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ABLE is an organization that is involved in manufacturing and marketing of its products which include electronic sensors that are branded the organization's name; able. The able electronic sensors have a full application in various gadgets, including phones, elevators and even cars. The company products have been utilized widely in detecting any change in the environment in the device they are used and giving a corresponding output. Change in the environment such as weather and temperature of surrounding can be detected by the electronic sensors in the gadgets they are used. Able electronic sensors have been endorsed by the individuals and companies who have had the opportunity to use them in their devices. Unlike other sensors, the able electronic sensors can be interconnected with other parts of the gadget to enable the determine any alarming danger or abnormal situation, raise the alarm or even allow the device respond effectively if possible. Able sensors are also applied to perform multiple tasks on the gadget they have been used in making their use effective, efficient hence more preferable. The durability of the ABLE electronic sensors is unquestionable. The objective of this article is to provide an executive summary and reflection of the capstone project of the named product.

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Progress of the Company

The ABLE organization has been operational for a quite a long period now. Having have started in 2010; the company has approximately eight years of operation. Over the eight years 1of operation, the company operation has been a journey with highs and lows. The company started as a small organization producing simple electric sensors only applicable to simple gadgets such as smartwatches, smart phones, tablets, radio and TVs. Over time, the company has grown to introduce more efficient and powerful electronic sensors able to be utilized in big machines such as vehicles. In terms of efficiency, the company products have improved to be multifunctional in the gadget they are used even help the gadget realize how to respond appropriately in case of adverse change of conditions.

Some of the products the company has been able to produce into the market include temperature sensors, IR sensors, motion detectors accelerator and even accelerometer. Various strategies have been employed in manufacturing and selling company products. Exploiting the potential of the able and qualified staff and employees have been the major strategy. Each member has an equal chance to try out and introduce new ideas and items about manufacturing new products, bettering the existing and expansion of the market. Learning from competitors who have gone ahead has been another strategy. The company has been involved in various benchmarking activities to other companies to learn from others how they are going about in producing products and reaching out to customers. Such strategies aiming at empowering the human power, which is the resource in ensuring the progress of the company have seen greater performances of the company. Apart from the increase in the variety of the products produced, the company has been able to operate in partnership with some gadget manufacturing industries. it is through such cooperation that the marketing of the company products has gone far.

Current Situation

Currently, the company is working on the new product which will be more efficient and accommodate even more functions. The gadget will be of use in even greater machines such as aeroplanes, satellites. The new product will be different in terms of predictability. Teamwork and ability for the members to coordinate in all the activities in the company is the greatest strength in the company (Bull et al., 2016). Individuals understand the goal of the company; hence, all work in harmony towards achieving the company goal. All the members are committed to ensuring the success and progress of the company hence are eager to exploit their potential maximizing on time and other resources. Weaknesses in a company can hinder or slow the rate of the company is achieving its goals or even slower progress. Some of the identified weaknesses that can hinder an organization include management and leadership style, value and culture. In the ABLE Company resources to expand and venture into further developments hinder the progress of the company. This is on top of the stiff competition experienced in the market from other companies producing like products.

There are various potential opportunities the company can and is working towards grabbing to progress and expand. The ABLE Company is working to enlarge the market of its products through working with the gadget making industries such as Hyundai. The company is also striving to incorporate the top-selling automobile companies such as Mercedes Benz industries and other fast-selling such as Toyota industries. After completion of the current project, the company will be able to incorporate some of the aircraft manufacturers hence enlarge its territories in terms of market. Competition from other companies in the major threat the organization is facing. Such competitors reduce the scope of the market. The ABLE Company has lost one of the potential employees of such companies. This one of the key areas the organization is focusing on addressing order to thrive.

Future of the Company

On top of producing more effective, powerful and lasting products, the company aims at enlarging its market for the products and sustaining its employees. The company is having a healthy competition with its competitors (Baker, 2016). Through various marketing programs such as incorporating gadget manufacturing industries into the company activities. Through increasing the utilization of the ABLE company sensors, the knowledge among the public on the company products will increase. The company is striving towards maintaining its employees, even acquiring more qualified and skilled who will take the organization to another level. Through transformational management and leadership, the company will work in unity towards achieving the common goal.

Ethical, Legal, and Social Challenges

Fair and equal treatment of employees is the major ethical and social challenge facing the company. The employees are employed at different level and departments that work together to ensure the manufacturing and selling of the company products. The employees have different qualifications and experiences hence treatment of the employees in terms of remuneration, compensation and rewarding become a challenge.

Global Considerations

For the products of the company to reach the global level, the company has to work on the existing stiff competition (Bull et al., 2016). This can mainly be achieved by increasing the advertisement and publicizing the company product. Through social media platforms and media, the company can advertise its products to increase its publicity. Therefore, the organization ought to consider employing more qualified marketing individuals to take the market of the company products to the next level. A useful method for exploring ethical dilemmas and identifying ethical courses of action includes collecting the facts, evaluating any alternative actions, making a decision, testing the decision for fairness and reflecting on the outcome. Ethical decision-making processes should center on protecting employee and customer rights, making sure all business operations are fair and just, protecting the common good, and making sure the individual values and beliefs of workers are protected. Through incorporating the international gadget manufacturing industries such as BMW manufacturers, the company can make progress in marketing their products.



In terms of finances, the company has been able to make sales over the last few years. The net income of the organization has dropped significantly over the years due to the increased activities and projects in the organization, which lead to increased expenditures. This translates to the increased depreciation rate over the years. So far, the organization is yet to enjoy any dividend from the selling of the company products. There are no stock issues that have been experienced so far. As per the last economic year, the company had closing cash of 11, 673 (Baker, 2016). The company assets have increased significantly over the years. The current standing assets financial value is 116, 683 as compared to the starting financial value of 24, 860. The outstanding company debt has been increasing over the years to a total of 192,601. The net profit of the company remains low due to the increased expenditures and low sales.

Professional Reflection

My experience with capstone project has been very captivating, inspiring and involving at the same time. Performance of the business simulation enkindled some courage dispelling fears I had concerning the project. Through participation in the project have made my experience in college worthwhile and rememberable. I have gained more knowledge and skills which will enable me to thrive in the real-world setting. I was able to exercise some skills gained in class, such as critical thinking and decision making as well as leadership and management. Though making a precise and clear statement as well as clarifications, I was able to demonstrate effective communication. In future classes and real-life situations after graduation, I will apply effective communication skills in influencing individuals in class and society to make the right decisions. Peer-to-peer relation were crucial. They helped me develop good relations, understanding and even learnt some lessons from peers. Though peer-to-leader I was able to be mentored positively on how to pose a positive influence in the surrounding. Both peer to peer and peer to leader enhanced my performance and decision making through being challenged by the different decisions through challenging me to think. Maintenance of professional business etiquette in this capstone course and throughout the business program is essential as it contributes to professional growth as well as better understanding.


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