Winning Ethical Dilemma: Susan's Story - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-29


Many people all around the world are fighting different ethical dilemmas that some of them emerge to be winners while others end up being overwhelmed. Losing or winning will largely depend on the decision or choices that a person will make at that particular situation. An ethical dilemma concerning the life of a human being will be best viewed from the Christian perspective and scientists views and preferences.

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Ethical Dilemma

This case involves a lady named Susan whom after a whole five years of trying to get a baby without succeeding, and she becomes lucky finally to be pregnant. She goes for a health check-up but unfortunately, after running a blood test, her unborn child is found to be having a disease called Down syndrome.

The dilemma is where the doctor advised her to abort the unborn child. She does not agree with the doctor since she did want to do any abortion, and she proceeds to seek advice from Richard, a professor in Evolutionary Biology. Richard's advice was still the same as he advised Susan to abort the child due to that disease. Two possible facts will happen based on the decision she will make, (a) If she agrees to abort the child, she would have killed an innocent life, and maybe that would have been her only child, after waiting for an extended period. (b) If she gives birth to the child, then, she will leave her job and start nursing the child and watch the child suffer the rest of her/his life.

Core Values

According to Christian beliefs, God knew each person before they were formed in their mother's womb (Jeremiah1:4-5). God knew very well that the unborn child of Susan was going to have, Down-syndrome disease, this means that he had a purpose with the child and no one was allowed to take the child's life.

God creates a life for a purpose, (Bible Gal 1:15-16), Paul is writing that God who created him in his mother's womb knew his mission of being a preacher to the Gentiles before he was even born. This means that despite the status of the situation of the fetus, it should never be aborted until it grows to become a child and fulfill the purpose for which God created him/her to accomplish.

Christians believe that God is the and author giver of life (psalm139:13-16) and in (Deutronomy32:39), says that life and death are in God's hands, this means that no human being is allowed to take the life of fellow human being, for this will be considered a sin. Susan is yet to decide whether to follow the teachings of the doctor or bible?


Based on the bible teachings and Christian's beliefs, Susan's unborn child had all the chances in the world to be allowed to live and meet the purpose as to why he/she was created by the Almighty God. May by doing so, the child might have lived, and since Christians also believe in the healing power of God may be the child might have gotten the miracle healing and lived a healthy life like others. By doing so, Susan will enjoy it brings to have a baby of her own, just like other mothers.


If at all, Susan is going to give birth to the baby, it means that she will be finally called a mother after a long period without having a baby. She saves herself the shame of being called barren, and she wasn't going to pass through the guilt and torture of killing an innocent life. This shows that abortion is not acceptable especially within Christians, so even if the Child will have suffered from the disease and maybe succumb to it later the truth is, that would have been a natural death rather than Susan killing the baby by herself, and even God must bless her for not executing (Bible). Susan never knows the plans of God, so maybe she will remain forever without a child if she will kill her unborn child; thus this requires her to think twice before taking the life of the unborn child.


According to the scientist, there are some exceptions to abortion, which are; when the life of the woman is at risk, that if the woman risk dying if the delivery process will be continued with (Abril, 2018). The other aspect is when they were instances of rape or incest, and the woman got pregnant, but she does not want to keep the child. Other reasons for abortion according to the scientist is when the fetus is abnormal, for example, if the woman went for a health check-up and found out that the fetus has got underweight such even if it is delivered it won't survive then abortion can be better recommended. This means that scientists are giving exceptional to allowing abortion since the act is not legalized across the world. According to the doctor's advice, the situation of the baby was so critical that the only option Susan had was to carry on with the abortion; this is also being confirmed by the professor of evolutionary biology, professor Richard (Dawkins, 2014).

If we look at the worldly view or scientist perception, then we realized that they legalized killing an innocent life basing their reason that, they did not want the child to come and suffer from the disease the better part of her/his life after being born. Bible and Christian way of teaching is any compromise to do abortion or kill innocent life, the bible, and its instructions are totally against abortion. Hence Susan is entirely subjected to the kind of decision she will make concerning the life of her unborn baby. Because if she aborts, then she will remain without a baby, but if she gives birth to the baby, then she might spend most of her days may be taking care of the baby.


This is a life ethical dilemma, which requires one to make a hard and wise decision concerning either to preserve an innocent life or kill it before it is born. Well as it stands, bible and Christians teachings and beliefs the only person authorized to take someone's life is God, others have no that right whatsoever the circumstance, while scientists have allowed some exceptions to carrying out an abortion. This means that whichever the teaching that a person will find to be the best for her and her unborn baby will determine the next life for that baby.


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