Business Ethics Class - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-05-26

Indeed, the business ethics class has provided a vast knowledge and understanding of the business world. More specifically the topics discussed in the business ethics class is capable of changing the attitude, perceptions, values and even ways of carrying out business activities. It is not any secret that the firm values is a critical part of any industry. Therefore, this literature will explicitly explain the overall knowledge and insights from the particular topics and also how the subjects provided in the business ethics class has changed my intentions. Moreover, the article will outline the role and the significance of the stakeholder management in the contemporary corporate world.

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Firstly about the business ethics dilemma topic, I realized that I had a significant change in the attitude in ways of handling business activities. I realized that making profits was not the main aim of carrying out business. Ethical business dilemmas are standard in any business environment. Besides, the various ethical dilemmas the business world is always exposed to as outlined in the course outline is also valuable as it also provided knowledge on how to effectively respond to the ethical dilemmas. It is factual that my intentions as a business professional have dramatically changed from the discussions and lessons I got from the business ethical dilemmas topic. Specifically, I can recognize the ethical dilemma in the business and act accordingly by ensuring that there is a win-win situation in the moral dilemma situation. Moreover, I am also able to understand that the customers satisfaction and their respective rights should be ensured first before the corporates goals of maximizing profits and revenues. Also, the business ethical dilemma topic changed my intentions and provided more knowledge as a business professional as it has enabled me to make strategic business decisions by considering the legality of the decision in both the civil and the company laws. Moreover, I am now able to gauge my feelings after making individual ethical decisions and also what I think other workers, in my position, will react to the various ethical dilemmas.

Despite the business ethics course being taught in every business related course, the role of the stakeholders managing the business has not changed despite the much emphasis put on the course. It is evident that the modern day business world is daily involved in different unethical business practices that are increasing despite the continuous teachings and education on the ethical practices in the business community. The main reason why many stakeholder management in the contemporary business world has not changed is that of the selfishness of the enterprises which only looks at maximizing their profits as opposed to satisfying the consumer wants and rights. The stakeholder management begins with the administration of the employees to the final product or services provided by the corporation therefore there should be ethical practices put in place in every activity or program. Firstly, many stakeholders management has not always provided fair compensations and benefits and the general conducive working environment considering the health and safety of their employees neglecting the civil laws requirements. Moreover, the stakeholders management has not changed because the consumers are ignorant of their consumer rights. Therefore, they have not been able to come out clearly to fight for their rights. Therefore, it would be prudent for the relevant bodies and organizations to elaborately expose consumers to their rights so as to minimize chances of them being exploited by the unethical practices of the corporate organizations. For instance, the Coca-Cola which is one of the most recognized beverage company engaged in unethical practices when it began its bottling activities Kala Dera in 2000 and the community was negatively affected by the decreased groundwater levels. It significantly affected the farmers as their income reduced because of the unconducive climate.


Palmer, D. E. (2010). Ethical issues in e-business: Models and frameworks. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference.

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