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A Senior Coach Experience: Training College Marathon Athlete

Date:  2021-05-26 07:10:11
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Sporting is one among the interesting events that people do enjoy a lot while they take part, or they spectatorse it. In fact, it is not only that sporting is a something people take part as a hobby, enjoyment or relaxation, but to some people, it serves as a career, and they totally rely on it for their living. There are different categories of sports. Sporting encompasses football, volleyball, hockey, Netball, basketball, athletes who also incorporates various field events such as the marathon, shot-put, high jump, javelin, a hundred meters, and four by four relays among others. In reality, sporting makes people get good health, and it has been noted to prevent some diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and other defects such as reduction of heavy weight and obesity.

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I am a senior coach of the national marathon athlete team of my country. Being a top coach in the marathon group, I do enjoy the activity since there are numerous advantages, challenges, and at the same time relevant experiences that I acquire during the process of the coaching process. I do incorporate different types of the strength and conditioning training so that I can harden my athletes and give them devastating opportunities to win during championships and competitions. In training, there are different methods that I use apart from just running literally with the reasoning that the sport is all about running as a form of the training. I incorporate yoga as one of the training techniques. Yoga involves different physical activities that enable the body to get strengthened at the same time making a person physically fit.

The training process usually begins with simple activities, and in training, I partake the activities regularly particularly in the evening and in the morning. In the beginning, the athletes ought to sprint for about 10 kilometers before they assemble in the field for the short field activities. Marathon is a type of athlete that takes about 42 kilometers to accomplish. Therefore,vigorousunderground activities must get undertaken if you purport to win championships. The idea for practicing are; to eliminate the element of muscle fatigues or muscle cramps that gets associated with the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle. To reduce the oxygen depth that gets taken during payback in the process of running and also after finishing the running, andelimination of the element of getting fatigue quite quickly.

The short field events include; sit ups, press ups, frog jumping, and the run-ups; these activities are meant to provide maximum body flexibility. The training gets done in such a way that it makes it easy and gives room for the proper functioning of the body.Initially, most of the athletes are not in a position to undertake the events especially those that gets newly recruited, but with time they get adopted, and they do the training effectively. In most cases, the training gets done in hilly and mountainous regions. The reasons behind this are due to the low atmospheric pressure which makes oxygen to be acquired in difficulty and at the same time there is oxygen which is in limited amounts. It makes the athletes to get adapted to low oxygen depth and thus gives then an upper hand during competitions since there are used to low oxygen capacities.

The training is a cycling event based on the schedule of the month. In the first week, I usually ensure that the athletes are adequately prepared to take part in the training. I ensure that their body is psychological emotionally and physiologically ready to participate in the training. If by chance the athletes especially the incoming athletes are in a position to have coped up with the adaptation.In the second week, there is weight reduction period, and I do this by engaging the athletes in a challenging and energy demanding activities such as doing ten sets of approximately four reps,aftera successful weight management in week two, a ramp up of the weight by five is again done. Weight management is paramount since light weight favors a lot in the running process.

For improved functional strength and conditional workout of my athlete, tactical physique is very helpful in the building of the body. It is usually a five-day program and involves, supersets, exercises which are full, conditioned work and body weight. The work out a summary of the training is as follows; the primary objective, the general fitness, the type of workout, split, training level, and equipment required. The plan for the training includes; Foam rolling or massage on the areas such as the quads, hams, hip and the shoulders indeed. Secondly, I also practice dynamic warm-up which gets done before each session of the field events. With my athletes I usually expose them to the following; 20 push ups reps, ten burpees reps. 20 paces of walking lunges, ten reps on each side of lying ab windshield wipers, ten inverted rows and ten reps each side of side lunges.

Dynamic warm ups are very effective in ensuring that it reduces the risks of injury and also better performance. With my athletes, I usually ensure that they follow this procedure before they engage fully in the training process. They jog for about two minutes, and they perform 20 knee hugs, and then 30 seconds of high knees run. 30 seconds of butt kicker run, ten jumping jacks, about ten squats followed by ten lunges which are five on each side, plank for 2 minutes, and side planks for a minute on either side. Ten shoulders rolls which are an equivalent of 5 on either side, five trunk twists on either side or finally jogging for two minutes.

In the conditioning process, I do employ the metabolic conditioning process at the end of the training session. The metabolic conditioning method targets to make improvements on metabolism and post workouts. It ensures that burning of the fats is efficient, gives a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular health and it will help in the taking away of the trudging within a very short time on the treadmill. It leaves the athlete with enough time to hang out together and recover promptly in the process. Lack of this essential activity to an athlete is associated with the burning of the legs, aching of the lungs, and inability to continue with the event.

With my athletes, I usually end the training with various metabolic conditioning phenomena, and these are; KB+B, in this case about four to five rounds of burpees and kettlebell swings is done, in the process, I alternate the two exercises in between. About fifteen to twenty burpees are done then followed with fifteen to twenty kettle swings giving an allowance of one-minute rest between the two rounds, secondly is the drop and give me five events which incorporates five-minutemaximum effort burpees. Thirdly, is the blackjack with about five rounds of 15 push ups, 9 pull ups and 21 squats of body weight? Another event that I usually use is the row, row, and row which incorporates rows of about 2000m for the most efficient time.

After all the superior training gets done, then there are last training for the competition that gets finally done. The method enables the athlete for endurance purposes. The bodysfuelling mechanism for the performance of exercises is from Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) energy which is stored in the muscle and it serves as the primary energy supplier. In this case, the tissue may either undergo anaerobic or aerobic respiration for the provision of the power. These lasts training aims at making the body be able to use the oxygen it acquires from the air that the person is taking into the lungs. The methods are as listed below.

Continuous training process.The method is focused on improving the athlete VO2 max at prescribed pace and usually for quite an extended time without any breaks with a total volume of the training being 15 miles. The second training is the Fartlek training method. It is another field and track training process, and it aims at improving VO2 and aerobic fitness.The method is occasionally called speed play. The training is done completing about 5 miles with very low steady states runnings which gets mixed with a variety lower and higher tempo runs. I also use the interval training method during the training. The method incorporates pauses between training, but the breaks are too short for the athletes to recover fully. With my athletes, they have to run for more than the 42 kilometers, but they rest in between.For instance, they may have to run for 10 kilometers and then take a rest, run for another 10 kilometers, take a rest and proceeding the sameway until they finish. Circuit training method is another method, and in this case, it helps to improve the power for endurance, strength endurance and then for general fitness. The training gets done in this manner; I take a group of activates and then perform them in a predetermined sequence with no rest within the exercises and then, Train the upper body,followed by the trunk and finally the lower body. Lastly is the use of flexibility training method, which involves the static stretching of the body. These training areas tabled below.The x are the frequencies of the training.

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