TV's Effects on Mind: Reduced Brain Activity, Addiction, and More - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-23


The effects of television have been associated with influence on the human mind and more specifically, the subconscious mind of the viewers. The more pronounced effect known widely by scientists is the effect that continuously shapes individuals personality directed from an individual level of the subconscious mind. Reduced brain activity, addiction, and short attention span present a series of effects that television has on adults as well as children. So times it depends on an individual level and selection of how he or she uses video and the content he is associated with during a television show. The effect of television could also be positive, and this immensely depends on the material the viewer feeds the mind. Site for information as well as religious programs offered by various television programs forms the basis of the positive influence that television holds to its viewer both on the subconscious level as well as on individual personality. The paper here analyses the pros and cons of a media program and specifically television program

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The information gathered in this report has been sourced from primary sources as well as secondary sources, and all of them are listed in the reference section of the research. References used are sourced from the scholarly articles, academic journals as well as news articles hence comprehensively providing reliable data for this research regarding pros and cons of a media program and general influence of the television on the viewer's subconscious level of the mind.


Television programs are the perfect tool that program individuals mind and more so the subconscious mind of the viewers. Before a television show program someone mind, there is always an associated concept of addiction that leads to redundancy. Redundancy leads to recurring events that keep stimulating the viewer's subconscious mind conditioning him or her over a program specifically offered on the television and thus rotted the viewer's level of the subconscious mind. It also forms the basis of how an individual mind is conditioned and more so people used to television programs.

Individuals with addiction from television programs have been associated with slow concentration believed to be channeled from the various shows. The effect is attention deficit hyperactive disorder, which is associated with the prolonged viewing of television programs. Those who are not affected by the first place and are chronic viewers of various television programs, there with increased chances of developing the condition named earlier (Crawford, Whinston, & Yurukoglu, 2018). Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is as a result of the current movies influence, which comes from various advancing and changing scenes. Frequently changing scenes creates orienting response to individuals mind and thus influence of the person-environment. The orienting response activated in a person mind and generated from changing the view of movies in the television and channeled from TV creates alertness to addicted people, thus keeping distracting their concentration ability hence short attention span.

It has been found that frequent television view has been associated with increased risk of death linked to heart diseases. However, death associated with heart disease and linked to television depends on the time viewers spend on the television within a day. The more hour people spend over at the TV, the more the associated risk of developing heart disease hence increased deaths related to television viewers. Spending time watching television means reduced chances of exercising on one's self, thus the reason for associated heart diseases.

How Television Rots Viewers' Brain

Television shows work on the viewer's mind based on the influence it creates at various levels of the mind of the viewers and to be specific, the influence multiple scenes create at different individuals' levels of the subconscious mind. To children, frequent television views have been associated with lower verbal reason, one influence of television programs. The effect is not only on the level of the oral but also on the range of attention. As stated initially, children are also at risk of developing short attention span. It is as a result of the changing scenes related to current shows displayed on various children favorite channels such as cartoons programs.

Favorite Singer and Classical Musicians

My favorite singer holds the same influence effect as some of the classical musicians such as Michael Jackson. My favorite singer, as well as a classical musician, always influence my mind and soul. The influence from both sides are channeled from the melodies and information incorporated in every part of the song and thus the similarities both sides hold when it comes to music in the region. The influence is based on the fact that musical musician listens frequently and in most cases when it develops, an individual holds the act or scene more than once, thus lifelong habit.

Favorite Television Show

My favorite television program is associated with a show that addresses a real and meaningful issue that matter. Before we venture into the actual issue, the show focuses on the influence of the movie on the subconscious mind, but the effect leads to addiction (Kellner 2018). The addiction conditions my mind positively, and it is programmed to favor my action and daily achievement. With the immense knowledge presented by my favorite television program, my personality is influenced positively and thus the influence of the television program on individuals subconscious mind. It also depends on what you depict out of a television program as well as what you hold to develop your subconscious mind and personality.

Favorite Movie and Seminal Work

The concept of psychology incorporated in my favorite film, the enemy within unveils the concept of similarity with seminal work. The favorite film, which is the enemy between is linked to classical work by Dr. Joe, you are the placebo. It unveils the influence it has on the subconscious mind, as described in the seminal work in the field of neurology.

What is terrible about the mindless pop music is its influence on listeners and words incorporated in the song. If listeners do pay attention to every single presented word, then the information in the mindless pop music will influence listeners negatively. Violent or offensive lyrics are usually harmful to individuals because of the influence in the people's personalities and behaviors as well. The aggressive lyrics influence listeners in various ways bearing in mind that they may hold given words from the lyrics and use in conversations. Multiple types of work support this view and are based on the field of psychology.


To sum up. It is essential to hold and try to manage time spend on television programs; it is critical because it influences the brain in various ways more so at the subconscious mind. Reduced concentration and addiction present a series of effect television program has to viewers, among others. My favorite singer has something in common with some classical musicians.


Crawford, G. S., Lee, R. S., Whinston, M. D., & Yurukoglu, A. (2018). The welfare effects of vertical integration in multichannel television markets. Econometrica, 86(3), 891-954.

Kellner, D., (2018). Television and the Crisis of Democracy. Routledge.

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