affiliations to the website include the Centre for Mental Health Service, Donald J. Cohen National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative among many others. In fact, the website has over 47 organized affiliates and 72 individual affiliates all of whom are credible The authors, the organizations they are working for or affiliated to when the work was published are indicated. However, sponsorship is not indicated, and thus it is hard to determine if any exists. The website has a large number of authors who have written the many available articles published here. The name, details, and address of authors or organizations that published the articles together with the affiliate organizations they are associated with at the time of writing the articles are clearly indicated. The name of the author and the organizations she is affiliated with is not indicated in every article published on this website. This leads to the assumption that all the articles were authored by the owner of the website. The dates are also not clearly indicated because the website only shows the month and year of publication/ authorship but the exact date and time are missing.

Sources and quotations

This website is valid because most of the sources quotations, statistics referred to in the many published articles are provided. The names of authors for the various works referenced throughout this websites are provided by quoting their names and the profession or capacity under which they gave such statistic or comments. Also, links are provided where an external source was used for the reader/ audience to get more information by just a click. The sources from which ideas and quotations are taken from are acknowledged in the articles and by providing reference list. Links for more information on subjects mentioned within the article are also provided for the reader to click and get additional information. As mentioned earlier most of the articles are research studies, statistics, and pdf attachments. They have a clear listing of the sources and external materials used both in the reference list and in-text citation. The sources from which the information, statistics, and quotations in the articles are retrieved from are provided in most of the article. The sources are listed at the end of the articles as a reference list for the audience to see and search them if interested.

Bias and special interests

The website is published for the sake of a special interest group- traumatized children or parents and guardians of such children. However, it cannot be said that the website and its articles are biased because it has clearly stated that its purpose is to cater for this group. The views and statistics are unbiased since they come from recognized research centers. The purpose of this website as well as the articles published therein is clear. It is not misleading. The content is provided from credible sources such as national research centers and qualified authors. The website is not biased. It mentions its purpose and it is not persuasive or deceptive.

Though the websites state that its purpose is to educate and inform parents whose children may have encountered traumatizing events, I feel that the author tries to persuade the parents into hiring her.

Author qualifications

The website has over 72 qualified professional affiliates who are the main contributors and authors for articles published here. The website also provides a section that lists the names, qualifications, and addresses of NCTSN professionals. The education qualification of the author are provided by indicating whether they have a bachelor's degree, masters degree of post-graduate diploma in which fields. Their previous work experience relevant to the topic of the article they have authored is also provided to acknowledge their authority on writing about the various issues. The academic and professional qualifications of the various authors of the articles and research studies published in this website are indicated. The authors qualification is listed on a page on the website. She has a Bachelors degree and in the process of acquiring her masters degree. There is no any organization to which is affiliated except that she mentions that she has experience and interest in researching the topic of child trauma.

Publication information In some articles, the dates of publication and time are provided. However, in a few others, the dates and time of publication are missing. In all articles clear and sufficient publication details are provided. The exact time date, month, the year that an article was published on the website (which is assumed to be the time it was authored) is provided. The names f the author is also clearly indicated together with his or her education and professional qualification. The same applies to articles that have been updated whereby the publication information (date and the name of the person who updated the information) are indicated clearly. Clear publication information such as dates, place of publication, date posted, names and qualification of authors, affiliate organization and sponsors are all provided. The publication details such as the dates, the publisher, author and editors are not provided in the articles or on a page on the website.


The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN): trauma recovery: Informed Parents: Trauma:

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