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Date:  2022-12-21


Human society thrives on regular interaction and communication between individuals and groups. The nature of relationships formed depends on various factors. One of the significant elements that affect associations is the means of communication used to facilitate relationship-building. Present-societies have witnessed the evolution of methods used to communicate due to rapid advancement in technology. Innovations in the information and communication technology sector have impacted diverse aspects of human interaction. With significant advantages such as faster relying on messages and increased ease and convenience of transferring information, technology has influenced how people interact in the community (Elsobeihi and Abu Naser 110). Technology has a significant impact on personal relationships since constant innovations and developments in the information and communication sector has enhanced the ease of interacting with one another.

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One of the advancements that characterize communication in modern day society is mobile technology. The invention of portable devices such as smartphones and laptops that rely on the internet to relay information has eased communication by eliminating the barrier of distance between individuals. Therefore, it has made it possible for connections to flourish without the need for face-to-face interaction. However, this feature has impacted personal relationships. The use of mobile devices does not involve crucial aspects of human relations. Some elements enrich face-to-face interactions and foster personal relationships. These include eye contact, body language, and voice inflexions (Elsobeihi and Abu Naser 112). Thus, relying on these portable gadgets to text or email in the absence of these elements reduces the level of understanding that exists among individuals.

The use of forms of technology such as the internet takes away the need to interact with one another in society physically. Internet-enabled devices facilitate communication across distant locations. People can share information through messaging platforms that do not require them to meet. The feature, while it increases convenience, has contributed to the loss of contact with the social environment (Joy et al. 2). The amount of time that people spend on online platforms does not supplement the benefits gained from physical communication. As a result, it has impacted the development of personal relationships. For instance, individuals who are lonely or lack social skills that are necessary for meaningful one-on-one interaction develop a dependency on online communication (Joy et al. 3). Consequently, they cannot develop lasting personal relationships with people close to them.

Technology-based means of communication in present-day societies offer a high degree of anonymity that impacts the nature of relationships that people form. Participating in online platforms provides an opportunity to meet new people. Through engaging in social media sites and chatrooms via the internet, individuals can build relationships with other people (Murray and Campbell 3). However, the level of honesty of a member determines the accuracy of information themselves unlike in face-to-face situation when one can evaluate it. Since there is a likelihood that people are dishonest due to the feature of anonymity, they can lie or hide some crucial bits of information about themselves (Murray and Campbell 5). Therefore, technology has made it challenging to establish truthful relationships where people are comfortable to express their true identities.

The unique features availed by technology also have positive impacts on relationships that develop in the community. People can benefit from participating in leisure activities that strengthen the bonds of personal relationships. They can participate in things like watching favorite television shows and programs and playing games on online platforms. Besides, individuals can mutually access, utilize and share resources and information through the internet (Murray and Campbell 3). They can use the material available online to improve their relations to derive a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from it. Using these elements enables people to interact more and learn about one another. Another positive impact on personal relationships is achievable through the use of technologies to plan and coordinate events (Murray and Campbell 4). Partners can organize occasions such as leisure games that facilitate interaction amongst themselves and other groups. Thus, technology can impact growth in relationships.

Technology offers exceptional tools and mediums for communicating that facilitate the development of personal relationships. Some of the methods that enable individuals to communicate are messaging platforms such as Facebook and SMS carriers by service providers. People need to continually share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others. Engaging one another through these channels ensures that people stay connected and are aware of activities taking place in the other's life even when they are not at a similar location (Hertlein and Ancheta 2). Therefore, the ability to remain in touch enriches the communication experience and impacts growth in personal relationships. Besides connection, people can talk to others freely without having to conceal their thoughts or emotions when in public places (Hertlein and Ancheta 2). Thus, the innovative aspects of communication technology encourage open interaction and foster personal relationships.


In conclusion, the increase in access to Internet-enabled devices that facilitate communication among people impact the relationships they form. Constant innovations and development in the information and communication industry have enhanced the ease of interacting with one another. Technology features have resulted in various advantages such fast and convenient transfer of information, creation of relationships with new people, sharing of resources and an opportunity at strengthening the bonds in personal relationships through staying connected. However, there are adverse effects such as lack of cues present in physical communication, dishonesty due to anonymity, and overdependence on online platforms that impact interactions. Thus, technology has an impact on the nature of personal relationships.

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